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Henry 2006-2018/ Kordelia
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Question Barking/Howling - bothering the neighbors - condo

Help! My little Henry is barking barking and howling howling when I am gone.
I have come home to notes on the door.

I just bought this condo and want to be a good neighbor. Any way to stop this behavior ?

I already have him in the utmost corner of the apartment.
Not in his crate but the crate is in there (my bedroom).
We've been here 3 weeks, and I did stay with him in the beginning.

I thought he would be used to the place by now. I honestly do not remember him barking & howling when we were in a free-standing house.

Henry just turned a year old in September. Thanks for any advice !!!!!
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Squirt's Mom
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Sorry, I don't have a solution but I sure hope somebody does. Squirt barks and howls when we are gone, too. I wasn't sure what she did when I wasn't here so I set up our video camera twice. She is better when she is out in the room than when she is in the crate but she still barks and howls some. It is amazing to hear the howl that comes out of that tiny dog. Squirt is a year old as well.

We've only had Squirt a month and I was hoping it would abate when she got used to us and our house. I've never had a dog with separation anxiety and it is frustrating. Cesar says walk your dog and it will stop. Right. I walk her twice a day and she shows no sign of stopping.


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Izzy, Doc, and Kai's mom
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Do you leave the TV or radio on for Henry? If he didn't bark before, maybe he hears the noise of other people and isn't sure who or what it is. In your home, there were no other people around. If you turn something on that might drown out other noises, that might help. Of course, he may have barked before, but maybe the neighbors weren't close enough to hear him. How long do you leave Henry? Does someone come during the day to let him out? The Havanese are such companion dogs, he could be having separation problems. I wish I could help...I'm sure it breaks your heart that he is so upset.

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Gucci's mom
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That would be my suggestion! Leave the TV on, maybe stick in the movie Lassie or something (unless he barks at dogs on TV!) I am not sure if Gucci barks or howls when I'm gone, I don't think she does...I'm pretty sure she sleeps at the door.

Maybe it will just take more time for him to get used to the new place? Can you take him for a walk before you leave and that way...he'll be a bit tired and nap?

I bet he is not used to the 'sounds' of condo life. The closest experience I have with that is from staying at hotels and Guch would always bark at people in the hall. I do think it is somehting that they can and will get accustomed to. I'd try to leave on some music, too! Does he like music?

What about a free standing fan for 'white noise' or one of those white noise stations on cable? "Nature sounds" or something like that?

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Sounds like he might have separation anxiety. Along with a TV or Radio, put a t shirt in his bed that has your smell on it. Wear it to bed and then put it in his area. You can also help him gain more confidence. Leave the room or pretend to walk out of the house. Do what you would normal do when you leave, put shoes on, grab purse, put coat on etc. When you close the door, wait until he stops barking. You can yell quiet from behind the door or make a loud noise to startle him. Once he stops, walk in but don't make eye contact, wait several seconds and then praise when he is quiet and calm. Never walk in when he is barking. If you walk in and he starts to bark, walk out again until he is quiet. Practice this several times a day. He will gain confidence and learn you will always return. Separation anxiety can start at any age. Keep you departures and arrivals calm. Just remember, ignore him when you first get home just for a beat. It's hard but make sure he is calm and sitting before you greet him. Good luck!

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I've been told a radio station that has both music and talking is the best. DO you know he didn't bark when you were in a house? If so maybe take him around to meet and play with your neighbors so he gets used to their sounds and scent and begins to realize that this is also part of the new home.

It also could be that in a free standing house-- he wasn't tempted by the sounds of people and the possibility of someone to come and play with him and he is realizing how much he is missing you. sorry I don't have any real solution.

Missy, Jasper & Cash
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How about getting a kong and freezing some canned dog food in it... give it to him right before you leave..after you walk him..That way he is tired and can spend his time trying to get the food out of the kong, hopefully instead of disturbing the neighbors.

Peace, Love & Havanese
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Casper and Missy
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I have this problem with Casper also, one of the reasons we got a second havanese dog was to help with his separation anxiety problem. We have been trying to leave them both home for short periods and Casper still barks and howls the whole time (we put the video camera on, while gone).

Missy doesn't do the barking and howling, just Casper. Casper had alot of exercise before we left last time, he played with Missy 1 1/2 hr, then we took him on a walk 30 minutes, then tried to leave him home, he still was barking and howling while we were gone.

There are other threads on the forum, with some good advice. Search under separation anxiety. I think it takes alot of training with the dog, already mentioned above. I am going to be working on it this winter; leaving him for short periods and coming back.
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You have a lot of excellent advice above. Definitely work on Linda's suggestion to help get him used to you leaving.

One other thing you can do is to wear him out before you leave for work each day. You can get up a little earlier and take him for a long walk or have a big play session.
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all my guys would cry when I left a room or the house. I cured them in 1 weekend. I pretended to leave. I did 5 minute sessions several times a day. By the end of the weekend they were fine. I did the same thing when leaving them in the car while running into a store. Scudder was my biggest challenge a real mamas boy!

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