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Colleen and the boys
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Questions, Questions and More Questions

Ok, maybe some of these topics are somewhere else on the forum and if you don’t want to respond that is okay, I have a lot of curiosity and questions. Questions and answers….This is going to be a long one so either grab a cup of coffee or close this thread!

How did you become aware of the Havanese & prompt you to be an owner of these beautiful furbabies?

Even as a child I was always took strays home which got me into trouble many of times. As an adult I adopted rescue dogs throughout the years & even foster from time to time. So you don’t get bored with my whole life history I will jump ahead to 2004. Sparky, a little black, 7 ˝ lb mix dog was with me for 15 years and it was time to make that awful decision to let him go to Rainbow Bridge. He became blind, extreme anxiety when I wasn’t near, couldn’t walk, urinated on himself and in pain his last days.. I was wrong and selfish for I didn’t let go before he suffered. The weeks that followed were horrible, I cried so hard my cheeks were raw. Gosh I missed him and I didn’t think I could ever love another dog again. Coming home from work and not seeing him at the door. My family kept trying to get me to go to the animal shelter and I refused. A friend told me about where you can go online and search for the kind of dog/animal that you are looking for and it will match you with the animal of your criteria. The animals are listed on Petfinder by animal rescue leagues. For weeks I would sit there night after night looking at all the pictures of dogs and reading their info and I felt nothing. Months have passed since Sparky was gone and one day while I was looking at Petfinder I came across a picture of a dog and the weirdest feeling came over me. I felt as though this dog was speaking to me “come get me, come get me” I am sure some of you may think that I am nuts but it was an over whelming, powerful, strong feeling. The dog wasn’t even in Maryland where I live but several hours away in West Virginia. Hurriedly I filled out the application and wrote an email stating how his picture affected me. A lady from the shelter named Nancy called and we talked for 2 hours. That same weekend my daughter was getting married in PA and Nancy drove over a hundred miles to meet us in route to the wedding so I could meet Rags. We bonded immediately. The rest is history and I am rambling here, however, here is the picture I saw on Petfinders. of Rags.

The following weekend we traveled to West Virginia to get Rags and on the way home we stopped and visited with my cousin. We sat on the porch and Rags laid with his head resting on his paws and never moved, we tried bribing him with treats and there was no reaction. He was clearly miserable and so sad that I was wondering if I made a mistake. In the car he kept his head down on my lap, he wouldn’t even look out the window until we reached our neighborhood 3 hours later. Two streets away from our house he jumped up and his tail started wagging wildly and licking me and I swear he was smiling. When we pulled into our drive-way and I opened the car door he jumped out excitedly and ran twice around the parameter of the house and up the front stairs to the porch where he sat wagging his tail wildly as if he were saying “I am finally home.” I also felt as though Sparky was whispering in my ear “It’s okay mom, I sent you Rags to love”.

In the following three years there wasn’t one day that Rags didn’t make me laugh and you seldom saw me without him. Also three significant events transpired in those three years. Three of my grandchildren developed Asthma, a granddaughter, Abbie was attack by the family dog, a weinerminer.

The third event happened on a Saturday when all of a sudden Rags couldn’t walk and he cried out in pain. We rushed him to the vets and she thought maybe his lyme disease was acting up, which periodically caused him pain but she wasn’t sure so we rushed him to see a neurologist vet. The neurologist took x-rays and suspected degenerative disc disease and stated that possibly surgery could help Rags. First a MRI had to be done to confirm the neurologist suspicions. If he performed the surgery Rags would have to stay immobile for six months to heal properly. He would have to wear a cervical cone, lampshade collar, stay in a crate and daily enemas and catherizations to empty the bladder. The surgery would cost seven thousand, plus another three thousand for aftercare. He continued explaining that the surgery possible wouldn’t work & Rags could have more disc ruptures afterwards. Rags could also heal without surgery with prednisone, pain meds, and complete rest and would know within a week if he was healing on his own. The vet explained this was a common problem inLhasa Apsos We left the neurologist office confused, stunned and didn’t know what to do. We had agreed to wait and see if Rags got better in the next couple of days. On the way home we called another vet and asked if she could see Rags. After her examination she agreed with the neurologist and suggested to wait and see. However, I couldn’t stop thinking about the aftercare Rags would have to endure if he had the surgery. It would be horrible to be confined for six months in a crate, enemas and catherizations would be so cruel.

