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Just moved from PA to NC...One very upset puppy

Fellow Hav Lovers,

Hi all! It has been forever since I have posted on here! I think it was all the way back in May. Since then I've graduated from college, got a new job, have been planning a wedding, and we relocated for my new job. We moved from Pennsylvania to Boone, North Carolina. It has been hard enough on my future husband and I to leave the only home we have ever known and all our friends and family, but our beautiful girl Brees is taking it even harder. I knew it would take some time to adjust but we have been here for 3 weeks and things only seem to be getting worse. I must mention that not only did we move 500 miles and take Brees from the only home she has ever known in her 9 1/2ish months on this Earth (aside from the breeders) but we also moved out of my parents home...where my parents dog Nola lives. Nola is Brees' sister and they've never been apart.

Since then she won't eat, she won't drink, and this evening she even threw up and was acting so strange I took her to the emergency vet. That seems now to be an unnecessary $150 as nothing was apparently wrong with her according to the vet. She pants constantly and makes this very weird, raspy, noise that is a combination of whining and panting every so now again. Now she has always made this strange little noise to tell me she has to go out, that she is out of water, is hungry, etc. but lately she has been doing it and I cannot figure out how to remedy it.

Surprisingly she has been a lot better about her separation anxiety since we have been at home. She would bark her head off like crazy whenever we left her in our apartment above my parents garage. According to our downstairs neighbor the only time that she barks is when he first pulls in and shuts his car door, which she does even when we are home. But the problem is she isn't acting herself when we are home. She rarely plays with her toys. is not interested in food and/or water or even TREATS (this is a dog whom we lovingly call Fat Kid because of her love of food). She slept a lot before we moved, she isn't the most active dog in the world- though she isn't overweight..she just likes to be lazy, cuddle, nap, and have her belly rubbed...but now she sleeps more than usual and she isn't really interested in any of her toys. She is still very lovey and wags her tail when I talk to her in my voice that is reserved especially for Brees (when she's being good) and she still gives my fiance and I tons of kisses on our face and our ears (her favorite spot to give kisses for some reason). She's more cuddly than usual and I cannot go over to her to rub her head, pick her up, or put on her leash without her laying down and rolling onto her back for a belly rub.

I have tried everything I can think of to help her adjust. I work from home and even when I am away from home doing work, my fiance is here with her because he doesn't have a job yet, so we have been spending quite a lot of time with her. We have taken her on walks around the neighborhood and stopped to smell everything a dog could ever want to smell. I got her Bob-A-Lot interactive toy that dispenses food/treats, I got her this plush Hide-A-Bird interactive toy where there are 3 stuffed birds inside a little bird house, which she loves for about 3 seconds and then goes back to laying down. I also got her a Hydro Bone to encourage more water intake, the Loofa dogs, her favorite toy of all time ever, the Squeaker Bottle Buddy (BEST TOY EVER!!) because she loves water bottles, and some various other crunchy, squeaker, cuddly toys...and she plays with them every now and again, but this was a dog that loved loved loved her toys. I thought for sure that these toys would help as far as eating, water, intake, happiness, and mental stimulation. I also get down on my hands and knees and bow and the whole nine yards trying to play with her like Nola did. Most of the time she either just attacks me with kisses or looks at me like I've completely lost it.

I was rather worried about her mental & emotional well being before this evening but now I am also concerned about her physical well being. The vet didn't seemed too concerned, but if I don't remedy this, it is only going to get worse and really become a concern. If she just got a little upset stomach than this too shall pass but I can't have a puppy who is sick to her stomach because she is so stressed out and anxious. I know that it takes time for a dog to adjust to new surroundings, as well as the loss of her sidekick- I'm just concerned that it's almost been a month now and she is still so distraught that she isn't eating, drinking, or playing. I'm also concerned because it hasn't gotten any better and seems to, in fact, gotten worse. Am I just not being patient enough and am worrying too soon?

So, I've turned to my faithful Havanese forum for any advice, insight, tips, or words of encouragement you guys may have. Any ideas you guys may have, please, send them my way- I'm open to just about anything! The only thing I cannot do is get another Hav, even though I'm totally dying to do so. We are still paying off Brees and we have an exception in our lease that allows Brees; we were lucky that we found this house and that they agreed to allow us to have Brees despite their strict no pet rule. So I know that another dog is out of the question. But any other suggestions or ideas- please, let me know- I'm willing to try just about anything!

I threw in some pictures...just cause my girl is so cute. Here are some captions to go along with them.

1) My girl was so smiley and happy! I just want her to be happy! I didn't mean to tear her away from her sister and her home...but I never could have made it North Carolina without my girl! I would be so incredibly sad. Being without her & my fiance for 12 days while I was training was bad enough!

2) The new swag Brees collected because Momma felt guilty for tearing her away from her sister, my parents, and her home. My favorite is the penguin Squeaker Bottle, the Hide-A-Bird, the Bob-A-Lot, and the Hydro Bone...Brees has little interest in the Hydro Bone and the Bob-A-Lot- the two things I was most excited about- thinking it would help.....and she loves that darn yellow loofa dog and the purple one! Lol we'll pretend as though she doesn't have about 4 of the same dogs in different colors in her toy box.

