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Trying to enjoy my Havanese

I'm new to this site. I didn't even know it existed, but when I googled "Barking Havanese" I saw the site, thank God.

Molly is almost 6 months old. I feel like one of those parents who have kids to save the live of a child they already have..we got her for companionship for my other dog, Gertie. She stopped eating and became really depressed when our cat Piggy, who played constantly with Gertie, was no longer here.

Molly is so, so hard! She will not poop outside, pees at least 2x a day inside, and barks at the air. She goes outside at the same time each day, and I take her every 2 hours. My son walks around with waffles or pancakes, and Molly gets them most of the time, causing my son to freak out (he's Autistic). Gertie is a larger dog, and Molly will bite onto her upper lip, not letting go, and Gertie walks away, dragging Molly around. Gertie is part it, but she never flips out on Molly, just tries to get away. They do play, but not as often as I thought they would.

I don't know what else to do to train Molly. I read on here that some people prefer to put coins in soda cans, but I can't do that. I have tried treats, and still praise her to death when she goes outside. So, basically, I am looking for advice for the toilet training (I heard they can be litterbox trained?), and I really, really would love advice on how to stop the excessive barking, and the food snatching (we feed them Taste of the Wild, want her to stop stealing the waffles). Please and thank you...
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Roshi's housekeeper
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Welcome to the site.

Oh trust me, these little buggers could be such a pain when they're puppies. Here is what I did with my little fur baby.

Toilet Training:
I swear Roshi had a peanut size bladder or the nerve between the bladder and the brain was underdeveloped. I kept a log of his potty times, and so I know I'm on schedule (and it also helped me figure out his poop schedule). Once you know his poop schedule, accident or not, make sure around those times, you're outside or at the litter box, waiting for that poop. Also, inside the house, Roshi only had free roam for 1/2 hr in the kitchen after he potty outside. Afterward, he is leashed either onto me, to his pen, or be inside his pen. Also, teach him the speak command. So before opening the door to go outside, tell him to speak. Eventually he will understand when he 'speaks', he gets to go outside to potty. By 8 months, Roshi got this down, even though he still has his occasional accident at the door when I couldn't get there on time!

Excessive Barking:
Can't help too much, cuz my fur baby is a fairly quiet one. However, I read in many places that ignoring is key.

Food Snatching:
Teach the 'leave it' command. It's tough. Roshi is good, but he still gets tempted with some treats - like those bully sticks. Best time to train is meal time, because the 'treasure' is her food bowl! Then once she understands the command, have her sit, and put a piece of waffle in front of her and tell her to leave it. If she goes for it, just push her away or cover the waffle with your hand. Once she can just sit there and leave it for a second or two, click and treat with an awesome treat. Then increase the time.

Hope this helps a bit.

Casie and Master Roshi
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Halle is my first havanese so I am by no means an expert - but I can tell you that at 7 1/2 months, she is fairly reliable. She is still crated when we're not watching her, and she has a litter box in her crate (she has a great dane sized crate). She goes outside several times a day, but has her litter box in case she needs to go so that she does not have an accident anywhere. She does sleep through the night.

Have you taken Molly to obedience school yet?

Sara & GCH Halle
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Rosie turned 3 in March. She didn't bark until she was nearly a year old. Now she barks at the neighbors dog everytime she sees him and there is no stopping her. If I scold her on one floor, she runs to the other floor and the window and barks until the other dog goes back inside. So pretty much no help there. Rosie goes outside to potty most of the time now. I have recently left her all day in the house alone and upon returning have not found her pee pads used nor any spots on the floor. But, she was sure ready to go outside. Now I know that the begging me to go out so often is for the carrot she gets most of the time. So am going to quit the carrot. As far as food, Rosie is the most food oriented dog I have had over 60 years. If it is where she can get it, it is got! I have learned to not leave anything within her reach unguarded. I have an autistic grandson who is 22 years old now. Luckily he loves animals of all sorts and that has never been a problem for him. He would give the dog the pancake probably. When I got Rosie I was cautioned that these were sensitive dogs and they couldn't be hollered at or scolded. I believed that until I got angry with her once and scolded her and it didn't phase her in the least. But got her attention. So now if Rosie gets in the trash for instance, I scold her like I would a child and banish her from my sight. Her worse punishment is not being in the same room as I am. Really these dogs are no different from anyother small dog, but some like Rosie are pretty stubborn. Looks like you have one of that kind also. Good luck and if you are near Paris TN bring your little one along.

