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question on free feeding

i have been free feeding my dog for a little over a year now. i struggle with how to actually feed him, i use to put all his food in the bowl down in the morning and what ever was left he ate later but now that we are on a diet, i put half down in the morning and half down in the evening.

should i just put it all down each time and he eats what he eats? is it better to feed him his food at one time and then give a few treats throughout the day to avoid an empty belly? he's always so hungry. i have been very good about giving him only his 1/2 cup each day and nothing more regardless of how he looks at me with those sad hungry eyes!
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Ivy Hills Havanese
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If he still acts hungry, you can add greenbeans to the kibble. It will give him a more full feeling without adding calories. I would put it down twice a day so that he can fill his stomach twice.
Gracie is on a diet. She acts like she is starving to death if I don't add the greenbeans. Rice cakes do the same thing.

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Chico and Cali
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I recently started adding greenbeans to the Innova kibble.
Well, you'd have thought it was steak. The dogs are crazy about them.
It really makes me laugh to see them pick out the pieces of greenbeans to eat first.

Chico, Cali, and Finnegan
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django refuses to eat green beans or carrots. i've tried raw, steamed, etc. etc. no go, no interest.
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If you do add veggies, best to have them cooked. If raw, then shred or mince them really small so they are digestible.

I give my boys 2 meals, 1/3 cup each time. Is there a reason Django eats 1/2 cup a day? Does he have pounds to lose?

How about adding an egg? I doubt it has many calories and it's great for them. Low fat cottage cheese or ricotta is something I add almost every day. Very low cal.

I think two meals a day are best as I've heard dogs get quite bloated when they gobble everything in one meal. Twice/day gives them a chance to digest well before the next meal.

Hello. My name is marj and I have MHS.

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yes, he needs to drop 2 pounds. i tried the green beans and carrots in many ways and he has no interest. he's always eaten 1/2 a cup a day, he's 9 lbs and 4 1/2 years old. i use to leave his food down all day, then about 6 months ago, i started putting it down for breaksfast and dinner only. i was trying to switch his dog food and treats and duirng the process, he put on 2lbs and 2 oz. so, diet time. he only gets 1/4 cup in the morning and 1/4 in the evening but sometimes i cheat and tap into his evening supply of food when he's begging for more in the morning, that's why i thought perhaps i should feed him all his food at one time since he's so hungry in the morning.
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Littlebuddy, please tell us why you think Django is 2 lbs overweight. (was he always 9 and now he is 11 lbs? or was he 7 and now 9) we don't have any recent pictures, but he does not look like an especially little Hav and 9 lbs is fine. Are you going just by weight? or does he have a roll around his neck or butt? If it is just the weight, like humans, dogs fill out a bit with age. Or it could even be the scale at the vets office. You know my boys actually grew in stature after a year and Jasper grew after 2 years. Cash also struggles with a pound or two and I found higher protein to satisfy him more with few calories (the raw medallions are very low in calories and he could probably get more quantity with less calories-- it's controversial, but I cook the medallions)

About time of day feeding--- it is best to feed them twice a day, but If he is hungrier in the morning, why not give him most in the morning and just a 1/8cup at night. Jasper will only every now in then eat in the AM so he gets all his food at night.

Have you noticed any change in energy with his hunger? you don't want to defeat the purpose of a diet and have him lie around more.

good luck and let us know how he is doing

Missy, Jasper & Cash
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Sissygirl's Mom (Marie)
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I get some emails from (I think that is what it is) and the other day it said if you were trying to fill between meals to add pasta. I gave Sissy some plain pasta the other day and she loved it.

Why is little buddy overweight? How old is little buddy?
He looks wonderful to me. Sissy weighs 14 lbs.

Santa, Sissygirl
& Marie
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I also question a 9# Hav who is overweight! Does he seem fat to you?

Anyway, overweight dogs should not be free fed. They should have their meals divided into at least 2 meals. What kind of kibble are you feeding? How old is he?

OK, if your dog is overweight, can you slim him with extra exercise?
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my pup has always been 9lbs. from the time he was about a year and a half, he's always been 9 lbs. during the past few months i was trying to change his food and treats, he gained weight. the vet felt his little body and said he is border line fat. 2 lb weight gain is like an average person putting on 20lbs. it doens't sound like a lot but to a little 9lb dog, it's alot.

i'll try to add a new photo. when he was at his biggest, he was huge. his butt was huge, his body, everything, friends have even made comments that he looks bigger. i think he's lost almost a pound cuz he looks a tad smaller.

i like the idea of a bit more in the morning feeding and the rest at night.
he currently eats wellness, going to switch to evo in another week or so. he's never been a good eater until recently since he put the weight on. he gets as many walks a day as we can, weather permitting, if it's not too hot, he gets a longer walk.

thanks for all the feedback, i will keep you posted!
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