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Those that use crates - does your dog do this?

When we leave, whether it be for an hour or 4 (we try not to be gone more than 4, it has happened a few times) anyway, Mikey is super nuts-o when we come home. He just can't calm down. We have never made a big deal out of leaving or coming home. In fact, I come in, say "hi Mikey" and put my purse away and put the bags down, then let him out. He has ALWAYS acted like were gone for days and can't calm down for 10-15 minutes. Jump, jump, jump, lick, lick, lick. I'm glad he's happy to see us but that's a little much.

Also, we leave him with toys and treats and I'll even put my shirt or pajamas in with him if I know it's going to be 2 hours or more. Well put either the TV on or leave the radio on. He doesn't touch the toys or treats at all while we're gone. sometimes he'll mess up the place but doesn't touch the treats. I wish he would, it would releave some of his tension. As soon we're home and he's calmed down, he goes straight into his crate, grabs the treat and starts going to town on it.

Does your dogs not eat their treats when you're away? I think Mikey is so anxious and nervous he can't stand it. It's sad. It makes me feel guilty everytime I have to leave. But I do have to leave once and awhile.

Maybe he hasn't been left alone enough. It's not every day. He's hard to take with me though because he goes balistic when I run in somewhere and leave him in the car.

Sorry, this is long --- One more thing. He only does the crazy acting when we return, not when we leave. He sits in his crate just fine. Looks sad but doesn't wine or anything. It all happens when we return.

We've tried NOT putting him in his crate and it is worse. He broke our screen the first time we didn't put him in his crate. He's 7 months old.

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Sounds like my previous Hav.

One thing I found helpful is when I came home and he was whining or crying, I'd stand 10 feet away with my back to the pen. Stood there until he quieted down, plus 30 seconds, then went to him.

The first time I had to stand with my back to him for about 20 minutes. Boy, was that hard. But each time it got a little shorter until he finally learned not to react with anything but a wagging tail when I came home.

I recognize that this does not at all address his actions while you're gone, only his reaction when you return.
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Mine bark the minute they hear me close my van door, doesn't matter if I've been gone 15 minutes or a weekend. They don't do this for my husband, but he's home a lot more than I am. When I open the baby gate to the kitchen, where they are waiting, they all have to be patted, talked to and told what good dogs they are. I think they are just glad I'm home. They don't do this if I just go out to do yard work, etc.., just when I drive up

Becky C
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Having had dogs ALL my life and that been quite a while now, I learned a long time ago to keep comings and goings as nonchalant as possible. When we get ready to head out, we get down the treat bag, say go to your crate and they all dive right in. Then when I get home I put down my things, change if coming from work, put groceries away if coming from the store, you get the idea. I don't speak to them during this time. Then I open their crates and we all go straight outside where I continue to pay very little attention, in a minute or two they have all headed off to chase squirrels or whatever. Then they will come over generally one or two at a time for petting and individual attention. (I have 4 dogs) This routine keeps things calmer and quieter for all and rather than everyone jumping and jostling for attention, they each get calm attention with their 4 feet on the ground.
I do take Leo to work with me most days, so when I get home with him I just put him in his expen and then proceed as if he had been home all day. My DH works evening hours so the other dogs have him home with them most of the day. He follows a similar routine for leaving but the dogs don't even wake up when he comes in at night.

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Ruth (me) Chester (dog)
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Chester goes bazurko when we come back home, even it's just the mailbox. He does intense jump and lick for a very short period. Seem like you are doing everything right, just he misses you.

Hav to hav a Hav!!!
Ruth and Chester
(Chester's DOB - 4/04/13)
"Dogs are NOT stupid, they are smarter than you think."
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Dana and John
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Gibbs eats his treats. Gibbs ALWAYS eats his treats.

He also always greets me as if I'm Master of the Universe, God of All Creation and just implemented world peace.

It's the best feeling in the world.

True Story:

When I get home work, Gibbs runs up to me with his tail wagging and but wiggling enthusiastically. I immediately join him on the floor and return the love. Dana asked "Why do you always greet him first?"

I immediately repied:

"If you could shake your butt like that I'd greet you first."

Needless to say ...


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Dana and John
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Originally Posted by Gibbs Mom and Dad View Post
Needless to say ...

Just kidding. She knows how to take my sense of humor after 15 years. Good thing! Great Woman! Fantastic Wife!


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If Brody doesn't manage to inhale his treats before I leave, then they sit there until I get back. He goes nuts when I return. I always try to make it not a big deal and leave and arrive nonchalantly, but he still is ridiculously excited to have me back. And then he'll snarf down those treats he had the whole time I was gone and didn't touch. So, needless to say, I never had any success using a stuffed kong as a special leaving treat/distraction.

Tracy and Brody

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.
- Josh Billings
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I have always taken part of Tillie's breakfast and put it in her kong and froze it. I only work 3 hrs a day, so it isn't a long time... She is VERY intent and excited and loves her crate time. It's her "me" time. lol The kong is always licked clean when I get home.
I also started her out with small increments in the crate when she was a puppy and built the time she spent in there. Always with little excitement, just lock the crate say "have a good nap" and off I go. She never makes a sound when she is in the crate, when I get home, I unload what ever I need to, wash hands, change clothes, etc... BEFORE I let her out. and always made her SIT before I opened the door....

Tammy and Tillie
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I make very little fuss when I leave and when I return I don't go to Emmie right away; instead, I take off my coat and shoes, unload any bags, read the mail, etc., and then after about 5-10 minutes I go upstairs and let her out of her crate. And I still don't make a big deal about it - I'm pretty quiet and calm with her as she sniffs me and wiggles around. Once I started doing this, she stopped whining and crying and freaking out when I came home. It's hard because all I want to do is pick her up and talk pretty to her but that doesn't help.

Regarding treats, they're untouched when she's in the crate but after I return she goes back to the crate to retrieve one and bring it downstairs to chew. I've been unsuccessful with a Kong, her favorite bones, or any other chew toys providing pleasure while I'm gone.

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