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Mom to Princess & Jewels
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Unhappy Our first 'bad' day.

I got up this morning and took Princess to the vet to get her wormer, and to get weighed.
She did great (she's even gained almost 3lbs in 2 mo!) at the vet and on the ride there.

We would have been fine if I would have just brought her home straight after the vet.. but I decided to go pick up hubby's check from him here at work (in town, but about 10min from my house). 2 blocks from there she started to vomit.
I folded the towel over, and tried to keep her from getting in it. Ran in got his check, went potty, came out and went home. I got home, and she had apparently vomitted again while I was in his work... because she was just covered in it.

My son had a class at 1, about 20mins from my house- and it was noon by this time.... so we had to give her a super quick bath (NOT fun with a puppy!) and blow dry her really quick. Put her in her cage, and ran him to his class. We made it with 1 minute to spare.

I feel so bad, because really it was my fault, she was covered in it, and shivering when we got out of the car. She hates bath's, so it's like giving her a double whammy.

I am going to be soo glad when we get over this car sickness stuff.
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Aw. Poor baby. Hope she is feeling better soon. Car sickness can be such a bad thing but hopefully she will get over it soon.
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Casper and Missy
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Jodi, I don't know how you keep up with kids and a puppy! Did you ask the vet is there something you can give Princess before you go for a drive to keep her from vomitting?
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Try to take her for very short rides daily. Maybe when you are taking the kids to school. The more she does it the better she will get. Often it is stress induced vomiting because of getting so nervous. Is she riding in a crate in the car? If so, you might try investing in a doggie car seat as that way they can see out the window and that seems to help sometimes. I had one that salivated soooooo badly evertime she went into the car. It was so bad she would be soaked all in front on her chest, her legs and beard, she might have well just thrown up and got it over with! <grin> Finally at about age 7 months it stopped. This puppy had not really been introduced to the car (my fault) until it was time to go dog shows, but after several weekends of this she understood she would be fine and stopped salivating.
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If you find a solution to this problem please let me know ..
I had Cosmo fairly stable then he had a set back and it is so hard to get him to ride in the car . We can make it to the park for socialization and change os scenery and back which is about 10 minutes away . I make sure we stay there a while before I put him back in the car and bring him home .
I have heard it may be due to immaturityand problems with their ears but he is over 6 months old .
You also have my utmost admiration managing chidren and puppies and making sure it all works ..
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Kodi really doesn't like the car. The only way he is happy is if he is sitting on my lap. Please don't send me lots of "bad mommy" notes, because I always hated people driving with their dogs on their laps and I know it is not a good thing to do. I am trying to break him of this habit. I tried the car seat, but that didn't work either. Shelby just lays down on the seat, so I harness her in. Now I am starting to do the same with Kodi. I hope it works, because his screeching in the car is deafening.
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Mom to Princess & Jewels
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Kathy, I know what you mean about the salivating... Princess was soaked in front by the time we got to the vet this morning. I felt bad for her.

We used to have her in a crate, and she did fine.. then she got too big for the crate (couldn't lay down in it well) so we got rid of it, and I didn't replace it, because I always have a kid in the car that can hold her.

I bought a bigger travel crate yesterday, and got her a carry bag today (thanks again Lynn for doing that for me!).

The vet told me to give her benadryl, or he could give me valium's if I have to travel longer distances. I am just not comfortable drugging her up unless it's necessary.

I know her problem is nerve induced. We never had a problem the first month.. but the only place she really went was to the groomer, and the vet- the two places she hates.

I'm going to start taking her with me when I pick up the kids, and to the store (now that we have a bag to sneak her in with! LOL) and hopefully that will help.

I just felt soo bad today, because it was my fault. That and the rushing around made me stressed for the rest of the day.
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Goldie and Stogie
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Sometimes its just inherited. I have had Stogie in the car from day one, and so does Joan when she has the puppies. He would drool so bad, he would be drenched. Just like Kathy described. I know it was anxiety because he just would not want in the car. I am always on the go, so I kept taking him, thinking it would get better.

I tried everything from crates, to the way he faced. Nothing worked, he got sick a lot. It does get worse with a lot of stops. The good news is, its gotten a lot better and he rarely throws up now. He is a little over a year. But he still throws up some. The only thing that helped was Bonine. Give them half a pill. Its a motion sickness drug ( I got mine at Walgreens), plus I think it helps the anxiety. When I would give him Bonine, and he would have better experiences in the car, it got to the point I wouldnt have to give it to him.

It is an awful thing to go through. Just because you try something new and it doesnt work, dont give up! When I tried the car seats, Stogie got even more stressed, he puked all over the car. But I have heard it worked like a charm for other dogs.

I do think they outgrow it. Sometimes its just the waiting game. And again, I believe it is inherited and not how much you have them in the car as a pup.
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Mom to Princess & Jewels
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Did he start out vomitting Melissa? Or did he start after a while?

I hope I don't have to drug her everytime I take her somewhere.. hopefully it will get better
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Lily, Lexi & Logan were all throwing up in the car. It seems as if Lily & Lexi have outgrown it, but when we go on vacation with them, which is a 2-3 hour drive, I them valium - or something like that - that the vet gave them.
Logan threw up 3 times on his way home to our house & has done so serveral times since. I am able to get him to my sons school for pick up and home without throwing up, but he is COVERED in saliva!! He is my first that does the drooling & I was concerned , but I guess it is not unusual. I do not drug them to go to the vet or the groomer, as like you, I dont want to drug them a lot. Only for real long drives.
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