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Two unrelated Questions

Hello to my ever helpful forum members! I require your assistance with two things:

1. MoJo is blowing coat and running away from me at grooming time. Does it help the process to keep his coat really short during this phase? I love him a bit longer, but I dont want him to hate being combed!

2. MoJo HATES the cold (me too) and I have the joy of living in Winnipeg (Winter-peg). I have a fear that he will go in the house instead of outside this winter. I am thinking of paper-training him in the garage during the winter, and going back outside in the summer. My question is: is that too confusing for a 1yr puppy, or can they flip back and forth with no problem? Does anyone else have a "cold sensitive" havanese and have a suggestion?

Thanks ole wise ones!
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I'm not old...nor I have no idea about blowing coat since I haven't been through it and Todd's a short hair anyway but as far as the cold weather issue...Todd will NOT pee outside on cold mornings...absolutely refuses and only sits at my feet shaking when I take him outside so I finally relented and bought some puppy pads for him.
It took him a few days to catch on but now he's using the pads pretty well on his own.
He still prefers to go outside if it's warm and dry....we'll see what he does once it starts raining again...he hates being wet.
For me it made life so much easier since he would hold it and pee in a corner later...I'd rather he go outside but my carpet is staying dry now and I guess that's the important thing.

Eva, Mom to Todd....2 year old short hair Havanese
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when posh was blowing coat and now still I combed her everyday. Of course she'd rather be ding something else, and so I have to "hide" the comb. I just don't give her a choice because grooming is just a fact of life.
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Shannon, I was worried about how Ricky would be during our first winter with him. He was much younger though, 4-7 mths., but he didn't mind it one bit and when there was snow, he actually did the RLH's out there regularly. What I do now, is put a suit/coat on both of them (because the size of the snowballs stuck to their hair create mats and large ponds in our house!) and they go nuts out there. Cold or no cold. I limit them to the deck, otherwise we'd have to shovel out half the yard and that just ain't gonna happen. lol

It's one thing not liking the cold, but once there's snow on the ground, I'll bet that MoJo will have a blast and you won't be able to call him in! Until then, maybe you can try using booties on him which may help.

As to the grooming, I've been keeping Ricky's hair quite short for over a year now simply because his hair is very thick and slightly cottony on half his body. It is a huge ordeal to comb through it and I make sure it's done thoroughly. Better for him and for me to keep him short. Sammy's hair is silky and easy to comb, so he's got a longer coat. Do whatever suits your lifestyle, Shannon. If it makes life easier to keep his hair short, then go for it.

Hello. My name is marj and I have MHS.

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1. Shorter is, no question, easier.

2. Our oldest male (now retired and living with neighbors) always hates the cold but his job was always, regardless of weather, to go out with us to feed horses at night-usually between 9 and 10 p.m. He has a coat and thought it was the greatest thing to put it on when it was cold including when there was snow on the ground. Of course, he always had to come sit in mine or Pam's lap when he came back in to warm up his feet.
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Gryff and Jinx Mommy
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Gryff got so matted during his blowing-coat phase that I had to shave him down. Turned out to be the best thing, really. He's all grown back now and he's done with all his molting! Now I just brush him two or three times a week, or whenver he'll let me without trying to eat my hand.

I live in New York. Gryff loves to play in the snow, but not for very long. I put him in a snowsuit with Muttlukks on his feet. When we go out just to potty, I have an area that I shovel out so he doesn't have to trapse through snow higher than he is in order to go. It makes it much easier. Ususally, I will put him in a jacket or a sweater before I take him out to pee.

Hope that helps.
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Yes, shorter is easier, but you can still encounter problems with matting at the skin level. We just took care of Lincoln's brother for 2 weeks and he has been shaved down since he was a year old - his body hair is less than 1/2" and it is a little longer on his back legs and chest and head. But even then, I was surprised that he could mat at the skin level! His hair is also quite dry, which I am thinking is contributing to the problem.

I would still recommend running a comb through the dog periodically, all the way down to the skin, even if the hair is shorter. Good luck!

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Giotto hasn't blown his coat yet (as far as I know) but when I get him groomed every 2-3 months I get him cut short. It is much easier to take care of at 1 1/2-2 inch lengths. He is still fluffy, but not so much that he tangles and mats. Actually, (knock on wood) I have been very lucky with Giotto. He's only matted badly once and that was when I got him back from the vet after being neutered. They had him two nights and he came back full of mats. Luckily it was about grooming time anyway so I just got him cut down. The grooming is more frequent with a shorter coat but is much easier to maintain.

As for the second part, Giotto loved the snow last winter so he didn't mind doing his business outside. He didn't last out there long but he went out. I don't know what he will do this time around, but hopefully the same. He does go outside 99% of the time but I got him last winter and he was learning to be paper trained, so I continued that. I keep a wee pad in my downstairs bathroom and while I always let Giotto out to do his thing all day long, it is down there if we are in the house or at night if he needs it. I thought of doing away with it but it really is handy to have on rainy days. Those are the days Giotto hates to go out (and me too) so it's nice to have a place he can potty that won't mess up the carpets. I haven't found that this causes any regression in Giotto or confusion. He still potties outside and the pad is the only area in the house (that he is allowed to be in) that he does his business.
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I live in ND and Stella was about 6 months old last year when the snow started. It didn't faze her a bit and she continued to ring her bells to go out the entire winter. She only stays out long enough to do her business when the wind chill is 50 below but plays out there for awhile when it's warmer.

She goes to the groomer every Thursday and I keep her in a puppy cut but even then, she still gets the occasional mat. It surprises me how fast these little darlings can get matted. But, I keep her shorter because I don't like her tracking in stuff from outside.

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Tito is blowing coat and does not appreciate getting combed out, especially in the beginning. I put the combs/brushes/conditioner out on the bed and just leave it there, while he ducks away in his crate. After a few minutes he will come out to see what is going on, then I get a hold of him and start doing the grooming. If I just chase after him its no good bc it builds up into this whole ordeal when it doesnt have to. I give him some treats while I am doing it, but when I have to get into the nasty big mats is generally he tries to wiggle away and leave me. You have to keep going and you can't let them get away otherwise they learn they can do that. I am eagerly looking forward to trimming him down to help with this. Carmen's hair is about 1.5 inches and she is a breeze, but she can still get some doozy mats around her face (where they face fight). IF you have the patience, try to keep the longer coat, or you can give them a nice short puppy trim for now and try to grow it out again when this phase is over. Thats my plan for now.

Peeing inside - I dont think your pup will do this, but if it happens be sure to scold and remind its outside potty not inside! It should be ok. Carmen loves snow and has no problem peeing/pottying in it. She would rather be outside playing in it than in the house.

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