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HALO Rescue Picnic

I believe a few other people adopted a Hav through HALO? Is anyone going to the HALO/Freedom Rescue picnic in Elyria Ohio at the end of July?

Jill - Tess & Cody's mom
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Hi Jill, We haven't decided yet as it is over 400 miles away and gas prices are predicted to be about 5.00 a gallon by then.
I really want to, we went two years ago and it was fun. How about you?
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Hi Nancy,

Yes, I'm seriously considering going. I'll probably drive in on Saturday morning and then stay the night. I just got Tess in December so this will be my first picnic. Tess isn't much for playing with others but Cody & I will have a good time!

Jill - Tess & Cody's mom
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I wasn't sure where to post this, so I'll stick it here.....

There has been references in other threads (specifically donating proceeds from the quilt) to some people having issues with how the HALO organization is run. Although I couldn't find much detail (short attention span), it sounded like the issue was that HALO purchases puppies/dogs from auctions and puppymills and that some people feel that is just supporting the puppymills.

I'm not trying to start any new battles or heated discussion, just wanted to put this information out there - it gave me a different perspective, perhaps it will others also.

I attended the HALO/Freedom Rescue Picnic last weekend. (I adopted Tess from HALO last December).

The people that rescued Tess (they knew her as Rizpah - what kind of name is that???) couldn't believe the difference. They found Tess at a swap meet because the original owner no longer had any use for her - they estimate that in her 5 years of life she had probably had 6 litters. They said she was filthy, smelled terrible and was horribly matted. When I got her a few months after she was rescued she was just skin & bones, so I can't imagine what she was like when they first picked her up. Even as bad of shape as she was in, when they got her back to the hotel room, this little, pathetic, animal was still interested in exploring her surroundings.

One of the two foster families that took care of Tess was also at the picnic and were thrilled to see her. They were full of stories about their time with her.

Once they raised the topic of auctions, I took the opportunity to ask about the HALO practice of paying for the dogs. I'm paraphrasing, but basically here's what I was told...

The reason HALO bids/pays money for havs at auction is because the "breeders"/owners won't give the dogs away. Even if no one bids on the dogs, the owner would rather kill the pups/dogs than give them away because that might drive down the future price of their "stock". In fact, the auctions have drowning pools in the back, just for that purpose - if the pups don't sell, they are drowned.

When at the auctions, they do not announce themselves as being from a rescue organization because they are afraid the sellers will arrange to have the bids driven up whenever HALO is trying to purchase a dog.

HALO's philosophy is that, since puppymills are not currently illegal, they will do whatever it takes to rescue the pups from the deplorable situations they are living in and may be going to. It's their perspective that by purchasing the pups, they are saving them from either living lives in cages as breeders or being killed if they can't be sold and by saving the older dogs, they give them the opportunity for the lives they should have had from the beginning, instead of being killed. By purchasing the pups, they also have the opportunity to make sure the dog goes to a good family, versus someone walking into a pet shop and buying a puppy on a whim.

I think meeting these people really made Tess' history real for me and brought home how very lucky I am to have this little girl in my life.....and I hate to think about what would have happened if HALO hadn't been there to buy her.....

Jill - Tess & Cody's mom

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Wow Jill. I really appreciate your post. There are so many ways of thinking about it, and we have to be very open minded. I am sick, as I am sure you are too, at what is really going on.

Thank you so much for posting, and I hope this is up for discussion. I really would love to see people discuss this ( in a mature manner) and give input. Its heart breaking.
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I can see both points of view as well. I met a woman involved with maltese at puppy auctions when I was living in Ohio- huge area for them on the border of PA. I know I couldn't go there and turn my back on them either. Especially when it is right in your face. I just hope more and more people get involved shutting those horrible places down.

On the other side, I do see that millers don't care who is buying them as long as they make a profit and for each one sold, they will produce a few more. I have also heard stories how they do actually know who is who and will raise the prices when they see rescue folks come in. What a horrible game to play with puppies lives.

I don't know the solution, it is a really sad situation though.


Dora, Dasher, & Belle's Mommy

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Jill, I'm so glad you have Tess. She obviously needed rescuing with a name like Rizpah. (I'm joking on the reason being her original name, of course.)

