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How my havanese saved me...

I was wondering if I should post this on "rescue" or here. I just wanted to share with all of you how much my havanese truly mean to me...and how they have saved me again and again.

The last few days at work were some of the hardest I have ever eperienced, our budget is cut due to the economy so we are low on staff...but also in the middle of our big .83 cent sale, which is a half off sale. You can imagine the number of customers and the frenzy that this kind of sale creates. I was yelled at, pulled in fifteen different directions, and just about ready to fall on the floor. And then I come home to happy lickies, jumping dogs, and more love than I could ever need.

I went back to work the next day and talked to several of my me advice how to weather this storm, to let things go, and just do my best. Another not so wonderful day, but easier as I let things go which is very hard for me to do. And then home again to my sweet, sweet dogs...a long walk to clear my head and then having them sleep on me giving me little kissies. And reading the forum and laughing at the photos and the lives we all live.

Next two days, inventory...fixing people's mistakes and being very focused while trying to direct customers to other employees in uniform. They know me and know what good service I provide, and prefer me! But I have work to do! LOL And leaving that day, I took the next three days rest.

First day off, sleeping mostly...with two dogs on me just loving me. Only up to take them for walks and read the forum, and to feed, of course.

Today is the next day, and I am feeling better. Playing with them, taking them for a long, long walk, watching them wrestle, laughing at them. Good grief, what would I do without them!

By the way, the in the middle of all of them, husband and daughter are back. But she goes to school all day and has activities at night, as does hubby. So mostly it is the dogs and me, and the cat too.

I tell them about my day, and they listen and make faces at me, sometimes licking their lips which in wolf talk means calm down. Daisy often jumps on my lap and licks my face, she has also licked tears as well. Riki knows that I like his antics so he does silly things to make me laugh.

I am never alone, in the bathroom Daisy jumps on my lap which is too much closeness! Riki follows her and stands at the door guarding us. They wait for me at the top of the stairs if I go out, as our living area is upstairs. Then run down the steps when I come in giving me kisses and love...which I try to hold off for a few minutes so they will calm down and makes me alpha.

So I am sitting on the computer with one dog lying on my left and the other on my couch. All I have to do is call their names and they come to me.

How my havs have saved me every single day. I am a post-menopausal woman at 52 with really big emotions even more now. Having this much love and affection gets me through the day, Los Angeles traffic, and an almost teenagers tantrums.

I suppose I could go on and on...losing two dear friends last year, having two other dear friends move out of the area, and my improv troop shutting its doors. And then the dogs are always there, hopping, rolling over, consistent in their silliness and their joy.

I have a havanese lifestyle. No matter what goes on outside our walls, inside is a home filled with joy and love.

How does your havanese save you?

I didn't just get havanese, I got a lifestyle!
Loving Havanese since 2003
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and Murphy & Gracie too!
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You've had a crazy few days! So nice to hear that the unconditional love you get from your little ones makes you feel better.

I'm in complete agreement with you! DH is traveling for work again, gone two weeks at a time which seems like a lifetime. Especially since I'm home with 3 kids! Scooter just wants food and love...and he doesn't talk back!!! LOL He's my snuggle buddy on the couch in the afternoon and when I want to play he's all for it. Makes me laugh every day without fail. What does he ask for in return? Food and belly rubs! It's certainly worth it to me!

Ann-Scooter, Murphy, & Gracie's Mom
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Your post makes me cry. I feel the same about Tucker. I don't know how I'd keep plugging along without him, his warm fuzzies, and his making me laugh.

Sheri, Tucker's Mom
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awww not as good as lickies...but I want to give you a hug too.

Missy, Jasper & Cash
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So True... these pups get you through just the most awful times. I normally am not in the "pits", even when I broke my upper arm last year,I still managed to get to Nationals., and have a great time (of what I remember thru the Percocet), but these last two week have been pretty bad here too, with my falling and ending up on crutches and in a knee brace, being sick the whole time, finally being diagnoses with Bronchitis today, and then my Brother in Laws Mom, one of the sweetest people, passed away with a funeral for her on Monday, and Tuesday a funeral for my sons old childhood friend (21 years old) who died of a heroin overdose!!!!!! So I come home, and I still get - all the lickies, and the kisses, and the three fighting for top position of Moms hand for pets, and squeeky toys thrown at me just so I can throw them back. And huggies when I cry for the poor mother who lost her son. They never go away these hairy, crazy, nutty, licky, sweet babies of mine!!
But,. no matter if I am having this bad week,. or just a
normal OK week - they are always here!!!!
Gotta luv em!!!!!

Lily, Lexi ,Logan, Laila & Lizzie's Mom
(Gigi, Lucas, Dugan, Madeline,Reo,Alvin, Lucky, Lukey, Punch, Colby & Ben-(we will always Love you!!)
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My Dogs Mom
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Oh Linda, I hear ya. We all may be nuts but is sure is a wonderful kind of nutty! I hope your week gets a lot better!

Vinny, Lulu, Gabby and Richie too!

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.
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And Laurie F...

How did you pull off that auction through all of this and raise so much money? You truly are a havanese hero!

May your days get better as well!

I didn't just get havanese, I got a lifestyle!
Loving Havanese since 2003
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I know what you mean-I have said a Thousand Times I could not envision my life without my three "kids".

I got Paige after looking for a dog for me & my mom-my dad had passed away the summer of 2005 and I became the sole caregiver of my mother who was starting in the last stages of Alzheimers. I found a nice lady who did Bichon Rescue and talked to her and she guided me to Paige. For the next two years Paige was my anchor in the storm-when mom would start her violent times I would grab Paige & head for the basement till the bad time would slow down. Then as mom slipped deeper into the end stages I would hold Paige as I cried. Rommy came along toward the end but he was still so unsure of people that I could not hold him like Paige-but at night each of them would cuddle with me while we tried to sleep. The last week both of them shared my air mattress beside moms hospital bed in the living room then in the family room so I could sleep a couple of hours before getting up to check on mom.

I owe my "kids" more than I could ever repay them.

Pat (humom to)
Miss Paige
Mr Roman
Ms Frannie
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If you need to see why I need to be saved, watch my video

I originally posted this one on the moaning with joy thread...but I thought I would share it here so you get an idea of why I need to be saved. This video is a total comedy of errors...Daisy won't do her usual moan for the video, Alana didn't do her homework so her dad is mad, Riki is chewing on her Webkins instead of his own toy (mouthing, not chewing), Alana want to talk about anything but the video I am trying to make...LOL

I didn't just get havanese, I got a lifestyle!
Loving Havanese since 2003
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Casper and Missy
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ok call me strange....but I believe those of us that have havanese dogs have been kissed by an angel They are with us for the gifts they bring us, comfort, love, joy and so much more....we are all very fortunate to have them.

I totally understand the comfort your dogs bring to you.
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