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does your hav.........

my DH always tells me to post the funny things our dog does to see if anyone else experiences the same. our django always stretches on you. he stretches his legs until they are on you, your arm, your hand, your leg, etc. he also buries his rawhide bones throughout the house, don't watch him in the act! and when he's finished burying it, he stand 5 feet away and whines until you get up and find where he's hidden the bone! he does this 4-5x in a row. he also hides his head under a pillow when he sleeps.
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Benji and Lizzie's Mom
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Here are a few interesting things that my two do:

1. Benji loves to watch TV and though he is not as obssesed as before, he still asks me to turn it on for his viewing pleasure.

2. He smells my clothes after my bath to figure out if the clothes are for going out or home. If he smells "home wardrobe" he is relaxed, if it is my " going out wardrobe" he will be glued to me and mope.

3. He whines for his chew treats and then runs behind the sofa, and peeks to see if I have got the chew treats in my hand.

4. Benji sleeps with either his head on my pillow or buries his nose or head under my or DH's pillow.

5. Lizzie puts her nose to my foot or leg and wags her tail to get my attention and then she will lie on her back to ask me for belly rubs.

6. She will grunt and whine until the food, treat is given. She know the schedule for all the meal and treat times!

7. When she hears us come home, we HAVE to come into the house immediately. She will cry with excitiment until she sees us. Her tails wags like crazy and she has to roll on her back and lick our face once to say hello. This is her only time of licking us. She is not a licker at any other time!

Best, Poornima
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The 3 Amigos
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Every morning just as the sun has come up, Bogart will get out of my bed and go to the living room where he will jump onto the couch, then up onto the arm support part and just sit there for about an hour as the sun comes shining into my living room. He just looks out the window.

Whenever Bogart is bored and wants to play he will come up to me and just stand there and stare all the while making these funny grumbling sounds. If I jump up to grab him, he runs to the toy box and grabs one out and runs.

When I come home Bogart and Brando will jump up and down and go crazy until I pick each one up and let him lick me.

Brando loves to cuddle up next to me when sleeping during the night. If however he sleeps near my legs and I move my legs he will growl. If Bogart bothers him he will also growl. But if I use my hand and push him, he won't growl...not sure how he knows the difference when he's sleeping...

Every night after our last walk, as soon as we get in the door I keep them on the leash so I can wipe their paws with a damp cloth. I usually do Bogart's paws first then let him go. But as soon as I do Brando's, Bogart get's all antzy and just can't wait to jump on Brando. As soon as I finish with Brando and say OK, Bogart just leaps on him and they then do a 15min RLH moment which lasts until one of them goes for a drink of water.

Brando will go into my bedroom to the front of my cat's bed. There he'll go down on all his front 2 paws and starts barking at my cat. He can't seem to figure out why she then takes off and runs under the bed instead of playing with him.

Those are just some of the little things my guys do lol

Chances are if your parents never had won't either...
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Rico will

lick my nose when I am sleeping, once, very gently to wake me up if he has to go potty.

He watches TV, waiting for animals to appear. He knows, by the opening music on an ad, if there's a dog coming. He'll jump off the couch and wait for it to show then bark like crazy, until it goes away. I can't watch a western movie with him in the room because horses drive him nuts!!

Every morning we play catch. He waits by his toy box for me to get the ball and start the game.

He knows, if I have my handbag over my shoulder, I'm going out.

He knows when I pack a suitcase, it's a trip for a few days and he gets very clingy.


Rory aka Rico & Lucy's mom
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Castro's Momma
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* Will spend a few minutes stretching when he first gets up
* If he is being ignored, will do a sit/stay in front of me, grunt until I ask him what's wrong, then "speak" until I play with him
* Will jump into my bag whenever he sees me getting ready to go out
* If he needs to relieve himself in the middle of the night, will sit by my side of the bed and do a low moan to get me out of bed
* jumps high and often as soon as I walk into the door
* is my shadow every morning as I get dressed for work
* Will pull out all his toys from his box and bring each one to us until we play with him
*at night, before going to bed, he loves pouncing and playing hide & seek under the covers.

I love my boy!!!!
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Saydee does alot of the previously listed things too! Here's just a few more things that she does that make me smile daily:

* Once she's done actively chewing a toy, or RLH-ing outside, she'll seem to snap out of play mode, then charge me and do a full lick-down with bonus nose-nudges. She is like a momma monkey checking her baby for nits.

* Loves dryer sheets and always manages to find used ones, even though everyone in the family swears to putting them in the trash. If she's quiet for too long, she's probably in a corner shredding a dryer sheet.