After we got home that day Rags insisted going outside to potty and in order for that to happen my husband had to place both of his arms under Rags belly to pick him up so his neck wouldn’t be jarred and then hold him that way while he peed. Rags weighed 30 lbs. and I couldn’t pick him up without jarring his neck so each morning hubby would get up early and take Rags to the vets who cared for him during the day and each night he would bring him back home. I felt horrible and useless for I couldn’t do anything to help. We bought a large crate and each night I would sleep with half of my body in the crate with Rags and tend to every need. It was the following Friday night when I couldn’t get Rags comfortable When I tried to adjust the pillow Rags cried out a horrible scream and bit me…he stopped before his teeth actually penetrated the skin. He was in a lot of constant pain and increasing the morphine didn’t help. We had to make our decision before morning. At 8 o’clock I called the vet and at 8:45 Rags crossed Rainbow Bridge. I still miss him dearly.
So what does all of this have to do with Havanese and how did I find out about them.?
Many moons after Rags had passed I started reading and searching the internet to learn about different breeds.. One day I put the following words into a search engine: small, good with children, intelligent, non shedding and under 20 lbs and that is how I found the Havanese …. They were so dang cute and everything I wanted in a dog. Researching breeders we finally found one we like in North Carolina. March, 2008 when the boys were six weeks old we traveled to NC and brought Simba and Bailey home. It has been an interesting year and I dearly love and cherish them….Rags and Sparky would have approved!

Where is everyone from?
I could go look at each person’s personal data but this is so much easier! I was born in Pittsburgh, PA and lived in Flint, (Grand Blanc) Michigan, Athens Ohio, Orlando Florida and currently outside of Baltimore, Maryland.

What do you feed your dog (s)?

Simba and Bailey turned one on Tuesday so we are currently switching from puppy to adult food. They are not so fond of “Taste of The Wild” so entertaining the idea of putting them on Raw however feeding two dogs raw would be costly.
How many animals, children or grandchildren do you have?

We have two Havanese, five children & 11 grandchildren which makes me sound old but I’m not!!

1st pic...rags after I had him for one week
2nd Abbie today
3rd The picture on Petfinder of Rags
4th When Abbie was attack
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Colleen, thanks for sharing your story. I'm so sorry to hear Sparky and Rags' story but at the same time, so glad you experienced their love. And I'm so glad you now have Simba and Bailey to share your love with. I hope your granddaughter recovered with no physical or emotional scars?

My story: My partner (Deb) was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in January '07, our dog of 10 years Gabby (my heart dog) died very suddenly 3 weeks later and then Deb lost her battle in October '07. After Gabby died we had researched different breeds - looking for a small, non-shedding, companion dog who was also hearty enough for playing and long walks. I liked the Coton & the Hav and Deb liked the Hav. After Deb died I also started spending hours on petfinder. I told everyone I would wait at least a year before I got a dog (or two). Within a few weeks I found Cody (a Coton) being fostered within a few miles of my house. He had already gone to 2 permanent homes and had just been returned the day I saw him. He came to live with me within a month of Deb's death. Within another couple of week I found Tess (my Hav) on petfinder. I wanted to adopt a Hav in honor of Deb. Tess was older (5 yrs) than I had planned on getting and a puppy mill breeder, but I knew she had to come here to live. So, I ended up with a Coton & a Hav. They have both been with me for a year now and have truly been lifesavers. They got me through the hard times, they make me get out every day, I've met tons of great people because of them (my forum friends at the top of that list) and remind me that no matter what, life is good.

I live in Royal Oak, Michigan and work for a bank headquartered in Flint.

Tess has terrible allergies and is very limited in the foods she can eat. They get frozen raw medallions in the am and then kibble (Tess eats Anergen by Wysong - based in Michigan and Cody eats Wellness) with canned food by Wysong. For the raw & canned I switch between lamb, venison & rabbit.

Jill - Tess & Cody's mom
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Colleen and the boys
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Jill, thank you for responding. I feel the hardest thing to endure in life is the death of a love one and so sorry you had to experience it and so glad to hear that the dogs helped you. When I was researching I also found the Cotton’s and was torn between the two but went with the Hav's. It made me smile to hear your dogs came from shelters and they are doing great. It is well known when you rescue a dog that they are your friend for life for they know that you save them. At times I feel really guilty for purchasing puppies instead of rescuing esp. when the commercials for homeless dogs come on TV.

Abbie has had one plastic surgery on her face with some success. For the first year you could spot the scars from across a room but now you need be closer to her to see them. Strangers constantly come up to us and ask what happened to her face and my heart breaks for instantlly Abbie will put her hand over her check and she is only three years old.

I love this saying!
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I am so sorry to hear about your losses and what happened to your granddaughter. And Jill, I am so sorry for your loss as well.

