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Need input on canned vs. kibble

So, the Django saga continues. I have decided to switch his food, his colitis is a constant now. Unfortunately it's something that will be there and needs to be managed along with his other issues. I am looking into switching his food to a more GI sensitive food. I have found a few options but am wondering if canned is better than kibble.
I have contemplated the "natural" route however right now, i need to keep things simple and get him to a healthy place. I don't want to experiment with foods especially with colitis in full swing again.
So, the question, is canned better than kibble? He's always had a kibble based diet, canned only when GI issues flare up. thanks to all for your input.
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First, I'm assuming you've been to your vet and know the cause of the diarrhea? If so, you can safely proceed with this diet to aid in healing.

I have a book entitled, "The Nature of Animal Healing" by Martin Goldstein, DVM. This is what he says to feed when diarrhea flares-up.

I've had great success (with people as well as pets) with an old remedy called the potato diet; 50 percent white potatoes, 50 percent sweet potatoes, a slice of turnip, and a slice of leek, all boiled and then mixed with boiled chicken or lamb for flavor. I've seen the potato diet stop chronic diarrhea almost overnight (even in a ferret). I also put the pet on homeopathic remedies: BHI's "Diarrhea" and Dr. Goodpet's "Diar-Relief" are both good.

He has much more to say on the subject as far as finding a cause, since diarrhea is a symptom not a disease. But it's too much to write in this forum. I highly recommend his book.

I've also used this potato diet on many occasions with my dogs and it has worked every time. Canned dog food probably isn't a good idea, since it's all protein and water and almost no fiber.

Good luck!

One last note. Be careful with dehydration. Children's Pedialyte or Gatorade is a good way to get fluids in your pup while you are clearing up the diarrhea.

Karen Collins ~ Heartsong Havanese

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Royal Canin has Gastrointestinal kibble and canned. It does the job - both varieties have high caloric value so dog can get nutrition without overloading his tummy and intestines. For Roki RC canned ise the best when he has diarea or very loose stool. When it stops, he gets RC GI kibble in the morning and one homecooked meal. You can mix GI canned and kibble. Our vet says that in extreme cases (and Django surely is one) you have to feed only GI vet diet such as RC or Hill's, but you can mix canned and kibble if dog has bad appetite. Maybe you can start with canned! RC GI canned it very tasty and smelling so nice and meaty. But it is definitely more expensive than kibble.

Look at this

It is quite expensive, but I know one dog that had bad bloody colitis for years and recovered from it just taking Pro-kolin-enterogenic and GI food. It is british product, but I think you can get it in US.
Have you tested for parasites, especially giardia and cryptosporidia? Roki had on and off diarea, loose stools, bad appetite... Month ago I just collected his poop and took it to the vet. He came positive for both bugs. Those can wreck dog's GI tract, especially when their immunity is compromised!
We did two rounds of Panacur (first round 5 days, two weeks pause and second round three days), large doses of probiotics, 250 mg MSM and one drop of black walnut tincture in drinking water. Final test came back negative for parasites. His loose stools and anorexia are gone, his energy levels increased, his skin and coat are improving dramatically, no more gunk from eyes...
Thing is that those bad guys are extremely hard to catch. We had like six or seven false negatives. In the meantime dog can suffer for years and those bugs are given chance to wreck his GI tract. Some vets watch for symptoms ( stinky poop with lot od moucous, an and off diarea or loose stools, bad appetite) and routinely give two rounds of Panacur.


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as far as I know canned is far better than kibble ... assuming you can find a HIGH quality canned that Django tolerates well.

Tammy and Tillie
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His colitis is under control thanks to the wonder drug of prednisone and tylan. I am looking into the suggestions, as much as he loves his food, the fact that we had his colitis under control back in February and it reared it's ugly head again tells me I need to make some dietary changes.
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Honestly, I know many people on this form are very pro-holistic/natural care, which is wonderful for maintaining health, but if I had a dog with as many meds and health issues as your little guy, I'd ask the vet I'm trusting all his other care with what (s)he recommends and go with that.

If I remember reading correctly from another thread, Django is on around 5 or 6 meds a day. Some of those will be food sensitive (think of those people medications that say things like don't take with calcium-containing food, ect). His caloric needs might be different as well. If the vet recommends a food you don't agree with, you can always ask for his second choice and see if that suits you any better.

Django really is a trooper. And I'm so impressed with your dedication to him! It makes my heart happy so see an owner so invested in their dog. I know it's the norm on this forum, but it's certainly not in the population in general and I think it's great we all put so much work into our little pups.
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Awww. I feel for Django. I have Microscopic Colities myself. Defiantly acts up when I eat things I'm either allergic to or sensitive too - IT SUCKS!!!!

You're on the right course finding him a good food. I would suggest the canned, at least until his symptoms are under control without medication, and defiantly one for GI symptoms. Probably you will have to go with one you get from your vet, maybe even a prescription one. I had one of my dogs on one, years ago, and I can't remember what it was called but it worked great. It is expensive and I could only get it from a vet - no pet stores carried it. Sorry, I can't remember what it was but it worked well for my dog, way back when.

Hope you can help him get it under control with food changes and can get him off the steroids. Hate those things, but I've had them too.

When you or your dog have colitis, we have to weigh what's "recommended" to eat, verses what we can tolerate and do well with. When you read about this health food and that 'good for you diet' or, this is the best way to eat - Eat lots of fiber and whole fruit and veg. Or for dogs, lots of protein and no grains - doesn't work for us colitis sufferers. When you find what works for him, stick with it so he can stay in remission
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I won't be making any changes to his diet until I talk to the vet, that's for sure. I put a call into him today and checked out what they have at the clinic. From what I have been reading, diet is a culprit to the colitis and he is currently eating Acadia Duck and Bartlett Pears. It might be a tad too rich for his belly now so I am considering a switch. I thought since I am thinking about a switch, I was wondering which would be better kibble or canned. thank you to all who have sent comments. I am researching the foods recommended but of course, I need to talk to my vet and come up with a good plan. I hate putting him back on daily prednisone but this is the only thing that helps the colitis but it's killing his little belly. Ugh, the saga continues! Too bad we can't just wave a magic wand and make things better.
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canned is definitely better than kibble, but I still think you need help with this. H avanese forum canned vs. kibble part 1

part 2

the only things on the plus side for kibble are for the owner not the dog

Dave and Molly
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