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Gryff and Jinx Mommy
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Affection or lack thereof

My husband stated this morning that he was a little disappointed in Gryff. My husband has never had a dog before. He thought that having a dog meant that they would come to you and lay on your chest or put their head on your lap and want to snuggle all the time. I told him he had a dog confused with a cat. Gryff does do those things, but certainly not all the time. Usually he will either want to play, have his belly rubbed, or sleep off in a corner somewhere.

What about your dogs? Are they more affectionate? I have no problem with the level of Gryff's affection -- especially first thing in the morning before we get out of bed.

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I am assuming he is still young? As he ages he should become a bit lazier..therefore more affectionate as a snuggler!!!

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Gryff and Jinx Mommy
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Yeah, he's almost 5 months old. I was thinking the same thing.

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Benji and Lizzie's Mom
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I think it depends on the temperament. Benji has an independent temperament. He was always affectionate and sweet but not very cuddly from the beginning. He has become more of cuddle now at 11 months. He doesn't like to be on his own, he follows us everywhere and wants to be constantly with us. He literally is our shadow.

Best, Poornima
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Gucci's mom
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I'm glad you brought this up, I have been talking to someone off the forum, that is no longer posting, who is really disappointed in the 'lack of affection' and some other problems that she's having with her Hav (which she was told she wouldn't have) and the dog is almost a year old and still having "problems"...but she feels like nobody else is and a little displaced here

Is Gryff more affectionate towards you? I think they tend to really attach themselves to *one* person, but will generally "warm up" to the other family members over time.

My girl is pretty affectionate, but that is mostly directed towards me, now she will give attention to the husband or kids, but not as often. I think some Havs are more "lap" lovers more than others, or will atleast stay within reach of you.

I'm sorry to hear your husband is disappointed I know my husband is sometimes jealous that Gucci is so attached to me, he'll make comments occasionally about her not giving him enough/any attention even though she does! But like at night, she prefers to lay on my chest or right next to me...and he'll call her over, but she'll ignore him. Definately a "mamas girl".

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Kodi will jump up in your lap when he wants to. Otherwise, he is not too far away. He sleeps on the floor next to where I sit.

Shelby is the more cuddly one. She will also just jump up into my lap whenever she needs some extra hugs. But if she wants to sleep, it is usually on the sofa pillows or on the plant shelf (which is now the dog shelf) in the window.

But, if I dare move, they are up and ready to follow me wherever I go (usually into the bathroom). When it comes time for bed, Shelby is snuggled into my back and Kodi sleeps on my pillow with me.

Kodi & Shelby's Mom and Julian's Grandma
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Gryff and Jinx Mommy
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Gryff is definitely MY dog. He usually sleeps on the floor near me when I'm on the computer. If I get up, he will follow me. When I'm not home though or if I'm in the shower, he will usually go into my husband's office. If I'm at the gym while my husband is asleep and Alec is watching TV, he will usually be in my office on the floor. He doesn't hang out with Alec by himself at all. I think in time he will open up more to Chuck and Alec. What's really amusing is that he really likes the little girl down the street. We went for a walk yesterday and he was pulling me to her house. He seems to have a thing for girls in general. They are more gentle with him than Alec is and maybe he associates all girls together as gentle.

At night, Gryff sleeps at the foot of our bed. He will occasionally come up by our heads. Sometimes he hops off the bed and goes under it for a while.

I told Chuck that we should get another dog too. He scowled at me. I think I've got MHS.

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Ivy, I'm sorry to hear that your husband is disappointed in Gryff.

McKenna is a very independent sort of girl even at three and a half years old. She loves to play. To her, a tummy scratch is an invitation to play not a chance for relaxation. She's not particularly cuddly until she is tired. She's not a lap sitter until, again, she's tired. She's the one, however, who pushes as close to me as she can get at bed time. Sedona is more cuddly. She loves to sit next to us or on my husband's lap and she loves belly rubs. She will lay across my chest for awhile at night for some extra pets. She HATES what I call squishy hugs though. No tight hugs for Sedona.
Both girls want to be where we are but not necessarily right on top of us.



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Marley's Mom
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I think so much depends on the personality of the dogs.

Marley follows me EVERYWHERE, but he still likes to be at a bit of a distance most of the time...e.g. when I allow him on the bed when we watch TV there at night, he likes to be on there with us, but more by the feet rather than up by our arms. Sitting on the lap happens only when he decides it's the right time <g>, when I grab him, he'll sit next to me or close, but not on me...

He is very affectionate when anyone gets home....he licks and gently nibbles on your ear and is more cuddly then than other times during the day.

When I visited my breeder the first time, she had a 4 month old pup there that instantly hopped on my lap and didn't want to leave it for a second. ]

So I think it really is in the personality of the pup. And sometimes it can be the other way around - the dogs that want to be right on top of you all the time, don't always fit....My friends' dogs think they are lapdogs and they are pony-sized Leonbergers....

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Lincoln and Scout's Mom
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I agree that Havs have individual temperaments and that some are more snuggly than others. Lincoln is also very independent. They can be "conditioned" somewhat though - my husband is really good at rubbing and scratching him behind the ears in a way that he LOVES - he'll start panting and get this glassy-eyed look....and he'll bark at my hubby if he stops before Lincoln is done

At first, he wasn't so thrilled with the rubbing/scratching, but then he got used to it and now he likes it and will approach my husband for his head scratching time. So, I'd encourage you not to give up on Gryff. Also, he is very young and once he settles down around 1 1/2-2 years old, he'll be more cuddle-able.

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