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Biscuit's mom
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Just checked in and read the amazing adventures of Cooper thread. Thrilled beyond words!!!!
But my reason for checking in was to quiz Karen and others re what it's like to add a Hav puppy to the fam. Biscuit is now 2 and I've had puppy fever for sometime. Today I encountered a N. Cal. breeder with a puppy I LOVE and am really tempted. . . . but, how much harder is it to start all over again?

Biscuit sleeps in a crate alone downstairs for up to 10 hrs at night (never in the day). So where would I put the 14 wk old pup~~in the crate with him? in his own crate?
How hard is it to integrate the toilet training with the existing dog? Will the older dog regress? (Biscuit is perfect, god forbid he regressses).

Will the older dog become jealous?
Will the puppy bond to us, or to Biscuit more?
What do you all think??? I want it to be fun, not frustrating. . .
Would you say it's twice as much work with two, or less, or more??????
Thanks for you input! Amy, Biscuit, and ?????

and HEATH-Y, TOO !
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Biscuit's mom
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I should also add that I would LOVE to get a rescue Hav, but it seems to be akin to winning the Lottery. And they are always so far away from N. California where I live. The 49 rescues were adorable, but does anyone here have an "in" to them or to the Havanese Rescue dogs??? I've never even heard back from Hav Rescue, after applying for adoption. ;-( Seems like the impossible dream. I've tried for at least 6 dogs and never even been close. . .

and HEATH-Y, TOO !
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Hi Amy!!
I was so happy to read your post!! How excicting for you. I think that you will find it much easier with a second Hav as you have experience, you know signals and what their needs are. Depending on how old the pup is, you might need to keep them in a crate with you at night, or the pup might connect with Biscuit so quickly that you could put the pup in his own crate next to Biscuit.
It will take Biscuit a little time to adjust but they will become fast friends.
All three of mine,love to be together, but when Mommy or Daddy enters he room, we are the favorites. I dont think you will need to worry about that at all.
Yes, two is more work - in the beginning, but later on it is the best thing ever!! You will make a perfect 2nd Hav Mommy!!! YOu already are a perfect 1 Hav Mommy!!!

Lily, Lexi ,Logan, Laila & Lizzie's Mom
(Gigi, Lucas, Dugan, Madeline,Reo,Alvin, Lucky, Lukey, Punch, Colby & Ben-(we will always Love you!!)
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PS - on the HRI question. Your application stays with HRI and is brought up every time there is a pup that might fit your criteria. I think that Dugan was an unusual circumstance, as you usually dont see puppies in Rescue (I was just LUCKY to foster him!!!) But there are some great adult pups if that is what you want.

Lily, Lexi ,Logan, Laila & Lizzie's Mom
(Gigi, Lucas, Dugan, Madeline,Reo,Alvin, Lucky, Lukey, Punch, Colby & Ben-(we will always Love you!!)
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Izzy, Doc, and Kai's mom
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Going through the puppy stage causes one to ask....why did I do this? LOL!! But, that being said, once you have them trained.....for us, it hasn't been harder at all. They entertain each other and us. It is harder to take them with you places, but we didn't do much of that anyway. I think dogs adjust to the lifestyle of the home. Ours can be great couch potatoes, that's why I wanted to get part of our yard fenced in so they could get some exercise.
Izzy accepted Doc without issue. He is bonded to me more than he is to her, but he is a boy. Izzy has always been GREAT at potty issues, Doc is another issue, but again, he is a boy! LOL! Izzy turned two on Wednesday, Doc is 14 months. They both sleep with us, but Doc is in the expen when we are gone. He ate our couch so can't be trusted.
It is really hard to say what your "issues" will be as each do is different. But, bottom line, it isn't "harder", maybe more time is needed for grooming, but the joy of two outweighs any negative issues.

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Welcome back. I think it is a lot easier IF, the first dog is fully trained. I think it becomes a lot more work if the first dog isn't potty trained, gets away with pulling all over on the leash, etc. As to the bonding. Dash LOVES the girls but he is a mommy's girl first. I think this comes down to how much individual time you interact with each dog though. I really try to do this all the time. Just the other day I went to a parade and took just Dash with me.

I will say with 3, there is some jealousy. Belle honestly gets jealous when Dora plays with Dash too much. They really don't play with all 3 of them. Dora and Belle never wrestled much. It took Dash coming into the household to get them to do this. But Belle will bark and bark and run and get Dasher's toys if she thinks he is having more fun with Dora. But I dont think the girls really get jealous of him nor each other with me. They will all try to get on my lap but I think they honestly just have more of a pack feel where if I go on the couch to watch tv, they all come with me! Okay they do get jealous of training time. I do try to work one dog at a time and put the other two in the pen- Dash barks non stop to get my attention, Belle paws at the pen or climbs it, Dora just jumps up and down. But to be hoenst, I want them to be jealous of each other at this time, because boy they have attention when they come out!

