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Question Adding a large dog

Right now we have 2 small dogs. A Hav who is 15 months old and a Mini Poodle who is 8 months old.

I am allergic to most dogs, so we are still researching/investigating, but my boyfriend (and I) would love a larger dog. We've been researching the Vizsla breed and have heard that since they don't have an undercoat they don't tend to bother people with allergies. We'll see...there is a breeder about 2 hours from here and we are going to visit on October 4th to play with them and see how I handle and react to the dogs! question is: My Hav always barks and is intimidated by large dogs.

Does anyone have experience in adding a larger dog (max 65 lbs) to the family while already having small dogs?

Will the small dogs be frightened or will they learn to love the bigger one ass he will be kinda tiny when we first bring him home?

We'd love to get one if my allergies arn't bothered but my next priority is keeping my 2 babies that we already have happy!!

Thanks for any advice!

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The Vizsla is a beutiful dog! I think you will find there are people who have larger dogs with Havs. Personally my two Havs love big dogs. They actually prefer running and jumping all over big dogs rather than small dogs. They really get excited. I have no idea why, but I suspect it's because I socialized them quite a bit at an early age at the park which contained lots of big and small dogs.

Keep in mind if you get a large dog as a puppy, well he won't be any bigger than your Havs and as he grows you dogs will get used to it.

Chances are if your parents never had won't either...
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What is your lifestyle like? Are you into running, canine agility, or other active daily sports? Vizlas need a lot of exercise daily and can get overweight easily. My friend had a vizla that didn't get the amount of exercise needed and it was a DISASTER! Honestly, I'm not really great friends with him anymore, so I don't know if he even kept the dog. It was not good. Also, how serious are you and your boyfriend and whose dog will this "ultimately" be? I got a cat with my boyfriend from a rescue and I loved that cat dearly, but when we broke up the boyfriend got the cat. It was heartbreaking to me. I thought I was going to marry this man, and well, ahem, he's a Catholic priest now. Yes, I was the last one to date him... So, sorry I"m sort of being a bubble burster, but I just wanted to throw out these "concerns."
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Right now... I am in grad school full time so I have plenty of time during the day to take care of a new puppy. Also, we currently goto the dog park at least 3 times a week, but would go more with a larger dog! I also enjoy running or other active activities. We have read that they can become destructive if they do not have enough exercise, so we are well aware of this problem! If are are not active enough right now, we will adjust our schedule for the new dog!

Me and my boyfriend are pretty serious. We've been living together a year or so. Marriage is in our future but I am in school and he is working but also taking classes to get is bachelors to get a higher salary at his current job. He does not want to get married until he is financially secure, so it'll happen in a few years. But, in any case....if things ever went sour, it would be his dog. I may miss it, but the 2 little ones are "my" dogs. They would all be our dogs, however.

We've thought of all thought of all those possible scenarios. We also have taken both of our dogs through Pet Smart's Puppy and Intermediate training classes, and would do the same with the new dog.

Also, Daniel, we would be getting to dogs as a yes the dog would be small at first and grow up around the little ones.

I've seen many large and small dogs as best friends, but I didn't know what the "order" was...if it worked best having the larger dog first, etc.
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Okay, just one more thing...and then I will totally stop the bubble bursting. I had a great dane until he died last year, RIP Otto. Supposedly they are not heavy shedders and they too do not have an undercoat. Here is a description off
The smooth short-haired coat is easy to groom. Comb and brush with a firm bristle brush and dry shampoo when necessary. Bathing this giant is a major chore, so it pays to avoid the need by daily grooming. The nails must be kept trimmed. This breed is an average shedder.
sounds pretty similar to the info on the Vizsla's coat-
This smooth, short-haired coat is easy to keep in peak condition. Brush with a firm bristle brush, and dry shampoo occasionally. Bathe with mild soap only when necessary. The nails should be kept trimmed. These dogs are average shedders.
All I have to say is that my dane's coat shed like crazy!!!!!! My dane has been gone since January and I still find his little black hairs in the dryer lint trap, upstairs, and he NEVER went upstairs. My son is allergic to dogs and so is my brother and the dane drove him nuts, so I would definitely spend time with a vizsla in an enclosed area, like a house, and see how you do because my son and brother were miserable. Obviously, we didn't know that our son was allergic when we got the puppy, and we made a lot of excuses because we all loved our dog. Now that we only have Posh our son's allergies have totally cleared up and although he is sad because he really really loves dogs, we all know that we just won't ever go down the "shedding dog" road again.
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I would also be cautious and really look into personalities. I have Isabelle the maltese who is 5lbs and Dash was the same size as her when he came home in June. He is pretty high energy and Belle isn't one to back down and he can easily launch her when they are wrestling. Every once in awhile he flies thru the yard on to Belle and I could see just how easily a big dog could hurt or kill a little dog as he is only double her size. I would think you would almost always have to have them separated and I just don't think I would personally want to live like that.

I have a few friends who raise Vizlsas and they are gorgeous and very smart. And they are extremely high energy. They are natural hunters and something to always take into consideration when you have a toy dog. It is a breed, I think I would enjoy owning but I think the day to day commitment would be too much and if I was willing to do it, we would have a BC at our house

Dora, Dasher, & Belle's Mommy

Thinking of adding a Neezer, check out this thread!
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Also, if you are seriously considering a Vizsla, make sure you talk to a variety of breeders or get on one of their forums/mailing lists to get more information than just one person has. That will give you a more rounded idea of the general disposition of the breed. One of my girlfriends raises, shows & breeds them also and she also has Dobes. Both breeds are very, very active and she is a huge fitness person herself.

As for the general idea of having a bigger dog, great! I think Havanese are such wonderful dogs and get along well with so many other breeds easily. The only problem to consider is on the other end - the bigger dog and how they react.

Some of you may remember Atwood, the littermate to Shamouti & Mousse. He has a bigger "brother", who is an Anatolian Shepherd. Here are some pictures of the two of them together:

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Oh those pics are soo stinkin cute. Love the last one. My mom and dad have a 60 pound german short haired pointer and his best friend is Jillee. They play so well together. It is soo cute to watch them. Jillee was around him when she was a puppy so she grew up with him. I would just make sure you look at other breeders as well. When I was looking into havanese I went and looked at several breeders and am really glad that I did. Good luck!!!

~~Mommy"s Little Angel~~
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Older big dog with havanese puppy

I know of several people who had an older and calmer big dog with havanese puppies. The havanese grew to love and respect the older calmer dog. I would want to be absolutely sure that a rambunctious bigger puppy wouldn't hurt the smaller older dogs.

I know that my dogs growl at big puppies but not big dogs. I think they are warning them not to jump on them. Some puppies listen, some have jumped on them to my dogs incredible piercing scream. Didn't like it.

Riki also has an older lab that he plays with. Duke is a very big dog but very gentle with Riki. We watched them like hawks when Riki was smaller. Now they are fast friends...but Riki was the younger dog.

I know this is a big decision. I know that lots of guys like big dogs too. You will have to trust your intuition on it...just like a mom with her own kids when someone new comes into the home...

Deep in your heart you know what is best for you and your matter which way you decide to go. I wish you all the best.

I didn't just get havanese, I got a lifestyle!
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Kimberly, that last photo was a calendar potential

I so love that last photo of the white havvie with the bigger dog. Very sweet.

I didn't just get havanese, I got a lifestyle!
Loving Havanese since 2003
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