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and Pups are exhausting! It is going to take LOTS of patience, getting up and down, lots of short simple commands.....Lots of praise for the things he does right. And above all, know it does get better if you put in the time with training.

Dexter & Jack
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I'm just saying welcome I'm probably the worst trainer on this forum. All I can say is I would want the pancakes too For some reason both my puppy's barked more about that age. Now they bark at anything that moves like a rabbit out side. Also anyone who comes to the door. I tried so many different things. They are both close to age two and I can get them to quiet down much faster than a year ago. I have mine trained to go both outdoors and indoors on piddle pads.

Maddie at 5mo old
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I cannot even believe the responses from y'all! So nice...I was expecting a lot of "why did you even get a puppy if you don't want to spend any time training her?", etc...

As for obediance classes, that's just not possible. We have 3 kids total, I'm pregnant again, and extra money goes to therapy for my son.
I honestly didn't do my homework when I got Molly. I bought her from a lady who couldn't keep her because of a job promotion. I was on the fence about even getting a dog, but the lady brought her to my house and just one look at her and I was done! They are soooo cute as puppies, you know? I couldn't resist!

I'm going to try all suggestions, giving each one a week at least. I didn't realize that so many people crated! I hate that, but at least now I know it's probably neccasary. Thank you all so much.
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This is a VERY intelligent breed, and they will quickly train you to do things their way....

Sara & GCH Halle
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Jen, Timmy and Mae
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I'm no training expert but confinement certainly helped me with house training and could also help you with food snatching episodes. I know training can get expensive but maybe you could have a trainer come out once and set you up with a plan to follow. I know there are some members who have more expertise in training perhaps someone can suggest a book? I know there are also some good websites out there with good advice. I have read and they have some great advise but you have to be consistent with your training sessions or it won't work. Best of luck and just so you know Timmy was a handful as a puppy but now that he's eight months old it does get easier and my consistency in training has produced a totally house trained little guy.

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Crating (or an expen) is KEY! Think of crating as sending kids to to their well appointed room (with TV, games, etc). It's not so much a punishment as a break from everyone, which is really important for a puppy. They need to sleep even when they don't realize it. Make the crate a happy, fun, safe experience. Your pup gets his favorite toys, a special crate-only super yummy treat, and no one bothers him.

Now my Hav has free reign of the house. But for us until my Hav was 7 months old, my Hav was crated the majority of the time unless it was playtime (up to an hr), walk time, or post potty celebration. I think an important part of house training is not letting your pup screw up. It's not your pup's fault (he's a baby!), but your lapse in vigilance. Our routine for the first few days was crate --> 15 mins outside for potty time --> if he went, party and playtime inside --> if not, back in the crate for 45 mins and repeat. Every time he left the crate, he was taken outside to potty. After about 3 days, he always went in that first 15 min opportunity and with an empty bladder + highly supervised playtime, he didn't have any inside accidents. Also, take LONG walks in the morning. This will ensure that your puppy will happily nap most of the morning away in his crate. After a couple of accident free weeks, he started getting a little bit more freedom - semi-supervised in a small area. He was 7 months old (got him at 4.5 months), before we started leaving him out for small errands (initally an 1hr). By11 months, we let him move from the crate to the bed for nighttime. At 2 yrs, he finally got the upstairs free reign. My Hav now uses the crate to run from grooming time, pretty exclusively - it's still his safe place.

Also, puppy classes are REALLY helpful in teaching you and the WHOLE family how to communicate with your puppy and what to expect. It is worth the investment in laying the groundwork early for a well behaved dog. For us, we thought of the classes not as a luxury but a really fundamental part of owning a pup. Havs are really smart and a month of classes will put both you and pup on the same page. My Hav is the one of the most well behaved, sweetest dogs of anyone we know. But that initial time investment as a pup was key. I've got friends with a Hav that did very little on the front end as far as house/obedience training, have now accidentily reinforced bad habits, and they still struggle with puppy issues.
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