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Suzy and Cazzie
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Unhappy Question about rescue dogs

A puppy mill in a nearby county was raided a few days ago and about 40 dogs were rescued. This was in a very rural, farming area, and it was run by a man in his 50's and his mother in her 70's - both were arrested and are being charged. The Sanilac County Humane Society has taken the doggies in. They are various breeds according to the paper - Yorkies, beagles, furry little mixed breeds....their living conditions were pretty miserable and many of the dogs are sick. Three have already died from parvo. There are worms and other health problems. Of course, after seeing some pics in the paper, and having them tear at my heartstrings, I was wondering....what about adopting one of these poor furbabies when they are well again? Is it a good idea to adopt a dog that's been so sick and mistreated? I am thinking about Cazzie here, and also wondering about future problems. I have sent in a small donation to help with the medical bills and haven't picked up the phone to ask if they will be up for adoption....but my heart goes out to them. Is it a good idea to adopt such abused doggies...I am probably asking a dumb question because they all deserve loving homes, but am thinking of Cazzie....


Sweet Chelsie Coton
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As you know, I have rescue dogs. My opinion, and of course it's just my opinion, is that whether you adopt from a breeder or rescue a dog, there's a chance of having health problems, differences in personality, etc.

I think Tess and Cody are great examples of the differences you can get in adoption. Cody is a very outgoing, easygoing, happy dog with no (known) health problems. Tess is much more skittish and withdrawn with many more health problems.

I think a big factor is the age. The older they are, the more issues they'll have.

In terms of putting Cazzie at risk for health issues - from my experience the majority of rescue organizations are very good about making sure the dog is healthy before allowing it to go to the right furever home. I went through the Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society for my last dog and we waited almost 2 months after her spay before we could pick her up because they were concerned about her health.

I also took both of my dogs to my own vet within 24 hours of picking them up, just to make sure. (Tess had tapeworm but the doctor reassured me it could be treated without Cody becoming infected.)

Are you looking at an older dog or a puppy? The puppies are usually neglected, and definitely living in miserable conditions but can recover more quickly - mentally & physically - when placed in a good home.

And maybe it would be a situation where you could have the dog meet Cazzie. The foster mother brought Cody to my house to see how we meshed before making her decision.

I don't remember if you said you had adopted dogs in the past? My experience has been that the things you miss out on (puppyhood if you adopt an older dog) or have to overcome (lack of socialization) are offset by watching the animal blossom in a joy-filled, love-filled world. Some don't agree, but I swear every dog I've adopted realizes they've been given a second chance and show their appreciation.

Lots to think about (I'd talk to my vet about it too!). Good Luck!

Jill - Tess & Cody's mom
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Luv My Biewer
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Jill - great advice. In short if you are willing to do the work, rescues can make wonderful pets!

Northern California
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and Murphy & Gracie too!
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The same thing happened near here this week! I think it may have been in TN or SC but the dogs were brought to Atlanta. So many people lined up adopt the dogs that fights broke out and the police had to be called! I think they were Yorkies, supposedly pure-bred, but the shelter employees were on the news and said many other dogs were adopted when all the Yorkies were spoken for, more than 200 puppies! It's so sad!

Ann-Scooter, Murphy, & Gracie's Mom
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i have been thinking more and more of going to the local humane society for another dog. they have lots...
my only real criteria is getting a small dog, like mugsy, so one can't physically bully the other just because of size.
as was said above, breeder or rescue, it's a crap shoot as to how things will work out.


greetings from mugsy & me

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Carmen is a rescue and I have never regretted one second of having her. She has her moments due to behavioral things like growling and fear of other dogs, but once she warms up and you give her the chance she is the sweetest thing and really means no harm. I totally recommend trying a shelter out, and definetly take them to the vet to ensure they are healthy and so forth. If you are interested in looking into getting one of the dogs from the raid make sure they are healthy and the vet okays them for the safety of your other dog. You never know how its going to work out, but you can always ask and if you decide you cant adopt you can always foster or help out some how. Good luck and keep us posted!

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I have rescued many dogs over the years and would do it again without hesitation. I believe you get at least as much as you give in a situation like that. What a joy to see the look in your rescue's eyes once they know they're truly safe and will be loved and cared for.

Good luck whatever you decide to do.

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I have one of each-great breeding-wonderful female-"miss Personality" loves everyone-knows no strangers-thinks everyone who comes to my house comes just to see her-and then I have my boy-HRI rescue pupster-BYB/Mill Dog-timid-very shy-does not like people-runs & hides if anyone comes to the house-after barking at them-but loves his mommy (me) gives me tons of pupster kisses-let's me hug & snuggle with him but to this day will not stay long on my lap. He has been with me over a year and he is still a work in progress-and the truth is I love both of them and know they are as different as night & day.

Other than that the only advice I can give you is Quarantine the new dog-if you do get it for at least 10 days away from your dogs. That way if the dog has any thing you will not be running the risk of your dogs getting it. Since it's a "mill/byb" you can't be really sure what type of medical things you could run across-just to be safe take the pupster in to the vet ASAP-have blood work-fecal testing done then still to be safe quarantine.

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Suzy and Cazzie
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Originally Posted by Jill in Mich View Post
I don't remember if you said you had adopted dogs in the past?
Yes, we once got a GR, probably about 2 years old, from the County Animal Control. We were very naive at that time, thinking all Goldens had a "golden" personality. She was fine with just me and DH. But around a group of people, particularly children, she was a nervous wreck, snappy and growley - out of fear, we thought, and supposed she had been abused, hence why she was dumped or picked up by Animal Control. (They had nothing on her background, at least nothing that they told us about.) With me and DH, she was all wags and happiness, but at that time in our lives, we had a busy, active family with little ones coming and going and we decided we couldn't chance it. So I found her a very loving home with a single guy where she was happy ever after.

I would surely hate to bring a little furball home and find out its problems were more than we could handle. It would be heartbreaking for both us and doggie to have to return it.

Thanks for all your advice, I'm still mulling this over....


Sweet Chelsie Coton
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My rescue Cockapoo, Coco, is the most awesome, outgoing dog. Very outgoing to people and other dogs. He is bomb proof, has Agility titles, is a Therapy dog. He was from the humane society and I knew NOTHING about dogs when I got him. No problems with accidents in the house, I was VERY lucky with him.

My rescue Hav is more skittish and not as outgoing to other people but SO affectionate with me- but no real problems with her either. I fostered her for a month and fell in love with her. My dog Coco loved her too so I ended up adopting her. If you foster dogs, you find out a lot about them.
Also, rescue organizations usually know a lot about their dogs because many are living every day in a foster environment.

I would get another rescue in a second. Course, I'm very lucky as both dogs are healthy with good Patellas which was important to me since I do agility.
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