Good luck and I hope to see pics soon!

Dora, Dasher, & Belle's Mommy

Thinking of adding a Neezer, check out this thread!
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Amy, I can tell you that I will never be a one dog family again. After going from one dog, to five in three years, I can tell you that dogs are much happier having another dog around.

It is a lot more work in the beginning. Starting over and potty training, having to watch the puppy all the time, another to groom. But it is worth the extra work and most of the extra work is short lived. Believe me, hav puppies mature ALOT quicker than other breeds, i have had. Plus the older dogs teach them alot, it is amazing to watch.

I found that whenever I brought a new puppy home he would first bond with one of my other boys. But he soon would learn from them, that I was someone that they all wanted to be near and get attention from. Soon the puppy will be following you around and vieing for your attention, just like the rest.

I wouldn't use the same crate at first, let them get to know each other first, and make sure the puppy won't pee the crate, as that would not over well with Biscuit. But you could put their crate next to each other, once the puppy is sleeping all night.

Good luck, I promise you won't be sorry, but wonder why you didn't get another sooner. Be careful it could turn into a hav addiction.

Peace, Love & Havanese
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I agree with those above. It definitely is a lot of work. The second pup is always much more hyper than the first, because they have another dog to play with. My first was, and still is a gentle, quiet boy. Our little girl, Lucy, is a Tasmanian Devil dog!

You forget all the trouble potty training was, and then you have a new little pup, BAMM! But once the training is done, they are great for each other and lots of laughs. I am definitely glad we made the jump!

Rory aka Rico & Lucy's mom
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Hi Amy,
Well, Dugan is a little over 4 months now and has been with us for a month. There have been a few days where I thought, "what did I do?" and I think Brady thought the same thing. But, for the most part, having Dugan has been great! Brady is 2 1/2 and perfectly potty trained, etc. He has not had any regression issues. He had a little bit of a hard time with sharing (still does sometimes) but for the most part loves his little brother. I have to work with Brady again on leash training as I had let that slack a little, and Brady pulls. It doesn't make it easy to walk 2 when one is pulling at you. Fortunately, Dugan is perfect on the least (unless he decides to sit and take a break) so that helps. My DH and I usually walk them together. We put up a temporary fence area in the back yard so we can also just let him out to pee on his own. Brady sleeps in bed with us. Dugan sleeps in a crate next to me in bed. I have tried to let him sleep with us, but he seems to want to be in the crate. Dugan is almost perfect with house training (last time I said he was perfect, he had an accident, so I now say almost perfect). Laurie did a great job working with him, so the house training was easy. I think Brady also helped. We have 2 crates now in the den (next to eachother) where the boys stay when we are out. Brady wouldn't want to share his crate. At some point, I want to eliminate the crates completely, but we will wait a while. Brady loves to wrestle and play with Dugan, and I see them getting closer everyday. Brady still loves us just as much, and Dugan loves us too. I think he has bonded to all us equally, including Brady.

As for HRI, I applied many many times for dogs through them before Dugan worked out. I did go through the foster process so I had a homestudy and all done before Dugan came into the picture. I think this helped. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have gotten him if he wasn't with Laurie and I didn't get very persistent. I was a real pain to Laurie and HRI, but for good reason! I had applied to many rescues and without a fence, I wouldn't ever hear back from them. The temporary fencing seemed to help with HRI.

Amy, if you have any questions, feel free to PM me or let me know. It is a little more work and a little harder to take them places, but it is worth it!!

**Karen, Mom to Brady, Dugan, and Devon
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Suzy and Cazzie
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Are two more work than one? Definitely! Are two more fun than one! Definitely! I am almost 61 years old and I was asking myself, what did I get myself into, when we got Chelsie this summer. She was 5 months old. I am the main caregiver. She was not potty trained and loved to chew chew chew. She was shy and would stand hunched over when scared, not moving a muscle. She didn't know what a leash was. I had just gotten over the puppy stage with Cazzie. Honestly, I was tired and frustrated. There were times when I wanted to scream, and even thought about finding a new home for her. But she would look up at me with those big almond shaped eyes....
DH was smitten with her from the get go and said, oh we can't give her up, she's been through so much already (meaning she was mainly crated for her first few months and was very shy.)
So here we are almost 5 months later. Her potty training is going extremely well. She is growing up and getting mellow and not so shy. She and Cazzie play so well together and love each other, although he makes sure he maintains the upper hand. They give us so much love and laughter!
Then again, when they get me up at 3 in the morning for a potty run, and I have to get my shoes on and their halters on...(groan.) I can't take one out without taking the other!
All said, I think I was too old (LOL) to get another puppy, but now we're through the rough spots, we couldn't imagine being without her. It's like having two toddlers. But things get better!
Best wishes in your decision! (How can you resist those cute appealing faces saying, Please love me!)


Sweet Chelsie Coton
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