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adding a 2nd HAV?

Hello: it's 5 am, and this has kept me up all night. We started thinking about getting Jasper a pal (he just turned 1 year) and I never thought I would find a puppy so quickly (we were thinking spring/summer) But at my last Vet visit- my Vet hooked me up with a breeder 30 minutes from us who has a 6 1/2 week old puppy that is the cutest thing ever (after jassy of course.) We're going to meet the pup this coming weekend.

So I know a lot you have two dogs (or more) and I have a couple of questions?

Did you get them together? how hard is it to introduce a new puppy? was your first dog jealous? scared? pissed off? what if you love one more than the other?(not having kids, I have never experienced loving them both diffferenty but equally)

Jassy is a very quiet, calm, submissive boy. perhaps a bit low energy. He is also very independent. not a snuggler- in fact when he is done playing with us- he retires to his room (he is spending more time with us now that he is older) We first thought about getting him a pal, because when he is at the doggy daycare he is so much more animated and to us looks happier (after he adjusts to any new dog there) But then he is happy to be home again, exhausted and happy to retreat to his chair. But then the next day he seems to be more affectionate with us and more animated. His pal at day care is a sheltie mix- who is loud and territorial. At first Jassy hid behind my coat tails-- but now when we take him- he gets so excited he starts whining when we pass the gas station on the way to his house... Farleigh (the sheltie mix) always greets him the same way --- "rufffff my house" paw to the neck holding Jas down and then JAS jumps up and hits his chest and they go off running and playing . I watched Farleigh protect Jas from an aggressive dog and knew Jas was one of his flock.

So my dilemma is this , is Jasper low energy because he's bored? or is he happy being an only child with a once a week or so play date?

Can I handle two dogs? Jasper is my first pet as allergies to anything other than HAV's (allergic to even poodles) have kept me from having a pet.

Oh and, about three months ago we looked at a puppy and brought Jas with us-- and he would have nothing to do with this little 3lb puppy- hid behind my skirt- was interested in getting to know the adults-- but treated the puppy with fear. (he then trotted outside pulling at his leash tail high and wagging to go meet the great bernease that were in the yard.)

I just want Jassy to be happy. Both me and my Husband love him to pieces-- we truly feel he was meant to be ours (or us his)

please let me know your thoughts,

torn in boston,


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Missy - I can say from my experience that getting the second was the best thing I could ever do. I waited until Lily was 1 year old, and she seemed to be pretty calm & mellow too at that time, I figured it was just age. When we got Lexi, she was curious but a little put off, but within a week, they were fine, playing together, and having a ball. I felt much better leaving for work in the morning knowing that Lily had a partner to play with & hang out with. Lily is the boss so Lexi takes the submissive role. My breeder told me that the females are dominant in this breed, so getting a 2nd female was risk but it worked out grreat. When we got Logan 2 weeks ago I got a male on purpose. Lily acts like his mother but still plays a lot with him. Lexi is now a little put out with the new pup, and for the first week, would not look us in the eyes, but she is slowly coming around too. It just takes then a little time, thats all. I highly recommend it!!!!!
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I had my maltese first. She is a pistol! We decided we couldn't add another dog as small as she is and we wanted one that was less terrior in attitude <BG> She was 2 1/2 when we added our havanese and I agree it was the best decision for our family. Isabelle ignored the new puppy for almost a month. I really thought I made a horrible decision. When Dora would rush up wtih a toy in her mouth, Belle would act like she wasnt there. It broke my heart until one day I watched Belle walk over and lay up against her. Slowly they have truly became the best of friends.

They now will play with each other at the dog parks, etc. They always pick each other to play with. They sleep together, eat out of the same bowl with no problems. I couldn't imagine it any other way!

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Hi Laurie, Did Lily seem happier and more active once you got Lexi? Logan is adorable- what made you get 3rd? -Missy

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Missy - yes Lily did seem happier and a lot more active once Lexi came. They both have very different personalities , but get along great. I just love these pups and when my breeder had another litter, I could not resist getting Logan. I am sure that I am done!! - either that or I will have to find a divorce lawyer. It is very interesting to see the dynamic between the 3 dogs. When it was just Lily & Lexi, if both wanted to play, great, but if not, one had to sit still. With Logan, he plays with one, while one watches, and then plays with the other. Lily has gained a good amount of weight over the past year so I am hoping that all this playing will help her lose weight. Lily & Lexi never slept together in a bed, or on the floor, they each always went to a different area on the couch or floor. But.. Logan wants to sleep ON TOP of someone! So he squishes in next to Lily or Lexi to sleep & they tolerate it.
I think that a 2nd would make your life more enriched, as well as Jasper's. But you cannot expect love at first sight for Jasper. He will need to get used to a new one, but I am sure will be thrilled!!!
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Keeping an eye on this thread, because as soon as we get moved, I plan on talking hubby into another one.
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I think a second is a great idea. I had my Bichon first and she was about 2 when I got Cooper. Lily is very laid back but got along fine with Cooper from the beginning even though he was constantly hanging off her ears or tail. They're best friends now, eat from the same bowl, share toys, sleep together, etc. They are never bored when they have each other to chase! Lily is still laid back, but she lets her playful side show more often now that she has Cooper to encourage her.