When I got Brady, I was looking for a small, non shedding dog. I decided I was wanted a dog and started harrassing my DH daily about it. He had a golden retriever with his ex-wife and as much as he loved the dog, he did not want the large paws and tons of fur. I finally got him to agree to a dog but it had to be small and non-shedding. My uncle has a papillion so I started looking at Papillion breeders online. My DH didn't want a papillion, but we couldn't find a breed that we agreed on. One of the sites I went to bred havanese also. I saw the picture and knew that was the breed I had to have. I did a seach online and found out more about the havanese. The more I read, the more I knew this was the right breed. I found a breeder in my area and called her. We spoke for over an hour and she invited me over to her house to meet her havanese (afterall, I had never met a havanese before). She was also expecting a litter of 1 puppy. We went to meet her the next week and her dogs. Brady was 3 days old and after meeting his mother and father and the rest of her group, we told her we had to have him. After 2 years, I finally talked my husband into hav #2, Dugan. Brady is now 2 1/2 and Dugan is 6 months.

We live in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I have been here my entire life. My family is still in the area as is my husband's family.

We have no children (other than the furkids). I have 2 cats (ragdolls) and now the 2 dogs.

I am in the process of switching the boys food to Canidae. I mix their food with boiled chicken. My boys are both great eaters and clean their bowls every meal.

Here is a picture of Brady when we first met him.
And a picture of Dugan from a little after he came home. He was from Havanese rescue and was 14 weeks when we got him, so I don't have any real small pictures of him.

**Karen, Mom to Brady, Dugan, and Devon

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Your stories brought tears to my eyes.

I am recently out of college and have been wanting a dog for years. I grew up in Alaska with lots of animals, something of a little hobby farm. We always had a couple dogs, a cat, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks, etc.

After high school and for the first few years of college, I had several major illnesses - first an extremely difficult bout of mental illness (only about a third of people with my condition get through it and become functional in life) and then, as soon as I started getting better from that, cancer and six months of chemo. My high school sweetheart was with me through all of it (we're married now), and he kept me going - but that entire 4 years or so of my life are just a nightmarish blur.

Although I finished college well and have a good job now, I've had a really hard time re-establishing my life. I'm extremely shy and I can't seem to get back in touch with the confident, high-achieving girl I was in high school. My hope is that a puppy will help me be more active and happy (just praising and encouraging all the time makes a person happier), and that by walking him and taking him to lessons I'll be able to make friends. It's always easier if the attention is on the cute fluffy puppy and you have a ready-made conversation starter. And I want a pet that will be able to sense my moods and help cheer me up when I need it.

So, when I get interested in something I tend to really dive into it and research every possible aspect. I started by going to the AKC website and reading about every single toy breed, then going to the breed sites for all the ones I liked. I had had my thoughts on Maltese to begin with, but when I read about the Havanese it was like someone had found my wish list and made a dog to order. Smart, sweet, active, happy, playful, cuddly - just everything I could possibly want. So I found what must have been the websites of every reputable breeder in Washington, picked one out and started corresponding with her.

I get to bring my little guy Meepo home the first week of February. I've been doing nothing but reading about how to best raise a puppy every day. I want to do agility for the fun and exercise, and do therapy work because when I was in the hospital a therapy dog came and it was the highlight of my time there. I want to be able to do that for others.

Right now I live in Kirkland, WA (near Seattle). I grew up in Alaska and went to college in Virginia.

I'm planning on feeding my puppy Nature's Logic, it's what the breeder is feeding and I read up on it and it sounds great. All-natural, grain-free, etc.

Right now I just have one cat, no kids, and a puppy on the way.

Thank you for starting this topic. I really appreciate being able to read your stories.
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and Murphy & Gracie too!
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Wow, life stories are so great to read. You've all been through so much and it's wonderful to hear how well things have turned out. Isn't it nice how these little balls of fur bring people together???

I'm a stay at home mom with 3 children and an amazing husband! 2002 and 2003 were tough years for us. One of my sisters had a miscarriage, we had to place my mother in hospice care and my other sister got engaged, that was the one good thing, all in late 2002. Early 2003 my ex-husband and I separated and then my mother passed away from Alzheimers. Felt like I was a plane ride away from appearing on Jerry Springer! To make a very long story short, my sister got married to a lovely man, my other sister that miscarried recovered well (she has two other children) and I met my DH in 2004. We were married in 2006, he's just incredible. He loves the kids as if they're his own and makes us all laugh every day! During all of this I was on and off meds for fibromyalgia and anxiety/depression. On Cymbalta now which has been life changing for me.

