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Typical Breed Trait?

OK, so I have a question. Ever since I got Cricket, she has been going 100mph. She is always running, playing, jumping, nipping, etc. She's really a lot of fun to play with, and it is obvious that I'm her person in the house. She'll always run up to me and jump up, but when I pick her up, she's content for 2 seconds, then she squirms and tries to jump out of my arms. There are times when I'd just like to hold her and cuddle, but she isn't into it AT ALL. What gives? I'm just wondering if this is something she'll grow out of...if it's just a puppy thing, or if this is her personality...and she'll never be a cuddlebug. I'd like to hear your stories about your havs...did they grow out of it. For those of you with new puppies, are they the same way?

Kim, Santos & Brew
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I am not experienced with Hav's but we got Suzy at eight weeks and she was a continual ball of energy. I wonder now if some of this was her nerves after being removed from her mom and sibs, some my own nervousness and some just plain old puppy behavior. I found a couple of pretty neat puppy development web sites last night and I can try to bring them up and post the link.

Others know a lot more than I do but now at 16 weeks Suzy is cuddling more-- on her own terms. She is much calmer in general and I am no longer spending every free moment (and many more where I was double tasking) playing with her.

We go for two quite long walks each day and that helps Suzy not only expend energy but also she is quite cuddly after. She gets rambunctious at the end of the day when I finally get to sit on the sofa, she does the puppy biting thing. I think she is like a little kid, knowing bedtime is here and not wanting to end the fun. It does not take long before there is a big sigh and a tired collapse on my lap.
I hope this helps a bit, I am still learning and adjusting myself.
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... is now Havatwo
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We've had Havanna since she was 7 weeks old; she's now 4 1/2 months old. She is just as you described Cricket...not a cuddlebug, not a lapdog. When you pick her up, she allows you to hold her for 30 seconds, then the whole body starts wiggling (hence her nickname "Wigglebutt"!). It has improved a little as she's gotten older, but I, too, have wondered if she'll ever be a snuggler. I've always heard that female dogs have a tendency to be more independent, and that male dogs are more likely to be lovers and snugglers. Maybe it's not necessarily a Hav trait, but a female one.
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Violet is 4 1/2 months old. She is playful, and loves a good romp, but for the most part is pretty laid back. It might have something to do with the fact that her role model is our dog, Stella, who is 2 going on 92!!! My sister calls her "Nanny". I think it is also helpful that we spend lots of time with other dogs and take long walks daily. I also try to reserve some toys for special occasions (like rainy days) so that she won't get bored. She was very easy to housebreak and slept through the night from the time we got her, so perhaps most of her personality is hard wired. I feel very lucky, but believe me, I've paid my dues. I had a crazy Italian Greyhound (God bless his little soul!) for many years who was on prozac, never fully housebroken, and had several phobias. Puppies are like chocolates...... you never know what you're gonna get!

But seriously, I think Cricket will definitely settle down and enjoy more lap time as she gets older.
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It sounds very normal. They vary from one to the other but all seem to calm down more as they age. The length of time for the run like hell sessions gets shorter after it gets longer up to around 8 to 10 months. Twinkle, who is eleven years old, still plays like a puppy and loves to play with the young dogs but doesn't go for as long.
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Hmm.. I think Gucci loved to cuddle when she was a puppy, BUT she also played more and had a bit more energy. Not that she's a total lazy dog now, lol..but not like she was at 3-4 months old, it was go..GO GO!

If I were you, I would keep holding her and comforting her, scratches, massages, etc. and get her used to it, and not let her down everytime, that might make her think she is alpha if she is always getting her way Atleast wait until she 'relaxes' before you put her back down to play.

But..yep..it sounds like a normal, energetic havanese puppy!

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Typical of the breed? Yes, but even within certain typical traits there are variations. Even within one litter you will see one really rowdy dog that will run and run and run until he passes out and then you'll have another that just loves to sit back and look, and soaks up the cuddling. Even the typical traits aren't cookie cutter similar, ya know?

Like toddlers, puppies tend to have different levels of activity and the need to move.
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Kim, Cricket sounds like a carbon copy of my sweet McKenna. McKenna has calmed down a lot at four years old but she still would rather be into something (often something she's not supposed to be into) than be sitting on a lap. The only time she does want to cuddle, on her terms, is at bed time. I'm okay with that. She's a joy to watch because she is so inquisitive and independent.


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Cooper is 1.5 and has no concept of being held or cuddled. Never has.
It makes me very sad
And since we got the new puppy, he plays a LOT with him. But, never fetched much or wrestled around with us. Did some with Daisy, our bichon mix. But, he's having a blast with the new pup. And doing a lot less lounging around.
But again, still no cuddling.

Tritia, Daisy, Cooper, and Bodie.
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Dora really became more of a cuddle hound at about 2 years old. But I know exactly what you were talking about, I could carry Belle around- in my arms or in my bag but Dora you never knew when she would suddenly squirm and come close to being dropped!

Dora, Dasher, & Belle's Mommy

Thinking of adding a Neezer, check out this thread!
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