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Looking for a puppy

I have been conducting a lot of research on small dogs. In my search I came across the Havanese and found they meet almost all of the criteria I had on my list. I have been looking through web sites, ads, AKC, etc. etc. and find there is a voluminous number of Havanese breeders and a couple hundred puppies for sale (and they are all adorable). - and the price ranges are incredible. I have been weeding out the breeders one by one. I start with asking questions about possible health issues (eyes and patella) and those that tell me there are none, get crossed off. Those that have contingencies get crossed off (mandatory spaying/neutering (the reasoning being fairly well known)) and those that require me to pay full price yet they will "co-own" until the dog reaches champion in the ring get nixed also.

I raised show llamas for 15 years and fully understand the ramifications of showing whether it is a dog or a llama. I fully understand that if you want to breed and/or show you should purchase the best you can afford. I understand that a puppy as in a llama that is show quality when they are little may not be show quality as an adult. (they change). Hopefully though it is easier to determine than in llamas.

I am looking for a puppy that is show quality. I prefer a puppy because they will be able to bond with me better than an older dog. Both of us can learn together what buttons we can push to get our way. I am leaning toward a female and unless someone can tell me why a male is better, I will probably purchase a female. I have had dogs almost my entire life and for personal reasons have not had any animals for the last few years and it is now time.

I live in the Kansas City area and am not adverse to traveling to visit within a reasonable distance (whatever that is). So, if you all have any advice, breeders you respect and trust and or if you are breeders, I am all ears.

Thank you
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Hello Susie and
I am glad you came here for more information. You will have alot of people here that can help you. I do not live in the area that you are in so I can not help you with looking into breeders. As far as male or female I have all females and love them. I have been told that females love you and males are in love with you. I am going to get a male sometime so I will be able to test that theory. Someone correct me if I am wrong but alot of breeders ask that you sign a contract that you are going to spay or neuter the puppy if you are not showing them.....My breeder is that way and other breeders that I looked into are as well. I am sure you will get alot of info here. Keep us posted on what you decide. Oh and by the way when you get your puppy we Love pictures!!!!!

~~Mommy"s Little Angel~~
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welcome to the form susie do alots of research and ask lots of questions here we all like to help out and educate you on the dos and donts I hope you fine what you are looking for and yes keep up posted and if you do get one we LOVE Pictures LOTS
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Welcome! The people on this board are amazing and I'm sure somebody can help you with your particular needs.

My breeder asked for proof of neutering and proof of obedience training, but she doesn't really care if I do either. It was just in the standard contract. I suppose others are really sticklers about getting the proof.

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Welcome to the forum and congrats on picking a havanese-they are like potato chips. I think you are going to find that in most reputable breeders do require contracts like the ones you described. If you want a show quality dog, you are going to have to co-own the dog until you finish the championship. I just think the reasoning is simple-if you want show quality and breeding rights, you should finish it. I don't think this is a bad thing especially if you are new to the breed, it gives you a chance to have a good mentor.

Otherwise, you are looking at pet quality, and then s/n pet contract will be involved. I would steer clear of the breeders that offer you full contracts for more money. There was one in my old town that every puppy could walk out the door with full breeding rights- $2500 or you could make the dog a pet puppy for $1800. I think every litter she had about 75% of the pups were show quality-apparently she had a great breeding program <BG> yet only one of her dogs was a champion and I think it was purchased that way!


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I think you will have a tough time finding a havanese show quality pup with what you've posted.Like Amanda says,most good quality breeders would co-own till the dog was finished...and if they just sold you an expensive dog without that,I don't think it would be show quality,just expensive.I don't know of any breeders who do not require one or the other--show quality=co-own till championed or something similiar. pet quality=spay/neuter contract.I think it is all very reasonable myself.

Welcome to the forum!

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Hi Susie,

I have just purchased my second Havanese dog, so I can share with you some of what I have learned purchasing these dogs.

I would recommend if you want a show dog, you buy from a breeder with experience showing dogs. That the breeder has been showing dogs for a while and will be willing to be a mentor to you.

If you want a show dog, don't look for best price, look for a quality breeder.

Of course, all health testing of parents of puppy.

Check out the predigree of the puppy, look at the line of dogs the puppy comes from have the breeder tell you about the dogs.

What I really learned the second time around was how important socializing a puppy can be; an experienced good breeder will do this. Where are the puppies kept; in the barn with not much human contact? Or are they with the family getting good quality lovings.

And I question shipping puppies, just from my experience of getting my first puppy, don't really thing it is the best way to start off with your puppy.

And sometimes you have to wait, for a good puppy. I know that is the hardest one!
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I purchased a "pet" puppy not a "show" puppy, so my interests are different from yours, but I understand why breeders include mandatory spay/neuter clauses for their non-show pups and co-ownership for their show pups. I think it shows concern for the future of the breed. I think by crossing those breeders who have these clauses in their contracts from your list you are probably eliminating a number of very good breeders.
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And yes, any quality show dog you will have to buy on a co-owned agreement. It really is not a bad thing. The breeder just wants to be sure if you breed the dog, you have gone though the correct procedures to be sure that the dog should be breed. Getting the dog's Championship, health testing, then it is your dog. Have the breeder explain all this to you.
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I think that you have to look into it from the perspective of the breeder that they what to protect the breed.....you never know what people might do....not that you are one of those persons just that they want to make sure there puppies are being done right by the owner!!! My breeder is thrilled to death to know how Jillee is treated....a little spoiled I think.....hehehe!!!!!

~~Mommy"s Little Angel~~
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