"The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated"
Mahatma Gandhi
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We got Kodi in Jan. 2006 and by the summer I was searching for another puppy. Kodi is very sweet and gentle. When he first meets a new puppy he likes the ones that are low key, not all up in his face. So we finally found the second puppy and picked her up the Fri. before New Year's Eve. When he saw Shelby, he hid behind me and wanted nothing to do with her. We were staying at a hotel, so I left to go get dinner. When I got back to the room, the two puppies and my husband were on the floor playing. The playing has not let up.

Shelby's personality is totally different from Kodi's and that makes life interesting. If she is overtired and doesn't want to play anymore, she lets him know it. She will growl at him until he leaves her alone. But she is the cuddly one who kisses you all day. Kodi will give hugs and kisses when he wants your attention.

Every waking moment they are playing, running, chasing. It is great. I finally have time to do some things around the house, because up until now, I was Kodi's playmate. I had to keep him occupied all the time, playing ball, taking walks, etc. I used to take him for 3 walks a day just to keep him busy. Now it's down to one walk (I'll add a 2nd walk when the days get longer).

I'm still active with both puppies, but now there is a diversion, and I wouldn't trade either of them. It's really great to have two. It's a good thing I don't have a bigger house. Oh, I also have 3 cats.

PS- the people on this forum are the best! Their support and info is so caring. Thanks!
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I only have the one Havanese . He has a couple of behaviour issues but he is getting much better . He is only 61/2 months old . Our Vet recommended we get another dog when he is about one year of age . I was thinking of getting a Coton but the Vet said better stay with a Havanese . I am fine with that but I am conflicted about getting another puppy .
We had a Havanese that died tragically this summer . He was only 4 years old and it was devastating to us . He was a piece of cake compared to our new little guy Cosmo . WE had no idea as Asta was so easy and enjoyable we really did not hve many issues with him .Asta just loved people was happy from the get go going and was happy as long as he could be with you ..
Potty training was not perfect but he usually did fine .
Cosmo is more shy and tenative and he can be a handful . He loves to bark and hear his own voice . Someetimes this is good as he lets me know what he wants or if he is in trouble but other times it is not . It is irritating and annoying . We are working on it but it is a work in progress. Good days and then we have a slip .
Asta was never a barker only to tell me that someone was at the door or to patrol the property and irritate the deer and let them know it was time to go.

I could so relate to little time and being the playmate and the walks . Cosmo just started to really enjoy his walks . Car rides are a challenge - he was doing well then he had to go to the vet for an unexpected illness and that put him back .
He 's now back to getting carsick - working on that as well .. Carrides are fun not a trip to the Vet ..

Cosmo was in puppy school and he did very well he is very smart and he learned his lessons well . It is hard to find another class now as a lot of the dogs are just too large for him and it can be dangerous . I do not want him to spend all his time hiding under the chair ..

Anyway I am off track - my question is introducing another new puppy . I do not think I can handle that again . I am thinking of getting an older dog 1-2 years I know a lot of you had done both and I am wondering if you think is easiest with the older dog or does it just depend on the dogs .. .. . I do not really want to go through that puppy training again but I have been told they learn from the older dog and it is not as difficult the second time
BAsed on what we went through with the grief when we lost Asta I think it would be best for Cosmo and us to have another companion .. My husband is not so sure and needs to be convinced . So please keep telling me all the positives tht you can .
One question is how do you manage travel do you travel with your dogs .
We travel and I need to know how you manage them in the car .. Two crates I suppose..
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I think getting another puppy is a great idea. Your puppy will have a friend and a playmate. But you should be prepared that it won't happen overnight, but it will happen. I got Romeo first and when he was about 16 months we got Brandy. The 1st day Romeo was so confused and a bit scared, he wasn't sure what it meant for him personally so was really uncomfortable. The second day they started to play and on a third day they werer inseparable. They just adore each other. When Bugsy came along there was no shock, but it took a bit longer for them to accept him, especially Brandy. I had to watch and supervise them in the beginning all the time, as Bugsy was only 3.6 lbs and Romeo and Brandy 65 and 42. Now all three are best friends and I comepletely trust them to play unsupervised. It is such a pleasure to watch the three of them play tug-a-war, all three of them pulling the same toy.

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