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Unhappy My friend bought a puppy from a pet store

I have a friend that I have known all of my life. She has always copied everything I have done. Growing up sometimes it bugged me, but usually I saw it as flattering. Anyway, when we brought Bogey home I emailed photos to all my friends. She emailed back that she would love to get a dog, but her and her husband work too much and with two young kids the timing wasn't right, maybe in a few years. Then a few days later she tells me that they went looking at the pet store, but they are going to wait until summer to get a dog! So, I told her in the most gentle way I could, my thoughts and information about pet store puppies. I didn't hear back from her until I get a photo the other day of the puppy that they bought at the pet store! She said they weren't really ready for a puppy, but they saw this one and it was so cute. It is a bichon/poodle cross. So, you will never guess what comes next. They brought the dog to the vet and he has some sort of virus and is on medication now. I just feel bad about the whole situation. I wish I could have done more to persuade her to go to a shelter or a good breeder. I researched for months, read every book I could get my hands on, waited for what felt like forever for our sweet puppy and I am so thankful I did! I just don't understand why some people make such an impulse decision on something I feel is such a huge commitment. Sorry, I am rambling, I just felt sad about it all. Thanks for listening!
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i agree with you . i like you, waited 9 months for my puppy belle. she is a treasure. i also called many breeders till i found one i trusted. my son has asthma so i was afraid to go to a shelter and get any breed. im glad i waited and found the perfect dog for me and my family.
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Oh yes. Sadly, even those who know better succumb to the pet store temptation. One of my dearest girlfriends did the same thing last summer. She was considering a Hav, but was smitten with a Teacup Yorkie in a pet store on a business trip and bought it for $2500. It died before her kids even got to meet it due to Parvo. She flew home with it, took it immediately to her veterinarian and it never left the hospital. It was very sad.
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Oh Jen,
I know how you feel. I have a girlfriend in Ohio who has had friends go threw the heartbreak of buying a sick, EXPENSIVE, puppymill puppy from a pet store, but she still goes into their pet shops and coos over the puppys. I constantly remind her about what pet shops do, but I think it's just a matter of time before she takes one home.

It IS frustrating but don't be too hard on yourself. At least you did the right thing and all you can do is encourage others to do the same.

I recently switched vets when I found out the office I have been going to for 30 years is now giving free visits to the puppy's from our cities pet shop.
Our pet shop that sells puppies is named "Pet Doctor", how sad is that?


"The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated"
Mahatma Gandhi
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Don't feel bad. You did the best you could. I have a cousin who has 7 dogs, and she bought all of them from the same pet shop - Shake A Paw. Every one of them has had some kind of illness, and one of them still has a chronic respiratory condition. You thing she would know better by now. She even had a few that she had to give away due to behavioral problems, then went back to the store and bought another one.

Kodi & Shelby's Mom and Julian's Grandma
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That's so sad

I'm a research addict too and really researched breeds to find a great match for me and my family, I rarely act impulsively, especially with something like adding a dog to your family, I do see it as a huge commitment and, like you, I'm miffed that people would approach something like that impulsively?! But I do think even smart people think with their hearts instead of logic, and sometimes there is a price to pay for that, literally. Hence that good deed goes unpunished, comes to mind.

This last year, I've seen two more pet stores go up in my town, we just had ONE for a long, long time...the most recent one, is in the main mall. i did walk through it and it made me SICK. The dogs looked SOO very sad and sickly. I don't know if we haven't really had a big problem with pet shops opening here because PETA is based here and deters them? Or what. I know when they aren't protesting abroad, they don't sit idle here, they do things around town..but I do hope they shut them down, Even though I disagree with so many things they do.

I guess we just need educate people more to not support them, if they aren't making money...the doors will close. Such a selfish, shady industry.

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Originally Posted by irnfit View Post
Don't feel bad. You did the best you could. I have a cousin who has 7 dogs, and she bought all of them from the same pet shop - Shake A Paw. Every one of them has had some kind of illness, and one of them still has a chronic respiratory condition. You thing she would know better by now. She even had a few that she had to give away due to behavioral problems, then went back to the store and bought another one.
My sister-in-law TWICE went to Shake a Paw after I begged her not to get a dog from a pet store.

The first one was a 5 MONTH old Lhaso--so guess where he spent the first 5 months of his life??? Well, poor Pugsly had no manners and bit the children, so he had to be euthanized!

The second one was from this Christmas--they got a beautiful boxer named Boomer. When I asked her why the heck she went to a pet store again, she said (and I love this one), "Well this pet store gets them from breeders" Well, Boomer was just recently hospitalized with pneumonia which she thinks he had a touch of since she got him! Big surprise!!! Now, she says to me, "Why didn't you tell me about going to a breeder?"