Similarly to what Amanda said, I don't know what the real solution is, but I do know that if no one was buying dogs from puppy millers, they wouldn't stay in business. In that regard, I do flinch a bit when I think of people bidding on dogs from a PM. Yes, it is very emotional when you think of your dog (or any dog!) potentially being one of those dogs that is culled for not being purchased and that is where the biggest complication remains.
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Jill, it's a tough one. It's like a vicious cycle. As I see it HALO is doing a good thing with what they have to work with. It's true that if no one bought dogs from puppy mills there would be no more puppy mills. The problem becomes how do you stop enough people from buying from puppy mills? I see some progress in educating people, but not enough. Since that's the case, I would much rather see dogs like Tess saved than drowned. Yes, I'd be contributing to the profit of a puppy miller but I'd know that in at least one life, I made a difference. Like the story about the boy and the starfish.
In the foster children thread we talked about making the difference in the life of a child. Well, if we had proper education about birth control, about personal responsibility, etc, there would be no need for foster care but that's not gonna happen in my lifetime. I see them both the same way. Continue to educate, educate, educate, but save lives when you can. I know I think of my own precious girls. I could NEVER walk away knowing that my sweet Sedona would be drowned if I didn't purchase her. Money be ****ed, I'm saving at least one life and in the meantime I'm going to spread the word about puppy mills far and wide so that perhaps one day I won't need to save any more lives.


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I am glad you Halo rescued Tess, so she could rescue you...LOL. Wonderful that you could hear about her past and that other's could appreciate the wonderful young lady she has become.

Missy, Jasper & Cash
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This is all very interesting to me as my trainer brought up a view point that I had never ever taken.

First, let me back track by saying that Jill Tess has absolutely blossomed into such a beautiful girl thanks to you. And, I think it's wonderful how all of our dogs have their "story" of how they came to be with us.

So, at agility class this week we started talking about CPE (Canine Performance Events) vs. AKC agility trials. I'm going to try and stay on topic here, so I won't go on and on...but basically my trainer really likes the CPE because it is open to all dogs, including the rescue dogs that come in with mixed breeds without having to get any breed specific paperwork (photos, fees, etc) done like in AKC and the trials are easier for beginners to qualify. She pointed to a mixed breed rescue dog and said "so they are very open to girls like Shani."

For some reason, this conversation went to rescuing a dog vs. getting a dog from a responsible breeder. At this time I going to admit that I have never rescued a dog from a group, but I have rescued two kitties who were absolutely wonderful and I have donated my time and money to local rescues. Before getting Posh I really wanted our next dog to come from a rescue. I am like Tritia and do a lot of rescue surfing and basically was one of those kids who brought home every stray animal, including a baby woodchuck I tried to "save."

Again I digress.

My trainer says to me that she has very mixed feelings about getting a dog from a rescue and supporting the rescues even as someone who absolutely loves dogs. Why? I asked. She said that she feels it propagates the whole idea of "Oh I don't need to keep this dog, I can give it to a shelter or rescue and some one else will take care of my "problem." So basically, she's making the point that we are a throw away society, including, our pets, and by coming to the rescue of these people we are adding fuel to the fire of this problem.

Now, this woman has a heart of gold and absolutely LOVES animals so I hardly doubt she would able to resist saving a puppy from being drowned or beaten. I guess I just had NEVER looked at it from this angle before.

I don't truly in my heart agree with my trainer. And I will continue to give my time and money to rescue because I can't give them a place in my home at this time. I will also try and "educate" as many people as I can without being an ass hole, to the problems of getting your pup at a puppy store, or even from a backyard breeder who has ads in the paper. I will encourage all of these puppy/dog owners to TAKE THEIR DOG TO CLASSES! No matter where they have purchased their dog, as I really feel that a well trained dog is a well loved dog and a happy dog!

Meanwhile, I do feel like a person should have to earn a dog license to be able to own a dog. We should all have to go through classes, take a test, pay money for that test fee, and be able to prove to ourselves and our responsible breeder that is not something we have decided on a whim.
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