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Off Leash Dog Park - Confrontation with another dog owner

So couple weeks ago, I went to an off leash dog park (as I do every day with Oreo) that's located right behind my house.

We walk towards the park and I see a couple of Oreo's friends and this guy with 2 white dogs. I'm thinking, not this guy again as I had a run in with him about a month before that where his dog can running halfway across the dog park (which is probably about 60 Yards away) and tried to bite Oreo in the abdomen. I yelled at his dog and it stopped. I continued to walk and his dog keeps following me. Oreo is scared stiff right now as he's a shy kind of dog and is actually pulling me hard to get away from it. Keep in mind he has 2 dogs at opposite ends of the park. One is following me the other is running towards the road playing Frogger from the other side of the park.

Anyways, this time as I walk up to them, with Oreo behind me, his dog again comes lunging at Oreo trying to bite his abdomen. His dog was snarling and barking and all Oreo could do was back up as much as he can. I picked up Oreo and instantly yelled at the guy saying that if he can't control his dogs, put it on leash. His response, 'It's an off leash dog park and I don't have to put her on a leash'. I was livid. We kept yelling back and forth and he keeps saying it's an off leash dog park and he doesn't have to put her on leash just for me. He also said his dog's tail was wagging and all she wanted to do was play and that his dogs is 3 years old and wouldn’t hurting anything. I told him social dogs don't lunge at other dogs with teeth showing and barking was considered play. Suffice to say we almost got into a fist fight over it but my wife had to calm me down. Some of the other older ladies there also told me his dog was 'attacking' their dog at first but stopped after a while.

So we calm down a bit and he said his dog wanted to play...all this time his dog was pulling him with 2 legs up in the air at Oreo's direction. Oreo ignored the dog and went to play with a little kid that walked over. So he tried to be calm and said his dogs wanted to play. So Oreo is standing there and he lets his dog nearer Oreo just to see if they would get along. His dogs was pulling and yanking and showing teeth. Oreo was backing up until he couldn't anymore (because he's on leash) and then snarled at the dog. The guy then says my dog was unsocialized. Man....That just set off an atomic bomb in my head and I laid into him verbally. My wife again had to pull me aside and calm me down. He ended off walking off and I stayed so Oreo could play with the regular dogs he plays with every day.

Man...was I wrong to lay into the guy? It's not my nature to erupt like this. Even my wife said 99% of the time I’m laid back and don't bat an eye with confrontation but that 1% of the time I can get very very angry. Now that I’m calm, I'm thinking for apologizing to the guy for my behaviour. If I ever see him as he doesn't come out to the park that much.

Was I wrong?

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I say "good for you!!!"

Sheri, Tucker's Mom
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I say, DO NOT GO TO THIS DOG PARK ANY MORE! Or at least leave as soon as you see this guy with his dogs. I would never subject my baby to that. Jeesh.
-- Eileen
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Dave T
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The joys of dog parks. Don't blame you for being upset. You need to get this moron removed and you should get a couple of other people to approach the manager of this park. He's ruining it for anyone who comes in contact with him. He doesn't have a clue about dog behavior. His dog is going to do this to the wrong dog some day and someone 's going to get hurt. His lack of manners alone should get him banned, in my opinion. Good luck.

Dave and Molly
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What you did needed to be done. However, it's such a scary world out there that it's too dangerous to get into an argument with a stranger. I see many people at dog parks that are just clueless about dog behavior. It's our responsibility to keep our dogs safe so if there is a problem, I just pick up Riley and leave.
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I say "Forget about Dog Parks and Get Another Hav!"

Dexter & Jack
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Don't apologize. You don't have a reason to. If another dog attacked one of our dogs, the dog would hit the ground, followed closely by its owner. It's a good thing nothing more severe happened than did.
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you did what NEEDED to be done and you gave him and his dogs more chances than he deserved!! We HAVE to be our dogs advocates and do what is best for them!!
I have been very 'rude' a few times also to dog owners who are just CLUELESS, thankfully I've never taken Tillie to a dog park, she would HATE it and would probably be irrepairably traumatized.

Tammy and Tillie
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I disagree that you did what needed to be done. You already knew he and his dogs were trouble for you as soon as you saw him. You said you havent seem them for a month so I guess they are not there all the time. Why didn't you just walk away and come back later?

My feeling is when you see a situation that might be trouble STAY AWAY from it. I think you should have left when you saw him and not stayed around for a confrontation. You could have gone back when he was gone. You live right across the street so it wouldn't have been difficult to leave and come back. Walking into situations you already KNOW are problematic and then getting into a screaming match and making the situation even more volatile is how people end up hurting each other. Not to mention how scary the whole thing was for Oreo. Just my opinion....

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I'm agreeing with the masses. I pick up Ted when I feel a dog is not in control, whether I am right or not. Sometimes there is no second chance. If the other guy comes back, go home

Lise and Ted
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