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Halo's Mom
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Question Not Paying Attention

I have a question for all of you. The question is "How do I get Halo to pay attention to us when we say her name?" She is 3 months old and seems to have a mind of her own.

My husband and I will say "Halo NO" "Halo anything" and she will not even look at us let alone stop what she is doing or come or anything. She just keeps on walking or keeps on doing whatever. It is just like she ignores us.

Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. In March Halo and I will be attending puppy kindergarten and maybe this will help. I just don't know.

Halo & Flash's Mom . . . Debbie
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Debbie, I know how you feel. I'm thinking of having Shelby BAER tested. (I'm having a tough time finding a place, though.) She does the same thing. Then she will start barking because there is someone walking outside. She has to go to the vet this week and I am going to ask him. I think it is just selective hearing, just like kids.
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We just hired a trainer for the two older girls and she gave us excercises (homework) to do this week with regard to the attention. When the dogs are hungry, take their favorite treats, get them to sit but put the treat behind your back. We also use a clicker. Start 5x before any training just clicking the clicker & immed. treating. They start to learn that clicking means treat. then they want to do something so they can hear the click & get a treat. Once they sit for you, put the clicker & treat behind your back after you show it to them. (while you are standing) get them to look you in the eye. If they look at you for 3 seconds, click & treat. If they wonder to look at your hand behind your back, wait until they look at your eye again. 3 seconds, click & treat. Eventually you increase the time. My guys are up to 10 seconds. That apparently helps them concentrate on you.
I look down at them and say "Lily look at mommy" and she does it - then I click & treat. So they start to asssociate you saying their name & treats. I has worked for us. Hope I made sense
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Bugsy's Mom
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Debbie - how long have you had Halo? Is it possible that she doesn't know her name yet?

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Casper and Missy
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Puppy classes will make all the differance in the world! The dogs actual mind in puppy class. Trust me it will solve alot of your problems. But until you get in a class try this; Put Halo on a leash, with a training colar and instruct her to sit use the leash and colar to help you get Halo to do the things you want. This will get her attention, on the leash walk with her, make her sit, make her come to you by command. She doesn't listen now because she doesn't have too. Give her treats she really likes when she does good.
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Attention is something that definetly takes a lot of time to establish, long after your dog knows their name. My dogs definetly know their name and will generally look at me for a minute after I say it. But both of them have been through obedience style attention training. I use the command "watch me" and they know to continue to look at my face until I release them or give them another command. It also has some practical uses, as when I use this when I dont want them distracted with other dogs, busy areas, etc.

A start to training this is to actually get on your knees with a cookie in your hand. I would place the cookie near my face and say "watch me!" When the dog looks at my face "Yes, good watch me" then treat. Eventually have the dog watch you for longer periods of times, and slowly remove the cookie. Then stand up. Make sure to not do this for too long with such small dogs who have to bend their necks up at you to stare in your direction


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Goldie and Stogie
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I agree in having her ears checked. I know someone with a similar story and their dog was deaf. Both of mine have pretty much always looked when I called their name. Otherwise, the above advice is all good!
Do let us know.
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Samson & Delilah's Mom
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What I have done with all my dogs is treating them when ever I call them at first. I say "Sam" he looks at me and I give him a treat. In the beginning I don't worry about him sitting, just looking at me. The moment he does he gets a treat. For the first few weeks I will give a treat everytime he comes to me when I say his name. I never say his name when he is doing something he shouldn't. "Sam" and "No" are never in the same sentence. His name is always a good thing. If he is doing something wrong I use "uh uh" or some other noise to get his attention. NEVER. NEVER, call your dog for something bad, like having his nails cut or to correct him for any reason. That only teaches him not to trust you. Their name should only be used for happy things. (Treats) I always have a pocket full of treats and Sam now knows it. When they get older only give a treat some of the time. But don't be predictable. These a smart little guys they will fiqure out if you give a treat every third time. They will listen every third time. The main thing is to have fun with your pup. I hope this helps

"Hav" a Great Day,
Debbie & Sam & Delilah

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Halo's Mom
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You guys are the GREATEST !!! Thanks for all of the helpful tips that I will be putting into action. I have had Halo for just about a month now. I know that she can hear us as she will sometimes pay attention to us.

I will let all of you know how the tips that you gave me go. I just needed a little bit of advise and you all came in to help me which I can not thank-you enough.

Halo & Flash's Mom . . . Debbie
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Mom to Ricky and Sammy
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Welcome, Debbie! Halo looks adorable!

I agree with how to train your dog to look at you. Laurie, Amanda and Debbie B. all have the same idea.... positive re-enforcement. You will learn a lot at puppy school - so long as it's a good one that doesn't ever punish. Good luck! It's still early yet. Your sweetie will pay attention to you once you show her just how 'attractive' you are with those treats! lol

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