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Stuey and Sadie
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Arrow Describe your Hav's personality

I got my first Havanese, Stuey, in January 2007 and my 2nd, Sadie, not pictured yet, the middle of September. I think it would be fun to get as many of you to respond describing your Hav or Hav's personalities since they are all unique. I think it might also be helpful if someone might not have what they thought was a "typical' Havanese. I will describe my two later on in this thread.
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I only have one so far but here is my description of her!

Dora is very easy going, calm, and loving little girl with a fun playful streak. She is relaxed but then she has lots of prey drive, she needs a lot of playing-she will demand you play tug with squirrel, give kisses, and she loves chase as well. She is also very intelligent and takes orders well. She loves to train- excelling in obedience, rally, agility from an early age. She just tends to get things and is very obedient when you ask her to do something. As to her loving nature, she will jump on the bed onto your chest and if that doesnt wake, you she will lick you and also paw you in the face. She requires a lot of socialization. She can be shy with new people and take awhile to warm up, she also can be food picky- she is known to turn down treats, and she can be selfish with her bones. I have seen her grab hers and Belle's taking of running to hide them!

That is my little girl in a paragraph!

Dora, Dasher, & Belle's Mommy

Thinking of adding a Neezer, check out this thread!
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I have one Havanese little girl!!!! She is seven months old this week!!!!! She has such an outgoing personality!!!!! She loves to play,cuddle and sleep!!!! I got her when she was one day shy of eight weeks old!!! She went everywhere with me so that she would be used to people....boy did that work!!!! Now she loves to go bye bye...she just jumps in and sleeps on the soon as I turn the car off she is on my lap ready to go!!!! She loves to play with other dogs big or small, and she loves to play with children!!! She loves to go and lay by herself but likes to cuddle with you as well!! She is all around a very very happy havanese!!!! I tell my breeder all the time that she does such a great job with them that that is why she is the way she is!!!!!!!!! I love my Jillee!!!!!

~~Mommy"s Little Angel~~
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Judy E.
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My Katie which is just 10 month's old is very standoffish to people. She won't come when called or even let you touch her unless you catch her. She play's ruff all the time and is the alpha of the pack. My little boy Titan is just 6 month's old is a true lover. He comes and play's with everyone. He is great on his visit's to the nurshing home where I work. Love's getting petted and is very laid back. However when he is around Katie he is a wild child in the making.

JAE's Willamette Valley Havanese

Judy E.
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Mom of Brutus and Roxie
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I'll give this a try.

Brutus is my 10 month old male. He is outgoing with both people and other dogs. He is energetic and plays hard! He has no fear and is willing to play with dogs over 100#. He crashes hard at night and doesn't want to get up in the morning, but once he is up, he is UPPPP!!!! and MOVING! He is the one who will find a way to get into trouble: the TP, tip over the garbage, etc. He gives more kisses, but would rather sit next to us than on our lap.

Roxie is my 7 1/2 old female. She is shy around other dogs, but loves other people and will go right up to them. She is the one who can jump up easily onto high beds, where Brutus cannot even though he is twice her size. She loves to lay on a "throne"--any pillow in the house, but also loves our laps. She loves to tease Brutus--she will distract him and then steal his bully stick or play hide n seek and hide under the bed, where he can't get to. On the other hand, tonight I took away a toy from Brutus and threw it on the bed. He jumped and jumped and could not get up there. She easily jumped upon the bed and got the toy and dropped it to him. She wakes up as soon as I go to the BR and if I do not go immediately back to bed, she is scratching at her crate. When I am on the computer, she always takes a minute to sit in my lap.

Both love to go for long walks.
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Casper and Missy
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Casper is my 1 yr old male havanese dog and he is very high energy, needs alot of exercise, very bold when with his family. He is very loving, affectionate, willing to please us. He is very intelligent, understands alot of words we speck. He hates to be by himself, goes every where with us. Can be shy with people at first, but after first contact he is all over them.

