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Sully's Mommy
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Question THinking of an older adopting a Hav, not a puppy...

Where to go is our big issue now. I think we are in the process of getting the fence next week. Permit, than getting the posts set. Fence project...done. Now for the dog.

DH now wants on older puppy, or a dog if anything at all. There is a breeder close to us (thanks Beverly!). Seems nice enough very proud of her dogs, and the dog seems super sweet. It's just not the color we were looking for. There is something about a white-ish dog that just isn't for me. They are beautiful to admire, but not for me. Corey loves the orange ones. But, no where can I seem an older dog, but with this local lady. HELP!
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Just be patient!! The right one will come along. We were thinking puppy and ended up with a 7 month old. She has been wonderful, and a very good choice for our family. We had the opportunity to get a puppy before we were really quite ready and opted to think on it some more. Puppies are being born all the time, and older dogs are also becoming available all the time. Just because there is only one right now doesn't mean there won't be just the perfect dog available in a few weeks or a month or so. We had talked to Dusty's breeder about puppies and she ended up not having any available. She contacted us a couple of months later after she decided not to keep Dusty to show and thought of us. Don' t rush out and get a dog you aren't sure about just because you can't find anything else right now. Patience will pay off! Good luck finding just the right havanese!
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Sounds like Great advice . Take your time and be sure the dog is right for you .
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Barney's Mom
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I thought so too, but....

We rescued an 18 mo old in early November...had decided that we didn't want another pup and so I started contacting breeders and rescue organizations. I also began volunteering at our local animal shelter, just in case!

This little boy has been delightful...and he is cream in color (I thought I didn't want a white/light color dog either, but love him to pieces now that we have him).

The cost of an adult dog is sometimes less than a pup and we contributed about half of the normal fee to the Havanese Rescue...for some of us, the insanely high fees for a pup or adult show retiree is prohibitive (I know, I know - they are worth it, so please don't come down on me for this statement)...

When you rescue or purchase an older pup or dog, you know from the beginning what you are getting in the attitude part of the whole....we got a calm, loving, playful boy and as stated before...couldn't be happier. Good luck!
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All great advice! We got a 9 week old pup that we'd reserved when he was 3 weeks old. I had said for months and months "Never a pup!" I thought it was just too much trouble and commitment for us, always having to be home all the time, etc... well....
Changed my mind and we got our Ricky. There were no older Havs anywhere near us, not even close and there were not likely to be any for a LONG while! We live near Montreal, Quebec, Canada and the Havanese is very rare in these parts.

It IS a lot of work, so I was right! lol But we did it, Ricky is now 6 months and I have absolutely no regrets. Should the day come when we would get another dog (finances, my state of health, family decision, etc... ), it most likely will not be another puppy. I dont' think so. Or at least, if it is a pup, we'll do some of the housetraining things differently!

LOL . O.k. .... now that was as clear as mud!

Good luck and please do take your time. I didn't want a sable/white Hav either due to staining problems, hard to keep clean and I liked the darker colors so I understand. I absolutely LOVE to admire those colored Havs though! Our Ricky is mostly black with dark browns and silvers.


Hello. My name is marj and I have MHS.

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Sully's Mommy
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Staining is one of the issues for me. Another is we gave our Papillon away to a wonderful home after our son was born. Papillons and children do not mix, and I wasn't about to risk Logan hurting our dog. There is my deep secret aversion to the white-ish dogs! Don't tell anyone!

Corey (husker92) doesn't want to go thru house training. Not like he'll be home for most of it anyways, but I guess I have to factor his wants in too...darn it.
I'm not against an older one because that means they could be house trained and could be out of the biting phase.

Corey says now, this dog in the neighboring town seems sweet, and he can always dye it! I guess it won't hurt to go see her she's black faced white body. With the "belton' tickings.

We are in no hurry to get one, we have been looking for almost a year. Just so you know we are not rushing into getting a Hav.

Thank you all!

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It sounds like you know what you want and not rushing in to it that is first most important thing never rush!!! When you fine the right dog you will know it just like when I seen Yoda his name was white and before I even decided on buying him I had his name changed LOL but I knew he would be mine!! LOL
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You could always check with a Havanese Rescue, they might have what you are looking for.

Quick, lets get the treats out of the bag before Mom sees!
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I wanted to jump in here and just say, that ANY dog, no matter the age or how well it had been housebroken at it's original home, will have to be re-trained once you bring it into your home. So please, plan on having to do some re-training. How long will it take you ask? Could be a while, but typically they will learn faster then a puppy.
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That is one cute puppy . I am willing to do the training with the new addition . I was told this by another breeder they is definetly a adjustment and retraining period .. .
My vet said usually they usually help one another learn the drill .
I know when Asta went to visit his girlfriend Tulip they were like frick and frack and they both went outside together . Tulip usually went to the door and made it known it was potty time but Asta was right beside here happy to go out on her nickel . So cute to watch ..
Thank you for all your hellpful information
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