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2009 Calendar Decisions

* This is long, but worth it, so please read*

Here is yet another calendar thread. ALL of the photos are Priceless.. I really like the effort people are making, its going to rock this year.

Im working on the layout and going to start placing the photos I have in. PLEASE SEND THEM IN SOON.. so I can get it done. I want to have it completed by October.

I have thought about what to do with the money, since we are not doing a Calendar with HRI. That doesnt mean we dont want to help them. Frankly, they just dont want to deal with me, it has nothing to do with not wanting money. I

My thoughts are, the quilt benefited them ( a lot from what I hear, and I STILL CANT BELIEVE I DIDNT WIN!) and we can have other projects and fundraisers all year which will help rescue. I would also like to feature a rescue dog on the front page with a donate button underneath. Maybe they get a new dog in who needs extra help and we can feature that dog and put a blurb about it.

Im going to keep enough profits to pay the expenses of the forum. Its not much overall. The rest I was thinking we could start a "donor advised fund (DAF)at CHF" Im quoting Cherie below, who explained it to me as I know nothing about this stuff. Thanks to Kathy Patrick who gave me the idea and to Cherie who explained it to me.

"It is basically like a trust fund that individuals or organizations can set up there. It can be one lump sum (doesn't have to be huge) or you can continue to make donations over time.
You have complete control over the use of the funds. When you set it up,
you can dictate whether you want to receive info about research which might help any certain breed (like Havs) and CHF will see to it that you have the info about any upcoming grants which need funding. Then you can authorize whatever dollar amount you wish in terms of any funding for projects you think are worthwhile. They are a great group and the best thing about funding health research through them is that they do all the vetting on the research to make sure the project is valid and they restrict what the money can be used for and their experts receive periodic updates from the researchers involved. Everything is peer reviewed so only the best research projects make it through the grants process."

If you did that, you could maybe set up the DAF in the name of the Havanese Forum and that would do a couple of things. First, it would make them feel a part of the research being done there for the greater good of all dogs. And I'd venture a guess that there might be several folks in the crowd who might eventually be interested in starting their own DAF."

I think its a great idea.. and we could choose what area we want to research. Or support the research on... such as livers.. eyes.. coat colors.. on and on and on..

What do you feel is the Havs biggest problems so far? We read a lot of sad stories here.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: I would need someone to volunteer to set this up. The fund at CHF. Cherie could explain some to us, but someone would need to help set it up and find out what would work best for us. I just can't do it as I am learning I over commit myself and then tend to not take care of my responsibilites well. ( Imagine that! )

If yall dont want to do that, then we can give the money to HRI.. they wont turn down a check. But if someone is willing to help, I think we could put money towards research with this money and benefit HRI in many other ways.

I would also like to start a buyers aware literature packet to download. This will NOT deal with slamming anyone, just what questions to ask and what to be on the look out for when contacting breeders.

To Sum it up we need:

1. SEND IN PHOTOS [email protected]
2. Research the fund at the Canine Health Foundation
3. Find out if we can feature a rescue dog on the front page with a donate button to their paypal ( it would be better if someone asked other than me. )
4. Volunteers for all the above, presents could be involved!


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Melissa, I think the CHF idea is wonderful! If you need me to, I would be really happy to do it for you. Of course I have the wedding and won't be back until October 1st from my honeymoon but I'll have a lot more time free after and would love to help out. Since I am a researcher I could also probably get a better idea of what each research involves as well. But if you need someone to start this right away, then I totally understand if someone else wants to do it instead. This is just something I feel I would really like to do to help out.

Also, I like the paypal donations idea with the front page button. So many people on this forum are always talking about helping out with specific dogs, so it would be great to be able to do that when we can!

Can't wait to see the finished calendar! So excited about it!!!

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Melissa I think this is a great idea and would like to research it myself a little to uderstand it more. I just took a quick glimse of the grants database under Havanese and it looks like the grant is still pending for the research Dr. Center is doing on liver disease. If I understand this correctly we could take some or all of the money in the fund and donate it to this reseach she is currently working on.
Also from what it looks like only liver disease and nutritional disorders have been researched for the Havanese through this foundation, I would love to see more, eyes, heart, hearing, genetics, color...
For anyone else reading this it is not just money these people need they also need people to participate, anyone with a liver issue dog should contact Dr. Center to get involved with the research she is doing.
I also want to say I think Lina would be a wonderful person to head this up, she is great at her research, not afraid to speak her mind and keep it open at the same time.

