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Bones (again)

Hey guys, i know there is a couple of threads on this all ready but i guess they are a bit old by now.

Im a little worried about what bone to give milo. Here in holland ive never seen anything like antlers, himilayan chews or anything that you have all mentioned unfortunatley.

If i was to go into my butcher and ask for something for him what exactly should i ask for? And should i cook it? My breeder said she boiles meat on the bone for hours and then gives the bone to her dogs, she said it must be cooked but im seeing that some of you are saying it shouldnt be! Also i heard you should never give chicken bone raw or esp cooked! Im confused!

If this has any importance, milo is a big chewer!

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Carli & Milo
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Jen, Timmy and Mae
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Hi Carli,
I'm assuming you can order antlers and himalayan chews online? If so I'm sure others will chime in with good sources, I know Krandall orders her antlers online from an earlier post. I've given both of these to my two and they enjoy them. Recently Mae has also really been enjoying hooves. Be careful if Milo is a big chewer with antlers, I heard somewhere that they can break teeth on these. My guys aren't big chewers so I'm not too worried in this area. Have you tried Nylabones? There in one bone that is dark blue with nubbies and both Tim and Mae like that too. As for real bones, my guys get raw marrow bones. I get my bones from the pet store, they are venison and come frozen. I'm sure any beef marrow bone would work, mine are cut into about two inch pieces. I saw some at the grocery store the other day and was tempted to buy. I've heard that RAW chicken wings and necks are fine with dogs. I gave Tim a raw neck bone a while back and he loved it, he ate the whole thing. Cooked bones are a NO NO, any cooked bones. I'm not sure what your breeder did but I'd rather not risk the cons of feeding cooked bones with all the warnings I've heard.

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Lamb marrow bones are a great choice with smaller dogs. They're smaller 'cylinders' so the dogs have to work a lot harder to get the marrow out. I buy them frozen at a raw food pet store locally, and my boy gets one whenever I need to be away for an extended time. He sees me get one out and happily jumps into his pen in anticipation. Always raw, never cooked! Great for his teeth, too.
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Dave T
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yeah no cooking , here's an article

"Raw bones are the best thing you can provide for your dog's oral health, but some are more
problematic than others.
You can save quite a bit of money by buying bones from your local grocery store or butcher as
well. Turkey and chicken necks, chicken wings and leg quarters, beef, lamb and pork neck bones
or ribs, lamb and veal shanks and oxtails are all suitable options. These are more or less
consumable, depending on how aggressive of a chewer a dog is.
You can also give recreational bones that are not fully consumable, for example beef or sheep
knuckle bones, but please do not give the tube shaped or sliced middle parts, “marrow bones”
that have the knuckles already removed, like those sold at grocery stores:
The fact that these bones are weight bearing affects the texture of the bone, and the older the
source animal is, the longer and heavier the weight compressing the bone matrix. I'm sure you
have heard of this before when learning that broken bones in young humans and animals heal
much faster than in adults, so it's not exaggerated when I'm telling you that these center parts of
marrow bones are the hardest, most durable bones in the body.
Extremely hard bones like that wear down the teeth and can easily cause slab fractures. An
added problem with sliced, “o-shaped” marrow bones is that they can get stuck in the jaw very
easily. There are much better, safer options available, and the joint knuckles of these large bones
are a great example.
Even wild wolves and African wild dogs (two species who hunt and kill large prey animals) were
observed to only chew off the ends of these bones[1] - their teeth guarantee their survival and
broken ones put them at a disadvantage."
[1] Source: "Raw Meaty Bones Promote Health", Tom Lonsdale, DMV: pp 324 and 325

Dave and Molly
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Dana and John
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I just want to post a caveat about what just happened to us two days ago. It has my wife and I arguing (in a discussion context) about whether or not we will continue or somehow modify how we give bones. We (mostly I) decided to start feeding Gibbs raw chicken wings after reading the previous thread. I removed the skin, but otherwise left the drumlets or winglets whole.

Gibbs had no problem eating the bones, but two days started to choke. It was not so severe that he wasn't passing air, but we were headed to the car to take him it the vets (we are fortunate enough to have a reputable 24/7 emergency Vet less than a 5 minute drive).

Gibbs was finally able to cough up, the chicken that was lodged in his throat. There was no bone, but he tried to swallow I fibrous piece of chicken.

Please comment on what if anything we did wrong, and how to prevent a recurrence.


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My little guy has sheared two molars on hooves. he didn't quite have the hoof smack in the middle of the molar, so when he bit down, it sheared off vertically the enamel. usually you can see the some of the pulp in the molar. when this happens you usually need to pull the tooth.

when I eat buffalo wings (chicken wings, quickly deep fried then tossed in a sauce), I give the wing bones to all my dogs. Ollie has no issue with these bones. he's never choked either.

As a chef, I will say that not all bones, whether on the same animal or not, aren't created equal. some bones are much harder than others.

It's not just little dogs that can shear a molar, my big anatolian female cracked her molar vertically (also a shear fracture) on a bone of some sort. over the years, I've started to limit what chew items I give them. it's just hooves now, with an occasional chicken wing.

b/c you have a pup and he has his baby teeth, I would go with something other than a bone right now. that's me though.
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Ginger's Happy Owners
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So, in what category do the big beef rib bones belong? Are they OK or not?

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I don't give bones at all...they make me nervous. But that's just me.

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Thanks for all the advice, thats cleared it up for me! I saw bully sticks in the store today so i got them, man they stink! There will be no kisses for me after hes been chewing on one of those things thank you very much!

That is terrifiying about poor Gibbs and the chicken bone. Allough its said that chicken is ok, i personally just wouldnt go there, esp with the wing, the bones are just too small and this horrible scenario is just all too easy to happen. Ive heard alot of similar stories to yours so im too scared to give him chicken.

Debw, im going to look for some of those frozen ones, i would love for milo to run with excitement into his xpen lol!

Dave thanks for that great article, very useful!

Carli & Milo
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I see that some of you when leaving the house, leave a bone for them to be occupied on. I would love to leave something for milo also if he has to be alone, but im a bit nervous to do that.

Do you think leaving him with a bully stick is ok? I said earlier that hes a big chewer but he actually only likes to chew hands, hes never chewed anything else in the house. The bully stick seems to go soggy so i can imagine that it is unlikely to damage his teeth.

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Carli & Milo
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