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Working full time jobs

Hi all..

I have a question for the Hav owners here that work full time jobs.

What routine do you all use? Do you have dog walkers? Do you take them to day care? Have someone come in to play and let the puppy go to the bathroom?
My wife and I both work fulltime, and would not be home from 8am-6pm monday-friday.

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That would be me!

Yes to most of your questions...Ollie stays in a crate - I have his bed in it and I have a litter box which I put a puppy pad in however he only used it 2x and he is now 8 months old...he likes to sleep in it cause it is cooler...I just don't want him to poop or puke in his bed if he gets sick.

I do have someone come in during the day...altho I think he would be fine without it now I feel bad just leaving him alone all day...they come in for about 1/2 and play - do potty duty etc....and he LOVES her!!!!

When he was younger I did not feed him in am very much at all...he has not had an accident since 5 months - a VERY happy dog and loves his crate - don't forget the stuffed kong before you leave in the am....he will jump right in...

PS: I did get up about 45 min earlier than usual just to play and spend time with him when he was smaller....also I found that until recently he had a poop when we first went outside after bed then I would take him out right before I left for work and he would have another - just like clockwork - now that he is older just one in the am...

Just remember - they sleep most of the day and be ready for playtime when you get home!

Olliesmom aka Catherine
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I just got Houston but I had a Cairn Terrier for 16 years. She stayed home all the time by herself when she was older for 6.5 -7 hours.

With Houston because he is a pup, I come home at lunch every day. I am lucky I can. If I cannot I have great in-laws that will stop by and help me out. My son will be home all summer long so that will be better.

I would say the maximum time alone should be no more than 8 hours. If you are working 10 - 11 hours a day you will need someone to come in or a dog walker or even doggie daycare.

I think it is all about quality time. You have to make the time to give them attention when you are with them.When Houston gets bigger my plan is to go for a 45 min walk in the morning and another one at night. Right now I play with him for an hour before work and spend the entire night hanging out with him.

Oh don't forget bully sticks. It keeps them busy when you are away.
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Not to sound ugly, but why do you want a companion dog if you are not going to be around for it to be your companion?
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I think we will be able to manage having a havanese dog without to much trouble. We stay up usually till 2am.. get home around 6pm, so thats a good 8 hours of quality time we can spend with our dog. Also, both our parents live right around corner to help out during the day.

We have not lived this situation yet as our dog will not be with us for another 11 weeks, but your question might be better directed at 'Rita' and 'Olliesmom' and all the other full time workers on this forum that live the situation right now.

I do not belive the Havanese are only for stay at home women and/or men.

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I am one that does feel that someone should be home with Havanese most of the day. I have seen too many come into rescue because they didn't turn out like people had thought they would. It seems the common thread is that everyone was out of the home most of the day, leaving "Rover" alone. Havanese are known for having seperation anxiety. That is when behavior issues can, and will arise.

However, when people do work out of the home for most of the day, what does seem to work is getting someone to come in to take the dog for a walk, potty, etc. Some even use a doggie daycare. It can be successful, but like having a child, it needs to be planned. I commend you for thinking ahead.
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Hi Kathy,

I have done so much research on Havanese, I dont think there is anything left for me to read on the net. I'll need to wait for some new websits to be formed I guess.

We fell in the love with the Havanese breed when my now wife saw a picture of one on the net about 3 or 4 years ago. And we always said we would get one after we got married and were settled. Well we have been married for 16 months now, and we are ready!

I know all about the seperation anxiety issues that can happen, but hopefully he will sleep for much of the day when we are not home, since he will be up pretty late the night before.. hehe... And we WOULD NEVER EVER give our guy away.. not in a million years.. we are allready in love with the dog and it has not even been born yet.

I'm really just after any tips that others in the same situation can offer.

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Hi Ryan,

Me and my husband both work full time, but I have the luxury of working 10 min from home. I also use a doggie day care but not every day. The days he is home I come home for my lunch hour for potty break & some playtime. If you could find a local doggie day care that would be great, I have noticed on weeks that the weather is too bad to bring Riley to day care he is a terror at night, too much energy.. The other great thing about day care is most of them do boarding also so if you ever need to board your dog he or she will already be comfortable in the environment you are leaving him in. I actually drive 20 min in the opposite direction of my work to bring Riley to a place that does day care, boarding & training. They have someone on staff 24/7 352 days of the year so if I ever need to board him I know he will not be put in a crate and left alone for the evening, someone will always be with him. Riley absolutely loves day care, all I have to do is ask him if he wants to go to school to play with his friends and the tail starts and if we donít leave right away he will sit at my feet wining till I grab his leash LOL. Best of Luck

Leeann, Riley, Monte & Rumor

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Gosh, I don't think my conscious could handle leaving my Gucci girl home for 50 hours a week. I'm lucky that I'm self employed and only work a 2 days a week (and I take the whole summer off) so I can bring her to work with me, and she wouldn't be home alone.

But if I was in that situation where I couldn't bring her to work, I would definately look into doggy day care. 50 hours a week is a long time be alone.


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In dog time 50 hours to us is 350 hours to them.

Some of our Havanese are bonded strongest to me. Some are bonded strongest to Pam. Our Havanese have plenty of their own company. They have a dog door, a covered veranda and at least a small fenced yard that they can come and go as they please.

When I'm here alone with them and Pam is gone, whether to the grocery store or away for a few days to give a Havanese Judges Education Seminar, the ones that are closest bonded to her make many trips to the door to look out and see if she is back yet.

These dogs have been bred for hundreds of years to be companions. They have no instinct to hunt or dig. They don't live to follow a trail (even though they are good at it) or have some other job that working dogs have been selectively bred for. Their job is strictly that of a companion. They will choose companionship with their human family every time over their dog companions.

We do not sell a Havanese puppy to a home for it to be left alone all day. And to be left in a crate all day is cruel and unusual punishment for a Havanese. There are still plenty of homes where they can spend the vast majority of their time with their human family.

Anyone reading this who is just now considering this breed who will have no choice but to leave it alone all day please choose another breed that has not been bred to be a companion dog. These are not hound dogs who are perfectly content to sleep on the porch all day.

Reputable breeders do not sell to such homes.
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