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Discipline methods...

Ok...we're having a problem keeping Miley off the table. She hops up on a chair and then onto the table. We thought it was funny the first time. That was our first mistake. And now we can't keep her off the chairs! What discipline methods have you used for a dog that won't listen? She is 9 months old. Previously, if she gets into something, we just "fix" it so she can't get into it anymore. For example, she was getting into the trash can, so we bought a different trash can that she can't get into. Well, we can't get rid of our dining room chairs. She has to learn good vs. bad behavior at some point. DH says to put her outside in the fenced in yard if she gets on the chairs. But I'm not sure she'll put 2 & 2 together to figure out that's a punishment. Someone at work suggested spraying her with a water bottle. Not sure if that would be effective, as she LOVES to run through the sprinklers! It might just be a game for her. Any ideas you have for me would be great. I want to discipline her without being cruel, just not sure what will get through to her....

Renee, Miley, & Copper too!

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I think you use the squirt bottle!!! In fact, squirt the bad one in the face when they don't push their chair back under the table <BG>

While I think my first recommendation will work, I would not encourage it and use off and just take her off and use a word for it "off."

Dora, Dasher, & Belle's Mommy

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Could you try to put tin foil on the chairs? Maybe the loud sound of her landing on the tin foil would stop her?


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Even though Miley likes sprinklers (so does Saydee) you might be surprised at how effective a good squirt bottle is. Set it so it shoots as far as possible, the opposite of mist. We had a problem with Saydee jumping up on the leather couch and it only took maybe 10 times of a clandestine squirt and a firm "OFF!" for her to get the message. We keep the bottle on the coffee table so we can grab it whenever the need arises. We also use it for when she tries to jump up on guests. I like to sneak the bottle out so she doesn't even know where the squirt came from. I think the combination of the "OFF!" command (or whatever word you've chosen) and the wet squirt really gets her attention.

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Since Miley likes the sprinkler, I agree that spraying him with a bottle might be a reward instead of punishment.

I'm sure Miley dog could be different, but with all of the dogs I've had, a stern facial expression, verbal "Off!" and putting them down at the same time has been quickly effective. Then, after a few times of doing that, if I'm not close by and they try it again, ("maybe it's only when Moms standing here that I'm not allowed..") I'll clap my hands once real loud at the same time I say "Off!" They have never given me much trouble with this, and it's only taken a few times to have it stopped.
Good luck.

Sheri and Tucker
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To funny!! Logan thinks the water bottle is a fun game & tries to catch the spray with his mouth! The tin foil might work, it does for cats on couches! You have to crinkle it enough so that when they touch it, it makes a noise. I just taught my guys "down" of course they dont always listen when greeting me, but if I say down in a stern voice, they do not get up.

Lily, Lexi ,Logan, Laila & Lizzie's Mom
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Kubrick learned Off at a young age. I don't like having his flossies and bully sticks on the couch (he's allowed up there all he wants but no chew treats and/or food) so I taught him off early. I used positive reinforcement with him so every time I would say off (and make sure he got off) we would have a mini party on the floor and/or he would get a treat. Now I can just say off and he runs off no problem. I always make sure to say "good dog" afterwards, to reinforce his good behavior. It has worked really well for him.

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Renee, you need to train yourself to train your dog. You're the alpha, not the dog. Read this website and live it and I promise you'll see good results. http://www.pets.ca/articles/article-dog_nilf.htm
There's nothing wrong with using a squirt bottle. Just don't put vinegar in it like some do. A dog can move so quickly that you could hit them right in the eye with it.

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The squirt bottle didn't work with Roxie (she kind of liked it), but it seems to with many dogs, so we used a shaker can (one firm shake usually does it) coupled with a stern "off" and removing her... soon she learned to get off with just the word. Now she just stays off. The shaker can is just a tool to get her attention when the desire to misbehave is so strong that she's not listening. It's not meant to be a punishment (although she does hate it).

I've seen Victoria Stillwell (on that show "It's Me or the Dog") put things that will make noise when the dog jumps on it to teach them it isn't allowed too.

~Ann and Roxie
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The noise thing and squirt bottles are both good ideas. Distracting them from their purpose is the goal. However, the "off" command should be used when you catch her in the act. Projecting your authority (alpha) firmly but calmly with this command will let her know it's not appropriate behavior. Now with Sophie, if I see her eyeing something on the coffee table, a firm uh-uh-uh will keep her from following through. Unfortunateley, with two teens stuff gets left all over the house that looks interesting to her; so I also have to train the kids.

Unconditional love!
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