* Like some of the other pups, she stretches across your lap to play with a toy. It's not enough to just play with the toy. She prefers to be sprawled across you when playing. Even if it means she's stretched across your neck while you are laying on your back in bed trying to watch Dog Whisperer. (Also, even the oldest, least interesting toy becomes immediatly irresistable if mom just holds one end of it while you chew.)

* Will climb on anything and always likes to be as high as she can get. Sits on the back of the couch, as if she's a queen, looking down upon her kingdom. Walk out of my office and come back and she's sitting on top of two large boxes, about 4 feet high. How does she get up there?

* Hates to take a shower with mom. She will scale my skin with her claws until she reaches my face. The only time she is calm in the shower is if she is sitting on top of my shoulder.

* Rests her warm fuzzy face on my foot when I'm at my desk. Of all the places on the floor, including 2 dog beds in my office, she will seek out my foot and warm it for me. If I'm not sitting down long enough she will still opt to sleep behind the trash can on the floor under my desk rather than use the nice fuzzy dog beds!

* Routinely leaves her tongue hanging out of her mouth when it's closed. Just a little tip of the pink tongue peeks out from her little muzzle.

* Laps up water from the shower track with a giant greedy tongue. The soapier the better. Delicious!

* Asks for a drink from the shower by fussing and scratching at the shower door. If you turn on the showerhead for a second, she happily climbs in, laps up a drink and seems fully satisfied.

* When I clean her eye-goops, she will bend her head from side to side in an effort to help me accomplish a thorough wipe-down.

* Will also hold out her paws to be dried when she's just been playing on the wet lawn. First the front two, then the back two, and because she's so willing, she gets to pick the order. If you don't dry them, she'll just sit and look at you like you must be the stupidest human being ever.

* Likes to sleep on your pillow with her body wrapped around your head and her chin resting on your forehead. Licks are optional.

* Never barks at anything and appears to be oblivious to strangers at the door, etc. But when mommy gets out the NV medallions, she growls a low grumbly bark, and constantly springs off the back of my legs until dinner is served.

* Organizes the bed blankets and sheets just the way she likes them. She'll shuffle around on the bed, go under the comforter and rifle around grumbling, and move the linens with her tiny teeth until she's got them just right.

* Watches TV just like Rico. When animals or children come on, her neck appears to stretch about 4 inches longer as she strains to see each movement on the TV.

* Wants to explore the inside of the dishwasher with a passion. Cannot stand it when you open and close the dishwasher for loading and will moan like a male cat. If you leave it open a bit she will work her nose into the door to get it to open all the way and proceed to lick clean any silverware she can reach.

* Sits anxiously, readjusting her little rump over and over, and backing up a hair into a new sit each and every time.

* Is afraid of going down stairs. She'll RLH up the stairs without even pausing on the landing. But ask her to go down and not even a 12" bully stick will convince her that it's a good idea. She'll sit there all day until you carry her down.

* Seems to know she's vulnerable when napping, so she'll often align herself with a wall or a piece of furniture and fall asleep half-leaning on it, belly up, just in case someone might be inclined to rub her belly.

I'm sure there's lots more but this could take all day...

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and Murphy & Gracie too!
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Scooter's nutty stuff...

*drinks the water from the shower door rail-gross!

*becomes trampoline dog whenever I've gone somewhere he can't go, even if it's just upstairs or downstairs for a few minutes without him.

*sniffs at your mouth, just in case you ate something he wasn't aware of!

*steals a napkin out of someone's lap almost every night at dinnertime.

*snuggles into our bed, on top of the down comforter but not on the silk duvet (mommy would die!), curls up into a ball and goes to sleep before being put into his crate for the night.

*will only play fetch with the toy HE chooses! Usually his Frankenstein who we call "Frankie".

Who knew we could ever love a doggie the way we love him?!?!

Ann-Scooter, Murphy, & Gracie's Mom
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oh, and he loves clean laundry right out of the dryer and DH robe after he showers. they are such funny dogs and glad they are in our lives!
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..When we go to bed, Kodi has to lay on my chest for about 10 mins and I have to rub his head. Then he will got to his spot between our pillows and go to sleep.

..When it's time to get up in the morning, Kodi will lick my eyes.

..Shelby does her happy dance when she wants attention.

Kodi & Shelby's Mom and Julian's Grandma
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and Murphy & Gracie too!
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Scooter prefers DIRTY laundry! Gross!!!

Ann-Scooter, Murphy, & Gracie's Mom
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