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confused, am I a failure?

Greetings hav friends

As you all know we are on the journey towards therapy dog certification.

And I am actually having major second thoughts. NOT because I don't think we can't do it, but more because I didn't fully realize what I would have to do with regards to workshops/$$$$$$$/time/vet checks, etc ... if we could walk in and take the test, BRING IT. we could DO that, but all this other stuff (which I know is neccesary) I didn't know about till now. The workshop is ALL day this Sat. and Sun and honestly, with now working 5 days a week and then after school running all the errands, dropping off kids at lessons, clubs, girl scouts, not getting home till nearly 6, then trying to figure out dinner in a hurry ... I NEED this weekend to rest ... if I decide not to go ahead with therapy stuff because *I* can't do it, does that make me a failure? Does that make me selfish?
I love spending time with Tillie and I WANT to do this and KNOW that she would be amazing and bring so much joy to so many people, but I just don't know if I have enough of me to go around right now.
I don't want to 'give up' at all. Like I said, if I COULD I would just go in and do the evaluation. and odds are, we would ROCK it, but unfortunatly it doesn't work that way.
Will you guys be disapointed with me if I can't make it happen?
How much is TOO much for a person to do?

Tammy and Tillie
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Camellia Camelo and Carol
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Oh, Tammy! I feel your pain ;-)

If it were me, I'd now BYPASS the idea of turning Tillie into a Therapy Dog. At least for now. Maybe if/when your schedule eases - a LOT!

Personally, I believe acting as a Therapy Dog can be very stressful for the dog, as well. So no great loss. I feel very sure Tillie can bring great pleasure to people just on the street, for instance, in chance encounters.

When I walk Camellia, I look for the possibilities chance encounters bring. I do that with no sense of pressure, and after our first two years together (it's been two years and a few weeks), I have to say, that has helped CAMELLIA a lot. I'm pretty good at sizing up the desires of passers-by, and estimating whether I want to expose Camellia to the people or not. Most people walking on our road are very acceptable, and some are especially good with dogs.

Always wishing you and Tillie well. I KNOW you're a hit (you and Tillie) here on the forum, and beileve you must be around home, too!

Big hugs,
Wed, 12 Sep 2012 21:00:25 (PDT)

Mummy! (00)

Yes, Camellia? ;-^

IT'S BEDTIME! See? I'm already sacked out on Our Bed. (00)

Oh, yeah, I see you there Camellia! Coming! ;-^

Camellia and Carol (CarolWCamelo)
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oh Carol you've brought tears to my eyes, thank you for your kind words...

Tammy and Tillie
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I *just* decided not to go through the whole therapy dog certification process because of the time/$$ it takes for certification and volunteering commitment expected. I know Marlowe could pass the test, but it would require a bit more intensive work to get him there (like not going to say hello to another dog we pass). I decided I'll just let him go visit and play with kids at at the park for now. Perhaps, I'll do it when my life is a bit less crazy; I'm like you and not twiddling my thumbs on the evenings/weekends looking for a good way to fill my time. Getting certified etc is one more thing I just don't think I can squeeze in at the moment. There's always next year!
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Tammie you are not a failure you are tired. Maybe you will feel different by Friday. It sounds bad now but sometimes if you just make yourself do it by the time you get their you have new energy. Or maybe their will be another weekend next summer. Tillie will have lots of years left to take the test. Don't kick yourself your job running the house kids and work are enough for anyone . Give your self a pat on the back. Then again a weekend away from kids maybe just what you need. Ha Ha I'm confusing.

Maddie at 5mo old
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OF course we wouldn't think you were a failure. If the reality is that it would be too much for you, with all that is expected, and then you were to go ahead and do it anyhow out of a sense of guilt or whatever, well something would end up suffering. There's only so much of us to go around. Personally, I think ME time is important. But I'm lazy.

Tracy and Brody

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.
- Josh Billings
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Tammy...Don't beat yourself up over this! You are not a failure, but a busy Mom with not enough hours in the day. When you do have some spare time, it should be spent just relaxing and cuddling with your kids and Tillie on the couch! ( oh and maybe your husband too)

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Disappointed? Oh, heav#ens no! You & Tillie bring pleasure & smiles to us. Another place, another time maybe therapy dog will happen. Maybe not. But you love Tillie for being Tillie, not because she's passed her therapy cert. Just as we love you for just being you. Now go do your family thing this weekend & enjoy yourself!

Pat - AKA Kallie's & Abby's mom
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You are not a failure. If you go into it with a stressed out attitude and it's just 'one more thing to be done on a busy schedule" then Tillie will sense your stress and it won't be fun.

There are lots of opportunities for unofficial therapy that you can take advantage of. Chance encounters when out walking, visiting sick friends and neighbors at home. I like to walk my 2 dogs around the university libraries at exam time and let all the stressed out students have a turn patting them!

Maybe the time will be right for you to do the therapy thing, but sounds like right now it's too much on your plate for you to enjoy it.

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You might want to check out Therapy Dogs, Inc. (different than Therapy Dogs International - TDI). They don't require all of the classes, $$, etc. You have to go and be tested and then do 3 supervised visits which are graded. If you pass, you can get registered.

Here's their website:

There are frequently local groups of TDInc. members who can help with finding an organization looking for therapy visits if you don't already have someplace in mind. Cody & Tess are both registered through TDInc.

Jill - Tess & Cody's mom
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