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A free puppy?

I am just curious about what you guys think about this, and I apologize in advance for the length of this post!

As many of you know, Ollie is struggling terribly with allergies. He's had several rounds of antihistimines and has an appointment with the doggie dermatologist in January. I haven't added it all up, but I'm pretty sure we've hit the $1000 mark on vet bills. He also has a luxating patella on his back right leg...I don't really know how much of an issue it will turn out to be. He is 4.5 months old and still doesn't jump on or off furniture and I suspect it may be because of the patella issue. He also had giardia when we got him, which required two rounds of medication, not to mention the stress and hassle of doggie diarrhea.

From everything I've read, I gather that the patella and the allergies are both genetic. I decided to ask the breeder to help with some of the medical bills.
I hope it's ok to post her reply. I don't believe I have mentioned the breeder's name anywhere online so hopefully it's ok.

Anyway...here is the reply:

As per my health guarantee of course I will replace the pup & of course let you keep him if you wish to, which is something most breeders don't do. I do not help with vet bills.

I am terribly sorry that you have had these problems, it is not something I have had in the past. The geardia I believe was caused from the water at the farm, because my pups all had it. I also had to go throught 2 rounds of meds.

When you get back here & decide if you want another pup let me know.

I am surprised that the holistic dog food Lifes abundance would be alergy related as it doesn't contain all the cemicals that other df has.

His brother has had no problems. I hear from his owner also, he lives locally.

I'm not terribly surprised. I figured she wouldn't help with the bills, but I thought it might be worth a try and frankly, I was curious to hear her reply. I do feel that she should at the very least reimburse us for the giardia treatments. This was the first time she admitted that any of the dogs had giardia...I had gotten the "gee, none of the other dogs had this problem" response before. I'm not sure how I feel about it, she seems very nice on the one hand, but then again, I really feel these are hereditary issues so how is it that these problems never came up before? I am tempted by the free puppy offer (although I think DH would kill me) but if it turned out to have all the same problems, it would be far from free.

I'm interested to hear your opinions and comments.

And just to thank you guys for reading this looong post...here are two new pics of Ollie. One in his new jacket from Petsmart - on sale for $6.00!
The other showing the trim I gave him this week since he had scratched off half his hair anyway!


"All knowledge, the totality of all questions and all answers is contained in the dog." - Kafka
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Oh Shelly!

Honey, I hope she would atleast pick up the giardia if that is something that happened at her house w/ her other pups too, heck..If I was her, I would! It sounds like she's blaming you a bit for the allergies, for choosing the wrong food. Not good. Have you tried just plain boiled chicken and rice for Ollie? Like a detox diet, and then work from there figuring out what he can eat? I know that's not exactly convenient or easy, but it sounds like he's not getting better on the new food

And the luxating patella? I'm not sure if that's always genetic or not, maybe the breeders here can answer that.....but yikes I would be leary of getting another a puppy from her and ending up with another $1000 in a few months of vet-bills. Especially, if it has one or both of the same parents.

She didnt' seem to address the hip dysplasia? Wonder why?

BUT..I can certainly see your disappointment, I was just saying yesterday that even though Gucci's breeder didn't do things like she should've, that I've been lucky that she's been so healthy (*knock on wood*) and yes, I'd be disappointed w/ a puppy that had to be in and out of the vet or require surgery w/in the first 6 months. Are they suggesting surgery for Ollie's hip yet?


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Izzy, Doc, and Kai's mom
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I'm not sure about what your contract says, but I would think she should at least pay for the giardia since Ollie came with it. For the other issues, she is offering another dog, but I don't think helping with the vet bills usually done.
I understand the cost of allergies....our 10 year old lab has had them all her life. We have her on a new medicine that costs $100 to $150 a month!! You might look into it...for a small dog, the cost wouldn't be bad. It's called Atopica and we are giving Kai Ketoconazole along with it so cut the Atopica dose in half as it's so expensive for a large dog. Kai is 95 lbs...
We've had Kai to the University of IL vet school four times....very expensive, but very informative...
I'm not sure what to tell you about getting another dog....that doesn't solve you problem right now....maybe taking care of Ollie is what you need to do for right now and then sometime in the future, you could get another one. Does your breeder do all the necessary testing, etc? I'd be sure of that before I'd get another one, though.

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Shelly, I certainly freel for you with regard to this. I too agree that she should pay for the giardia since she admitted that it came from her farm. but then again how can you force her to do it, without the contract backing you up.
I know that so many dogs on the forum have allergies, and I think it seems to be a hit or miss to find the right treatment. I think the best and ONLY question you need to ask yourself is - have you fallen in LOVE? If so, could you ever give him back?? That is if she is talking about an exchange.
If she is willing to give you another one outright for free - that smells VERY fishy to me, as if she knows all her pups have problems and she got caught by you.

Lily, Lexi ,Logan, Laila & Lizzie's Mom
(Gigi, Lucas, Dugan, Madeline,Reo,Alvin, Lucky, Lukey, Punch, Colby & Ben-(we will always Love you!!)
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Brush Anyone??
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So sorry...

but wanted to say that Ollie is precious. And he's so lucky to have you!

Winston's Mom, Trish
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at first I thought you were giving away Ollie, got excited at first 'cause he is adorable and I wanted him...and then was relieved. He is lucky to have found you. I think most breeders offer free puppies instead of help with medical costs. As many breeders here have said you barely make ends meet selling the pups. I think that she would let you keep Ollie too is actually very generous (as far as the business goes.)

I am sorry about your expenses. I don't know about the luxating patella-- but I would try the chicken and rice or even beef and rice for allergies. I found with Jasper that if I found food for him without Flax he did much better. Now at almost 2 years he is hardly itchy at all.

Jasper didn't jump up or down off furniture until he was 8 months old!!! one day we came home and he was just sitting on a chair. Havs are not supposed to be allowed to jump (yeah right) until their growth plates close and that is about 1.5 years. So Ollie's not jumping is actually protecting his joints.

Missy, Jasper & Cash
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Izzy, Doc, and Kai's mom
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I didn't mention that Izzy didn't jump up or down from furniture for a long time. She rarely jumps off of our bed now. She won't go down our basement steps either...never has. She is a year old.....

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I hope things will work out for you....Ollie is very cute...like the picture of him in his new coat!!!

~~Mommy"s Little Angel~~
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Kind of off topic, but I first have to confirm that the new coat came from Petsmart? He is so cute and I love the coat. Brady has a very similar one from Petco last year that is our favorite coat for him. Guess I may have to go shop at Petsmart today.

I am not surprised by your breeder's replay, although disappointed for you that she would not help with any of the bills. Especially after she admits that he got the giardia with her.

As for the allergies, my vet thinks Brady has allergies. He is not overly itchy, but just had an ear infection and has a rash on his belly in the past. My vet wants me to eliminate everything from his diet but kibble. I can't get my DH to do this, but if you haven't tried it, perhaps you want to go that route. They you can introduce new items again and tell what is causing the allergies.

**Karen, Mom to Brady, Dugan, and Devon
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Is she offering you a free puppy in addition to Ollie or is she just offering you a puppy to replace Ollie if you return Ollie to her?

I am sorry that you and Ollie are suffering with allergies. I guess I have missed the symptoms poor Ollie is having. There is an elimination diet you can try to determine what the allergies are if you believe them to be food related.

Regarding jumping on or off furniture, Brutus did not do until about 9 months although he was able to go over an expen when I wasn't around. Now his verticle leap is close to any pro basketball player. My son wants to buy him his own hoop and ball so he can slam dunk.

Good luck to you. Second puppies can be a lot of fun!
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