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Angry Tree sap

Arrgggg!! I hate the neighbors trees! They have mega tall evergreens right up along the back fence and they hang over on our side too. They drop pine needles on the lawn and this time of year they are dripping sap in this heat! I try to keep the dogs out of it, but they are drawn to the pine needles and the sap. While I was trimming Shamouti's nails and shaving his pads, I found a nice mess of hair tangled up with tree sap on the back of his leg. Does anyone know if there something I can get to break this up?

Hubby and I had asked the neighbor a couple weeks ago if he was going to do any tree trimming. He was cutting a couple branches on his side to make room to park his boat. He said no, but feel free to cut off anything that was hanging over. A third of the tree is hanging over and if I cut right at the fence line the stubs will all be on my side dripping sap all over the fence! Besides that I would need a firetruck to get all the way to the top!
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Oh no!! When I saw the title of your thread, Christy, I cringed. I knew it meant that one or both of your Havs got some in their coats.

Both Sammy and Ricky got some last summer when we had our cedar hedge trimmed. The guys that did it left some clippings behind and of course my boys found them and had a grand time. UGH!

I just basically cut the sticky hair out because pulling and pulling did nothing except hurt Sammy and Ricky. Hope you find a solution. Very aggravating!

Hello. My name is marj and I have MHS.

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We went camping when Daisy was about 5 months old. She was happy as a lark hanging out under the picnic bench....until we realized it was right at the base of a tree and she was COVERED in sap! It was awful~ We camped for 2 days so there was nothing we could do about the sap until we got home. I gobbed peanut butter all over the sap areas, and rubbed it in, then shampooed it out. I had to do this about 3 times, and used almost an entire tub of peanut butter. But it did take all the sap out!
Here is a pic of my dirty camping girls!

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Originally Posted by marjrc View Post
Very aggravating!
It sure is! There are two trees and right about now I am fantasizing about shaving them both right up the fence-line.
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Ugh! You know how my back patio is, right? The neighbor doesn't manage his tree at all and it is so overgrown, but completely in his yard. Every late spring and early summer, that thing blooms sticky little blooms that drop sap-filled stamens all over my patio, patio furniture, the fountains and anything else in half my yard closest to his fence. Unfortunately, with the bay breeze, I get the majority of his tree debris. Even more unfortunate is that his illness prevents me from going over and talking to him. We just counted up 10 weeks of blossoms dropping before it ended this year. The dogs all get it in their coats and must get bathed more often during this time and my patio has to get hosed off 2-3 times a day just so the dogs can go outside. HOWEVER, it is nothing like pine sap! (or pine tar) We had that in our backyard when I was growing up and that was also a neighbor's tree. What a mess that makes!

I've heard many people refer to a product sold at Wal-Mart (but I can't stand Wal-Mart, so I have trouble endorsing it...) and it is called DeSolve or DesolveIt. (I'm not positive on the name.) I believe it is found with the cleaning products. If you look for "pine sap hair" via Google, you'll probably find the exact name and a lot of recommendations.

WD-40 is nasty and fumey, but if you can keep it from the dogs faces, you can use that to get it out and then you'll need to shampoo at full strength. It works faster than some of the more traditional methods.

Click here for a method using olive oil. It's tedious, but supposed to be the healthiest way to remove pine tar from hair.

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Yikes! I just had to say Brooklyn is adorable in that photo Katie!

Dora, Dasher, & Belle's Mommy

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Oh your neighbor again! Poor you! Yes you have such a lovely area out back for the dogs and isn't it a PITA to clean-up the neighbors messes!

Sally, Thank you for the link you sent privately! I tried the vigorous rubbing with baking soda. NO WAY was that going to work! The sap was dried and had enough hair gathered into a clot to cover a hallf dollar.

I have Goo-gone and read the label, but it can be irratating to the skin so I didn't like that for my baby boy. So, I tried the peanut butter. I only had chunky style, what a mess!! BUT, slowly but surely it started breaking up. I had to leave it in for a few minutes and that meant holding the little guy and working with the comb a bit, but most of it came out with very little hair loss. Shamouti couldn't decide whether he wanted to scream at me or eat the hairy p-nut butter. Then we washed with palmolive soap to get the rest of the mess out. I just combed through again and I think I got it all!

I doubt the neighbors will be taking the trees down anytime soon, so at least I know how to get it out. Now I need to start figuring out a way to keep the pups from prowling around under the tree!
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OMG! Katie, I just scrolled back and saw your post! Great minds think alike~PEANUT BUTTER!!

Oh your girls look lovely! Your daughter is so precious there. The dirty face is so cute on her!

OK edited to say I'm late to the party again--olive oil! Thanks Kimberly!! I'll go for that next time. And I'm sure there will be a next time, *sigh.
At least no chunks in the olive oil and it sounds like a nice conditioning treatment too!

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Yes, and if you want to do peanut butter again, you might want to get a natural peanut butter or an oily variety. The oilier the better.
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I am not an expert on the sap removal, but if you really want that tree gone, many owners are motivated when somebody offers some $$ help to remove the tree. I realize that it is not your responsibility, but it may motivate them to act sooner rather than later.
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