The kids had always begged for a dog but we really didn't have the time to devote to a puppy and both of our boys have asthma and allergies. DH grew up with dogs and was open to the idea but we didn't want to deal with shedding and wanted a small dog. I began to search for hypoallergenic dogs and came across the Havanese. There was a breeder about an hour and a half from us and I corresponded with her for a week or so before we decided to go "look". All 5 of us hopped in the car and off we went, 2 hours later I was writing a check and we were the proudest puppy family in town! A week and a half later I went, by myself because I couldn't wait anymore, and picked up Scooter. The kids were at school and DH at work so they were all thrilled when they got home! (DH knew I went, the kids didn't.) We were scheduled to pick him up a few days later on the weekend but I wanted to bring our baby home.

I'm still a stay at home mom but now I've got Scooter here with me during the day and he's the best thing ever! We all love this dog with all our hearts, even our families have fallen for him. DH's mom painted Scooter's portrait for us for Christmas and when I opened it I cried. I've been so blessed to have him and his family in my life, and the lives of the kids. Scooter will be a year old on March 9, also DH's birthday, and we're already talking about having a playmate for Scooter soon.

Colleen, thank you for starting this thread. Your granddaughter is beautiful and I pray that she recovers completely. Jill, funny how these little dogs get into our hearts and help us to heal. They are true companions and I believe they sense our feelings. I hope you're doing well. Breanna, God bless you girl! Little Meepo is going to make you laugh and wear you out!

I wish you all the best! I'm gonna go snuggle with my little Scooter!

Ann-Scooter, Murphy, & Gracie's Mom
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I encountered the Havanese by accident. I am very allergic to dogs. I've had times when in room with a lab, I find my airways constricting within 30 minutes. Obviously, I thought I could never have dogs. An ex-boyfriend had a yorkie and left her over my house for a weekend. I discovered that she didn't bother me much (as long as I didn't rub my eyes) and I thought that maybe I could get a dog.

Last summer, the weekend before July 4th, the Atlanta Humane Society rescued a bunch of puppy mill dogs in Tennessee. Many were yorkies. So I stood in line with who knows how many others trying to get one. The Atlanta Humane Society was not very organized and they did not screen people properly. They had fights breaking out in line and reports of people reselling these poor puppy mill dogs after the fact. Needless to say, I was unable to get one of the puppies.

That July 3rd, I was doing research on line and discovered the Havanese. I was attracted by the happy nature and intelligence. I emailed a few breeders in GA July 3rd and got some responses by July 4th and invites to come visit. Since I wasn't doing anything, I drove up to the Tennessee line and visited two breeders in GA. The first breeder had pups that were 6 weeks old and adorable. They spent time with me talking about the breed and letting me play with the puppies. I felt my allergies acting up, but I thought it was due to the German Sheppard they had running around. I went to the second breeder since they were 10 minutes away and unknowingly to me, they had puppies ready to go home. I fell in love with Cuba and took him with me.

Since I wasn't planning on getting a puppy, I had nothing. It was probably as tough for Cuba as it was for me the first few days. However, he was as sweet as ever and we made it through. Unfortunately, I seem to be more allergic to Cuba than I was to the Yorkie, but the allergy shots I started have definitely helped. This weekend I got Isabel from the same breeder. I wanted Cuba to have a playmate since I work full time. So far, so good.

I am from New Britain, CT. I went to school in Cambridge, MA and then went back to CT where I worked in Hartford for a few years. About 8 years ago I moved to Smyrna, GA for a new job. I live about 1.5 miles from Atlanta.

I feed Cuba EVO - both types. Isabel was on Purina Pro Plan at the breeders, but she likes climbing up and eating the EVO out of Cuba's bowl so I guess she will be eating that too. She seems to prefer it to her own food! Maybe because it's not hers it automatically tastes better :-)

I live alone with Cuba and Isabel. The main reason I didn't want Cuba by himself all day.
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I was sitting here drinking a cup of tea reading your story. Thanks so much for sharing. I loved hearing about how folks love and take care of their dogs. Your story was certainly touching and full of love. Thanks for sharing.

How did I come to have a Havanese? Long story. I had a dog named Trixie for 14 1/2 years. I loved her beyond words (I still tear up just thinking about her.) She was diagnosed with Leukemia and one morning in June 2003 we had to put her to sleep. My life seemed to end that day too.

That same year my husband and I went to Bolivia to do some missions work and EVERYWHERE you turn in Bolivia - there are dogs in the street. Oh, how hard it was to not take every one of them back on the plane with me. (I knew from the way my heart felt, that the Lord was telling me that my love of dogs would never die.)