Missy, my 3 1/2 month old havanese female dog, is high evergy. She loves meeting people, vocal to tell me her needs, affectionate. She does not mind being by herself.

I really like to see the difference between the two dogs; Casper would run up and down the stairs at a early age. Missy would not even try to approach the stairs for weeks. She just went up them today and she can't get down, if Casper went up them he flew down them the same time. She is much more cautious than Casper. She is more vocal than he, in trying to tell me what she wants; like food or to clean up her potty. Oh... the best part, she is much easier to potty train, than he was!! She seems to always go to her potty spot, he didn't care where he went potty

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Biscuit's mom
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Biscuit is a lover-boy, and most of the time, a pretty easy-going Hav. And definitely a Velcro dog~~he loves to be with us, just hanging out in the same room . He is also, however, independent and self-contained and confident enough to be do just fine when left alone or in stressful stituation, like the vet or the groomer's. He' s not ultra needy.

He is a very patient dog. Not a barker, beggar, or demanding. But he does have his crazy, very playful moments doing RLH's, teasing our cat, and playing with his best bud, Charlie the Bichon. He is very friendly and loving to all people. When he is very happy to see someone, or in a playful mood, he talks to us with the most amusing, expressive growls. He snuffles with happiness when I (and I alone) pick him up or groom him. He loves to snooze on the sofa, and watches through the window for me patiently when I leave. It is so lovely to see that little face waiting for me every time I come home! Wow, where did he come from? He's an angel. We feel sooo blessed.

and HEATH-Y, TOO !

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Racquet is a nine month old Hav male. He is full of personality and loves everyone and will run to strangers and anyone in the neighborhood. He gets along well with all size dogs and loves to play play play. He is eager to learn and would be a great agility dog. He can do high five, roll over, dance on his hind legs and jump three times in a circle. He loves to be off leash in our park and RLH. He will cuddle with you but likes his own space.
He is Mr. Velcro and hates to be left alone. He likes to visit all my friends and stayed with one for a week at 7 months with no problems.
He plays with his toys and acts like a typical Hav, rolling over on his back, in the play position wagging his tail and play growling at certain toys.
Who would not fall in love with these adorable guys, they have such a cute way that endears you to them instantly.
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I have two havanese and a poodle, both havs are very friendly, warm and full of attitude and personality. Both love children and most adults although I've recently seen them shy away from a new lady. They play together throughout the day, usually wrestling and running only taking a break to sleep between periods of "flying" over the floor, furniture, etc., you see my girls don't believe that gravity exists., they've never taken a science class.

Blossom, pictured, also has the nickname BOSSY as in the hip hop song "Bossy", "I'm the B-h y'all love to hate, I'm the one who's raise the stake, I'm Bossy". She really does raise the stake because she uses her assets and cuteness to get ALL the attention and herds the other Havanese and poodle when I call them to come in from the back yard. She's only 8.5 inches and 6.8 lbs and it's all attitude, she's hilarious to watch, the entertainment never ends.

Mari, my show girl is also full of attitude with so much agility and strength, she jumps on the bed with ease to get away from Blossom than teases her by looking down then jumping on her and then springing back up on the bed, all this at full run. She loves to walk on two legs like a dancing bear. It's amazing when I come home and she follows me throughout the house on two legs. One of my friends who raises poodles and is a handler told me that some poodles also do that, and I find that trait very charming. Tuck, my poodle is now 12, he joins the humans in the household watching the show.
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Lola was a year in June. She is loving, outgoing and friendly, playful, loves to run and play the chase game with Maggie. Loves people, is pretty secure in new situations. She is very well behaved and was easy to command train. She would be even better if I would spend more time than I do training. She was a little hard to house train but I think we have it down now. She loves to eat, infact she inhales her food. Loves to be wherever the family is. She follows me everywhere I go. The velcro dog. She hates to travel in the car. She gets car sick everytime. She is very alert and able to communicate her needs. She plays hard in the day and sleeps hard at night. Hopefully she will keep this personality.
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