3) A close up of the interactive Hide-A-Bird toy- I highly recommend both the toy & the really wonderful site where I got it from. It's not really that expensive and my girl loves it. She loves finding the birds and using her paws and mouth to get those suckers out. I just threw the toy into a basket of laundry that needed to be washed overnight so our scent would be on it, introduced her to the birds for a while and then said hiding them and having her get them out. I love, love, love this toy. Highly recommended to all Hav owners. (I'm not affiliated with this toy or the company that sold it to me in anyway, lol despite my raving, I'm a political organizer, ha, I'd rather sell dog toys!!)

4) Brees' new nap location of choice is our new stone fireplace hearth; she had claimed it her very first night here. I have no doubt that it is because it is a very cool, even though it's not hot here at all, we are way up in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

5) Or she enjoys taking up almost all of our bed......our entire California King size bed. I know it's dark, but what a cute picture! What a little princess, I love how she's looking at me, like "Please, ma'm, no pictures this early in the morning'

6) More bed hogging from a 12lb dog....

7) Lately her new residence is the papason chair from my parents house

8) The other day a dog barked off in the mountains that sounded exactly like her sister Nola, even my fiance came out of the room and asked if Nola had hidden along in one of the boxes. Brees went to look for her sissy

9) This is her tonight, in her new beloved papason chair of course, after we got back from the emergency vet...what a pitiful face. It kills her momma to see her so bummed out.

****THANK YOU any and everyone for any help you may be able to provide me, my fiance, and our sweet baby Breesers!****

Peave, Love, & Havanese,
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Sounds like she needs a doggy play date. She must miss her sister. She will adapt but needs to spend some time around a small dog. ARe there any small dog play groups in your new neighbourhood? Any dog parks? Any doggy daycares? Have you met anyone out walking with a small dog?

Maybe you need to get a second dog so she has some company?

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your girl is pretty and oh so cute. Hope things get better. I agree a doggie play date would be in order for her.
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Congratulations on graduation, moving and the new job...and planning a wedding! Whew, that's a lot going on and I'm sure it's stressful for you all.

I'm sure Brees will adjust in time, I think trying to find a playgroup or friend to play with would be helpful. Maybe some classes? Poor baby, she looks so cute in that picture in the chair.

Julie, Piper and Riley

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Glad to see you back! I think she probably WILL adjust, and it's possible that the stomach problems were something unrelated, and not because of her upset. (though that could, of course, make them worse) I think Tuss' idea of a doggy playdate, or maybe a small, quite day care situation for a few hours a week might give her the "doggy fix" she needs.

I know I've read that a dog can be very depressed for a long while when another family dog dies, so I know they can really miss each other. OTOH, dogs DO adapt to being "only dogs", especially when the two of you can and are spending so much time with her. Make sure you aren't adding to the problem by letting your worry and sympathy show in your voice. Try to be up-beat and cheery around her.

I haven't been in your position so most of this is ideas I have from dealing with lonely children. There are several good breeders on the forum, and I'm sure some of them have placed older puppies. That must be even harder, because the dog is not only leaving the other dogs, but the people they love as well. Hopefully some of them can chime in with ideas on what else you might do, or at least words of assurance on how long the adjustment might take!

Brees is as cute as ever! She is lucky to have such caring parents!

Karen, Kodi, Pixel and Panda
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Oh, poor little Brees! She does miss her sissy but I'm sure she will adjust - it just takes time and three weeks isn't really that long. I like the playdate idea, too. It's just too bad you can't get her a permanent companion! My daughter says her dog is depressed after we've visited with our two for just a few days! That lasts about a week she said - poor Cooper!!! It is wonderful that you are able to spend so much time with her and I do feel she will adjust since dogs are very flexible. I have to add that Brees is just beautiful!

Kathie, Abby & McGee's Mom
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While I would love to find a doggy play date and/or a doggie daycare around here. We don't know anybody yet so it will take some time to find friends for Mom & Dad, let alone Brees! And I am not sure that doggie daycare is something that we can afford :/ And to top it of there are no dog parks in the area!! Ugh. My poor baby Brees At least today she has happily eaten half a big can of wet food. It makes me happy that she is eating and the wet food helps with her hydration. She has not thrown up and is acting perfectly normal today, but normal for North Carolina- not the normal happy pup she was in PA. If there are any Hav owners in western North Carolina that know of any dog parks, play groups, or if you'd just like to get our Havs together to play, please let me know! Brees needs a friend and I wouldn't mind having a fellow Hav lover as a friend myself! Thank you for all your kind comments about my pretty baby girl, I think she should be a canine model, but then again, I am her momma, I'm supposed to think she's the cutest, prettiest little puppy there ever was!
Peace Love & Havanese,
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I am so sorry Brees is struggling so much ... honestly in reading through your story, I am wondering if it might help to find a new sister or brother for Brees...??
Some dogs are okay being only's, some NEED canine companionship ... just a thought...

Tammy and Tillie
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I am probably barking up the wrong tree here...but I noticed you mentioned moving to the mountains. In addition to missing her friend- could she be sick due to the change in altitude?

Beth, Pixie Puff and MiG too

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Awwww..... Pretty baby. She is stressed for sure. Welcome to NC. Boone is such a pretty small town. Try not to feed into the stress to your pup. They picked up on everything we do and what is going on. Stay very upbeat. Go easy on the food.

Dexter & Jack
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