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Close call with a fox!

My heart is still beating fast. This morning Roxie was almost attacked by a fox in our backyard. I took her out to go potty. I have been keeping her on a retractable leash in our backyard as we have some wild areas in the yard and too many places to hide. It all happened so fast. I heard the rustling which startled me and saw the fox. I screamed, Roxie starting yelping (I'm sure I jerked on the leash to try to get her), Roxie starts running and yelping. I finally manage to pick her up and I see the fox run away. I'm afraid I wasn't a good alpha role model as I was just shaking from the almost encounter. We live in the suburbs, but I have seen fox, coyotes, and skunk in the yard before. I just didn't think they would try anything with me out there. We quickly went into the house. I didn't want to have her scared of being outside so we went back outside, but she really didn't want to be out there.
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Oh my!!!! I would have been scared too!!! I would just take her out every now and then and give her treats sometimes when you go out....just try and make it positive and act like it did not even happen....think of a happy time when you go out with her!!!! Let us know how she does!!!!!!

~~Mommy"s Little Angel~~
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Oh MY!

That's frightening! I'm glad you are both alright.

I also live in suburbia and we have a fox that lives in between my house and my neighbors in the front yard at night. Our back yard is gated, but I'm still afraid the fox can get in. We've all seen it several times, especially in the colder months between 9 pm-1am just sitting next to my house! ACK!

That is partially the reason why I let Gucci use the pee pads at night because I am afraid to go out there! My husband wanted her 100% outside, but I'm like "do you really want us out there at night w/ the fox", and that shuts him up, real quick.

I'd be so shook up if I had an encounter, especially with my dog! I really hope that's the last time you see it! Call animal control and see if they will come look for it.

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That is really scary. We have all kind of animals here too. What really creeps me out is taking him out at night. We have a small area that is lit by a motion activated light over the garage, but outside of that area, it's completely pitch dark. Sometimes Gryff will look into the dark and bark at something I can't even see. It's scary. I'm glad Roxie is okay.

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Yikes! I know how you feel though. I was petrified of the possum, let alone the fox. And my little girl is a fighter and not a runner! Good thing you had her on the retractable though!


Dora, Dasher, & Belle's Mommy

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Good thing nothing bad happened! PHEW ! Yup, scary. Ivy, I too, get these pitch black areas in our back yard at night, so when Ricky was a pup and had to go in the middle of the night, I'd try and get hubby to do it! lol I haven't had to go out with either of the dogs though since May when we got our yard completely secured and there's no chance for them to escape. We have gates on the deck stairs so they dont' get into the rest of the yard when it's dark. Of course, they don't get up at 2 a.m. anymore to go! Thank goodness. lol

Hello. My name is marj and I have MHS.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Mahatma Gandhi

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Wow - My heart is beating so fast!! That would scare me, too!! I'm so glad you are both OK, but you will remember it forever!! Maybe she will learn to stay near you while she is outside, but that's kind of sad, too. I hope the rest of your day has been a little better. You get so attached to the so quickly - I know you would have been crushed if something would have happened to her!! So glad to hear nothing did.

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Oh my!

I am so glad you are ok. Poor baby I bet that scared her to death.
She knows you protected her.

I never let Sissy outside after dark by herself. We use to have Coyotes around here - I haven't seen any in a couple of years but I just don't want to take any chances. We live in a neighborhood but the Coyotes get hungry and come in the neighborhoods looking for dog food..

Santa, Sissygirl
& Marie
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Oh that poor baby - that must have been very frightening!! We have lots of fox, coyotes, deer, racoons, etc in our back yard/woods. When I take the pups out in the dark, I always have them on a retractible leash on them, but even that didnt prevent this!~ Thank god all was ok, kisses to you and Roxie ,. what a scary thing!!

Lily, Lexi ,Logan, Laila & Lizzie's Mom
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I've decided that it was a coyote and not a fox. I saw a red fox this afternoon on the deck - it peed on my son's hockey net! It really was quite beautiful and very bold. What I saw this morning wasn't red and was much bigger - probably 3 times as big. We have a fenced yard, but they just hop it very easily. I have called animal control before - actually the first time I saw a coyote on the deck last year. They said to call Division of Wildlife which I did, but they said there was nothing that they could do. They asked if I kept dog food outside - I don't do that, but others in the neighborhood might. I've always enjoyed seeing the wildlife in the yard, but now I'm nervous when I go outside with Roxie. I've taken her out a couple of times today and she isn't as scared as she was, but I can see she is cautious. I'm trying to be calm, but watchful. Roxie doesn't like to poop on the pee pad and if she doesn't go outside, she has been trying to sneak into the dining room and do it. When I see her do that, I take her outside right away, but she is holding it, I think.
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