Leeann, Riley, Monte & Rumor

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Fund the forum and research

Melissa, I've long been an advocate of using the calendar to pay for your forum expenses. You've been kind enough to foot the bill for such a long time and have developed a wonderful group. Now we're large enough to be self-funding. So yes, use the calender proceeds (not profits girl since you are donating your time) to fund the forum. Secondly, you'll be able to offer an expanded calendar since all our Havs would qualify to be in the calendar and you can make second, third, fourth, etc. printings since you wouldn't be under deadline to get one lump sum payment to rescue.

If funds were left over after paying forum expenses, you could ship a supply to HRI for them to give to new rescue owners. That would introduce them to the forum. Another idea is to see if our group pet insurance company would like to place an "ad" in the calendar to offset some of the expense. They've already offered to inform their Havanese policy holders about the forum, so this would be nice reciprocity.

I love the idea of donating to research - perfect. I think the work Dr. Center is doing is fabulous. Another directed fund project we should begin thinking about is the possibility of PRA being a hidden genetic flaw in our breed. I won't go into it here, but there may be some suggestions of it beginning to show up.

Finally, I posted this in another thread, but my suggestion rather than featuring any old Havanese as a "please sponsor this dog", I'd really like to see the Forum Havs as the beneficiaries. I know that everyone has concerns that people would join the forum only to get their emergency vet expenses paid, but I'm also involved in Keeshonden and they've got some awesome programs set up. A board of directors makes the decisions about who gets funded, guidelines are established and dollar limits set. We could put length of memebership guidelines (i.e. a member for x number of months with an exception for those who were referred for membership by another member, etc.) Oh and one more thing, most of us have very young Havanese, but as this breed matures, we will begin to see issues with seniors and increased health expenses. Keeshond owners tend to be very financially challenged and puppies are relatively inexpensive - so there aren't alot of well-to-do owners like we see in Havanese. My thoughts that with the huge increase in breed popularity, that we're going to see a big influx of rescue owners and they are more likely to have more limited funds and a greater need for health funding help. The auctions held by the Keeshond breed health groups regularly raise $2K - $6K per month and the items auctioned are as simple as a deck of playing cards with Keeshonden featured. It's a very gratifying thing to see every month.

Anyway, I'd previously volunteered to do the research for this option - I'll contact all the various breed rescue and health expense funding groups. Many hold monthly or quarterly auctions/raffles and help increase the base of funds. I'm such a big believer in helping those who love our breed that it would be such a wonderful legacy of the forum to have their own member's health fund. Think about it. I'll do the research and let you know. Just say the word.

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Melissa, Great idea! I went to Dr. Center's on Monday and she is estimating 30% of Havs have high bile acids. I learned a lot of stuff from her seminar and I was really able to see her passion. I plan to scan the sheets for everyone as it was very informative. My vote definitely goes there as it effects all of our Neezers.


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Melissa, you totally rock! I too, agree that you need to keep some fund to offset forum expenses. About time! I have no problems with either a DAF or health expense fund or whatever the members decide.

I love the idea of featuring a Rescue Hav on the front page of the forum as it won't be like "advertising puppies on the internet", but rather a way for anyone to learn more about our breed and the rescues out there that need our help.

All great ideas!!

Hello. My name is marj and I have MHS.

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Melissa, I LOVE the CHF trust fund idea. Research into the health issues of our beloved Havanese is so important and will help other breeds as well since information gained will be shared.


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Lina, you are perfect!!! Thank you so much for offering and there is NO HURRY at all!
YAY!!!! And yes, I think everyone else should look into it and do some research also, I know I am.

Thanks for everyones support!!!

Lisa.. I know what your saying about helping forum dogs.. but its such a delicate process because it can get taken advantage of. Deciding who would get what and what criteria etc is a sticky subject. I think we could do a case by case thing and just come together as friends when one of our own need help and donate some to them. Laurie has been great ( as have others, dont want to disinclude anyone) at organizing help for people.
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Melissa, I want to thank you in advance for doing this again. I have to be honest I don't really understand CHF fund. But I support what ever you think is right. You have not steered the forum wrong ever.

Missy, Jasper & Cash
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I'd love to contribute to the fund, and extend my help, I'd have to do a bit of research on it, I'm not familiar with it, but I am behind all efforts to help our breed, the forum and other related endeavors..quilt, etc.

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