Some people will never learn!
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I've mentioned on here before that my sister got Cooper, (our hav) from a petstore in MO. I'm pretty sure it's one of the biggest distributors of puppies across the country.
Hunte Cooperation. It's a terrible, terrible place. I know this, because AFTER she brought him to us..I went there. There was glass window and behind it about 20 puppies. Every hour, they'd rotate them with another puppy. Just kept cycling them through over, and over and over. I asked if they had any Havs, and they had to look at their computer log, to check the wherehouse!! About 10 mins later, they brought up these dirty, stinky little parti colored pups. They told me they were sorry they were such a mess, that they weren't getting "window time" today, so they hadn't had a bath.
I'm very, very sad Cooper came from a place like that. He came to us with mange, as well. For about 5 wks, all he did was scratch himself. He couldn't take 3 steps with out stopping to scratch. He layed around most of the time, refusing to really play. He lost hair all over the place and his face was practically bald by the time the THIRD freakin' vet figured it out. We were on all kinds of shampoos, meds, and changed food four times. By this time, Daisy also had it. And the sad thing was, it was cleared up in a matter of days. Then, we had a puppy! Chewing our shoes, chasing the kids, wanting to play.

He's never been like the havs I read about here and elsewhere. And that breaks my heart. Was it because of where he came from? And temperment leading back to his parents, etc?? Or because he had such a rough start?? I was really wanting another Hav these last few months. I admit, part of that was to see what all the fuss was REALLY about Yes, I find him adorable. The way he runs, the way he dances for food. And a few other silly, little traits. I'm going to duck while saying this, but I've gotten more love, affection, and pure JOY out of the shelter mutt I picked up last month for $60.
Rescuing Bodie has been the best thing to happen to our family in years.

So, yep..I think petstores are BAD. My sister now knows all about puppymills, and regrets she ever stepped foot in the place. I don't, because we do have Cooper. Even if he's not all that I'd hoped for. I do love him and wouldn't trade him for anything. But, after our experiences, I honestly don't think I'd ever buy another dog.

Tritia, Daisy, Cooper, and Bodie.
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Tritia, that was very well said. I think everyone would agree that you rock and that by adopting Bodie, you've basically cancelled any Karmic petmill thing and you love Cooper and he's healthy now and that's what is important now.

I didn't purchase my dane from a pet store, but I did buy him from a "breeder" and I honestly don't even want to call her that, that set off a ton of red flags for me...which I didn't heed and instead fell in love with the puppy that she brought to meet me. I later referred a friend of mine to her (she had lost her Chinese Crested and this lady also bred these) and my friend went to visit her "farm." What she told me about the living conditions of the Danes and Cresteds was diabolical. Danes are extremely sensitive people dogs and these dogs were kept in kennels outside. They absolutely do not have the stature for being outside physically or emotionally. My friend did not want anything to do with this "breeder."
Mainly she does her "business" through the internet now, and nowhere does it say she is doing any health testing.
I had a lot of behavioral and physical issues with my Dane from an early age. At six months he was diagnosed with arthritis, which was crippling to him in his later years. At two years old, I spent hours working with a rescue organization and the woman from my local Dane club to figure out how I could live safely with two small children and a dog who was becoming fear aggressive, a dog who could easily kill a small child. I loved this dog, but obviously my children's safety was my main concern. I got some great advice from this woman and worked with my Dane's issues and although he was extremely fearful in some circumstances he came great strides with his confidence and trust. He was an "older puppy" at 18 weeks when I got him from the "breeder" and because she already had younger puppies she gave me a "deal."
Well, obviously I paid for my "deal."
I loved my Dane furiously and I don't regret having him in my life as he taught me so much about "fantasy of owning a dog" vs. "the reality of being a responsible dog owner." He also taught me that if you are planning on getting a dog based on research you've done about a purebred, if you really want them to be accurate to the breed's standard you absolutely must go to a reputable, responsible breeder! And, obviously, because we are dog lovers here, we do not and will not support puppy mills! I don't know how those people look themselves in the mirror.

Again I applaud Tritia and her adoption of Bodie. I am not surprised that he is such a lover. My mixed breed rescue dog that I grew up with as a kid was one of those one in a lifetime dogs (although now that I have Posh, I'm thinking I've been blessed with two of those!).

The other day someone told me they got a new puppy whilst I was waiting for my daughter to come out of her preschool class. She said it was a "toy lab." I asked her what that meant. She said, "Oh it's some kind of terrier, I don't know what, that looks like a lab puppy forever. I got it at that Amaze N Farmyard (basically a pet store that has hundreds of small breed puppies, in the country posing as a farm). I wanted to and educate her, but I didn't have it in me that day. I try to do as much "educating" to people before they go somewhere like that.
I got this off the Shake a Paw website:
Why not buy a puppy from a breeder, instead of Shake A Paw?
When deciding to purchase a puppy, there are many advantages to visiting your local Shake A Paw puppy store rather than finding a breeder. First, we have an enormous selection of puppies. We can offer a variety of breeds, price ranges, and temperaments. A breeder will typically have only 1 litter of pups and your selection will be limited to the particular breed of pups that they have.
Second, Shake A Paw has an incredible, unmatched health guarantee. A breeder, though they may offer some sort of health policy, would not be able to afford you the same guarantee as the Shake A Paw lifetime guarantee.

Most important, the experienced staff at Shake A Paw is there to help you decide on a puppy that is right for you and we are here for you, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have after you take your new puppy home. Our staff members include experts in the areas of training, grooming and puppy health care.
What a frickin' joke!
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These stories are heartbreaking.

Best, Poornima
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