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Lizzie won't go on walks-grrrr

I usually walk Lizzie down to the bus stop every morning and then at night we take another walk. Lately she won't walk. This is the first morning she hasn't wanted to go to the bus stop. We walked across the street to the sidewalk and she just stopped. For only being 10 pounds she can sure dig her heels in. I picked her up and carried her and then put her down. She walked the rest of the way there. At night she will get around the corner by her little friends house and stops. We have to pick her up and carry her quite a ways and then she will start walking. It is the weirdest thing. She always walks home, though.

She LOVES sitting on the chair on the porch. She could sit there all day. My husband thinks that is what she would rather do than walk. But she NEEDS a walk!!!

Any suggestions as to what her problem is?

Lynne-Lizzie's mom
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I have no advice, just wanted to let you know that I have the same problem with Jasper. He's never wanted to walk though.
I took him to the park a few weeks ago and we were there for over an hour and I don't even think we went half a mile. He was much more interested in looking around and sniffing stuff.
I think I'm going to have to borrow someone else's dog to get my exercise!

Jasper and Buttercup
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before I got my 1/2 hav, I never new there were dogs that didn't like to walk.

One trick one of my trainers showed me, to get my pup to walk at a heel (he's a mad puller), go to a craft supply store, get a 3 foot stick and stab a moist treat at the end of it, hold it at a heel position with your non leash hand to motivate your pup to walk.

Gosh, all my dogs LOVE their walks. they about tackle me at the front door when I'm putting on their leashes. I walk all three together, I'm quite the spectacle. good luck.
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How is your body posture when you are trying to get her to walk? Sounds like she has you trained well - I would discourage this type of behavior because then the dog calls the shots instead of the human.

Don't directly face the dog and pull on the leash. Directly facing them actually makes them stop in their tracks, and the pulling only makes them resist even more. Turn to your side, clap, and say "come come come!" very enthusiastically. When she moves keep moving along and give her a treat as you are moving. You can also practice this around the house without a leash, it will be just practicing the "come" command. Make sure you repeat whatever "come" cue word three times - repeating a word in quick succession three times initiates action. If this method does not work, set the collar high on the neck (like how they do for show dogs) and slightly lift the leash and just walk. Walk with a purpose to wherever you are going and don't worry about whether she will follow or not. She will!

The Babies!
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I have had dogs who only want to walk till they do their poops, and then will turn around and drag you back home. I have a dog right now who does not want to walk if it is too hot, or if it is raining, or if the pavement is still wet, his sister will walk through a mud
Have you tried your dog with others and seen them play and RLH? How old is Lizzie?
I will have to say my dogs walk better in the winter..or early morning or late night, if there is no dew on the ground...but when Sir Winston gets tired, he will plant his feet too, or he will head toward home..
As long as Lizzie gets exercise someway...

Sir Winston sez "Non Basta Una Vita.”

Flynn, lady-in-waiting to Sir Winston and Lady Mia
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Jen, Timmy and Mae
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Timmy has been that way too. He's on and off with the walking thing. He walks great with his doggie friends, but when it's just me it's hit or miss. Sometimes what works for me is to turn around and make a circle to go back in our original walk direction. Since Timmy is only 7 months old, and working in loose leash walking, I sometimes carry treats that I will throw in front of him to get him started. Last night we tried to take a walk and he too was digging his heels in the street until I just turned around and walked home and not five minutes later a big storm blew in so he must have sensed something. Is it hot where you are? It's been hot here lately and I think that has something to do with Timmy not wanting to go out to walk too. Good luck, I know it's frustrating!

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Lizzie is 2. She will just stop when walking behind us. I notice some days it is hot and other times she is sniffing in the air. Not sure if she smells animals or what. There are certain houses that she just will not go past. We have a string of houses with larger dogs who have invisible fences that she won't go by-but that is further in the walk. The not wanting to walk while nearer to home is new.

She does like the smaller dogs in the neighborhood and will run with them BUT only if it is cooler than 70 degrees!!

Lynne-Lizzie's mom
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Check Lizzies paws - pads, in between toes, nails, dew claws! Once Roki didn't want to walk. Paws were OK, but, my God, his dew claw on left foot was all red and inflamed and the reason was that groomer forgot to cut the nail on that dew claw so it became quite overgrown. We went to the vet. She cut the nail and we washed that paw in antiseptic shampoo and put some antibiotic ointment to the claw. Three days later he was his old self again.
My friends spaniel sparined her muscle and poor girl didn't want to go out at all. Vet gave her some pain killers for couple of days and some kind of muscle relaxant and everythin was OK. The funny thing was that she was not limping or yelping or doing anything that could signal that she is in pain. i have read that the can have back pain or any kind of other bone or muscle pain like we have from time to time.
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I think it could be heat or humidity. We walk every day at lunch time but starting around this time of year she refuses to walk more than half a block and I have to switch to early morning or evening walks.Even some days that don't seem too hot to me she does not want to go. I figure she's the one wearing the fur coat so I'll let her decide if it's too hot It took me a while to figure out what was going on. They are from Cuba, right? lol

Julie, Piper and Riley

My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet. ~Edith Wharton
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It is nice and cool this morning (59degrees) and she trotted right down to the bus stop and even got to see Roger the chocolate lab!

Lynne-Lizzie's mom
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