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How do you license tag/and or collar your Havanese?

My county has a licensing requirement and her tags arrived today. In the house she's not collared, and when I take her out she's in her Curli halter. Is there a set-up that works best for Havanese coats? And how many of you keep it on 24/7?
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Here she is required to wear her license when she is outdoors. Plus we have her rabies tag with her vet's information and her name tag and our numbers so 3 tags in all. Her harness at the time had large rings and it was a pain to attach the tags to it so we have her collar on with the tags attached whenever we go out but the leash is always attached to her harness.
We never keep her collar on indoors because she tries to chew on the tags.

Ron (and Colbie and Scarlett)
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I do almost the same as Ron. I put the same 3 tags on a collar, and use a separate no-pull harness for walking, which I remove when we're in the house. I do leave the collar and tags on him indoors, though. There have been sad cases of dogs escaping out the door or otherwise getting away with no ID tags on, and even if the dog is microchipped he or she is more likely to be returned if there's a phone number. I do take them off for bathing, grooming, and at bedtime.

Eileen and Benjamin
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I have three dogs. When I'm not home, I leave the sliding glass door open do they have access to the full fenced yard.

b/c I've heard so many horror stories of dogs with collars getting hung on up something or another dog, none of my dogs wear collars while at home. only when they walk out my front door. All are micro chipped.

a few yrs back, one of the fences, smack in the middle, one of the top nails came off, making a skinny V if you will. Back then my Cosmo (125 lbs mellow but big white dog), he showed interest in crossing the threshold. I scolded him and thought it was enough, and honestly, I didn't think he'd fit through. two days later, at 2:30pm while at work, I got a call from animal control, that a retired couple (backyard neighbors but not directly behind me), to their surprise found a big white dog, sitting on their backyard stoop.

So I sprung him from doggy jail (no collar), as they read my info off his microchip.

My 1/2 hav, Ollie is a certified therapy dog, and often comes to work with me. He wears a local ID tag (I don't work and live in the same city), which has the school name on it and my cell phone. He's pretty much the school mascot and almost all 650 students know him so if he did decide to take a stroll, I think most of the kids would know who he is, plus his silver sable coat and scruffy look is pretty unique.

anyway, I ramble...
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I see your point, Jacqueline. I only leave his collar on when I am at home with him, and we do not have a situation where he would have access to the outside when I am not home. Last summer one of my neighbors went to answer his door and his little white dog ran out, and was not wearing a collar. There were flyers all over the place, many people driving and walking around calling her name, for days and even weeks, but as far as I know he never found her. I can't even imagine the heartache. There may be some times when someone not too knowledgeable about dogs would find one with a tag and call the phone number, but not think to take her in to be scanned for microchip. Or of course the dog could be stolen or have some horrible accident, but as usual, everyone's situation is a bit different and we just have to use our best judgement about everything. I do know that dogs getting choked by their collar is a very real possibility, so it's important to keep an eye on him.

Eileen and Benjamin
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If I had a rescue who was new to me, or didn't have a secure "wait" and recall, I think i would consider keeping a collar on at all times. In Kodi's case, though, he has a very reliable recall, and wouldn't THINK of running out of the house without me releasing him to do so. So he doesn't wear a collar (or tags) in the house. He doesn't loose on our property either. We are far from the street, he is always supervised, and he is under reliable voice control, so there is no need.

When we are off our property, his leash is attached to a harness, and he wears a collar just to hold his tags. I had his ID tags printed with my cell phone number, so i can be reached even if we were to lose him while on vacation. He also wears an AKC "findr" tag, and AKC maintains a database including his vet's contack info and alternate people to call if I can't be reached.

One place that people don't always think about, and I think is VITALLY important is in the car. In an accident, there have been many cases of dogs thrown from cars, or otherwise getting loose. Even very well trained dogs sometimes panic and run if involved in an accident. And if the owner is unconcious, there may be no one who even knows the dog was in the car. So Kodi ALWAYS wears tags in the car.

I used to only use rolled leather buckle collars for Kodi's tags, as they seemed to cause the least matting, especially when he was blowing coat. Now that his coat is mature, it seems to tolerate the soft braided leather collars made by Stibbar with no problem. and these collars are So much prettier! . They also come in both buckle type AND a quick release snap version that's handy forf just quickly hanging tags around his neck.

Karen, Kodi, Pixel and Panda
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Thank you for posting this question. I am so guilty of not having tags on Lucy. She's micro chipped (twice in fact). I think I'll look into the quick release collars you mentioned, Karen. I've never thought about the car accident scenario.
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I only put their collars on when going outside of the house. I don't have their license or rabies tags on their collars. I keep their license in my purse but the rabies tags are at home. If I get stopped I will just have them talk to my vet

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yeah just make sure not to collar in a crate.

Dave and Molly
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My dogs don't wear collars in the house or secure garden. They always wear a collar in any public place, and in the car - they are both microchipped. In the UK it is illegal to have a dog in public who does not have identity, and illegal to walk them on public streets off leash, although plenty of people do - I think it's totally crazy; a squirrel crossing your path, or a car back-firing and your dog could so easily be killed hurtling across a road.

Dave, I agree about not wearing a collar in a crate, but what about Karen's very sensible caution about traveling in a car and possibly being involved in an accident? I suppose microchipping would eventually identify the dog….?
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collars , harnesses , tags

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