In a few months I would start looking for dogs on Petfinder, mostly I was looking for another JRT, like Trixie. But I just couldn't bring myself to get one. I would also spend time in pet stores looking at the puppies, but never daring to touch one. There was one pet store that we'd visit from time to time, and one day the woman asked me if I wanted to pet a Havanese. I said, sure, what's a Havanese? I thought she was going to bring me a type of Guinea Pig or something! Well, she brought out this little white fluffy puppy and she was the first dog I held in a long time. She was a sweetheart. I still couldn't bring myself to have another dog and left that day without her (learning since then to stay away from pet stores!). Well, from that day on, I started researching the Havanese breed and I fell in LOVE!

I found this forum with all of these GREAT loving folks and found that there was a playdate happening in NJ where I live. Laurie, a wonderful person who posts on this forum, invited me to the playdate, even though I didn't have a dog yet. Well it was at that playdate that I knew I loved this breed as I fell in love with Lily her dog and saw the silly little clowns they can be in the likes of Kubrick and how beautiful they can be in the likes of little Bella, and Shelby, and Phoebe, and Javiar, to name just a few of the dogs there that day.

A few factors was weighing into my choice of dogs, do I have the time to raise a puppy, can I afford to buy a Havanese, etc. I was trying to be smart about this - I REALLY WANTED ONE! But the money...I don't know..., etc. Well, last April, I found a little brown dog on Petfinder that I thought I'd check out, so I started to fill out an application. (There were other's I would apply for, but kept getting turned down, because I worked.) I was about to leave for vacation to Niagara Falls, and in the middle of filling out an application, I heard a voice in my head say, No, don't apply for this dog. On Friday, when you get back from vacation, check Petfinder and you will find a Havanese in NJ with no issues. I said, Huh? Well, I'm a praying person and I knew that voice to be the Lord, so I waited. As soon as I got back, I looked on Petfinder, and there was Pawpins (now Buttons), a beautiful Havanese. I applied for her and out of many applications, her owner gave her to me. This woman, out of her own personal pain and life difficulties, gave me her dog.

Buttons has been the light of my life since coming here 8 months ago. My husband and I love this little dog sooooo much. I am sure that I will always have a Havanese in my life. We both are thinking about possibly getting another Havanese and other ways that we can be more involved with folks in the world of dogs. Possibly therapy dogs or agility, both of which nothing we know about, but we'll see where this brings us.

But I NOW definitely know what is meant by MLS - Multiple Havanese Syndrome. (I personally think it would be great to have a herd of these little dogs!)

Many blessings to you friends - thanks for listening!
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I read your story with tears also. The heartache of losing a long-time friend is unbearable. I lost my mother and my mother-in-law within a 1-year period and as painful as it was, the loss of my former fur-family was devastating. I had 3 Himalayan cats. Fortunately the lived fairly long lives but unfortunately I lost all three within 20 months, ages 16, 12 and 17-1/2. I always knew I wanted a puppy some day but wouldn't dream of bringing a young, rambuncious pup into this senior feline home. I lost my last kitty 10/31/08. I thought it would take me years before I could love or welcome another pet into the house. To relieve my aching heart, I started researching breeds online. Nothing will every replace my former precious loves but I hated the sadness I felt.

I knew I wanted a small breed, preferrably nonsheeding as I had 17-1/2 years of shedding Himmys, it had to get along well with children and other animals. The Havanse seems to fit the criteria of the type of dog we wanted. I could not have made a better choice. I can't speak with experience as I have only been a puppy mom for less than 2 months but I adore this pup and can't wait for another one.

I live in S. Carolina, just on the outskirts of Charlotte, NC.

I am so sorry for your loss. I hope the days ahead are much brighter.

Sharlene, Evye & Bentley's Mom (Taylor too)
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Colleen and the boys
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Tonight I grab my coffee and sat here reading everybody's stories and I love each and everyone. Isn't it amazing how we think our life is really the pits at times until we hear someone else's story and then we thank God for what we do have. Karen I love Dugan’s coloring and the picture is adorable. How did Brady do with a new brother?

Breanna, God Bless you girl and I know once you get a Havanese your life will continue to change for the good. Each and every time I take the boys somewhere I have people approach me wanting to know what breed they are and to pet them. I can’t wait to see Meepo grow up! Give us lots of pictures!

Ann, you sure were on a roller coaster and it had to be very hard to deal with your mom. Alzheimer’s is a nightmare and takes every single fiber in a person to cope with it. Your DH sounds like a winner…congrats! I also have been dealing with fibro for 3 years and my life changed drastically because of it. We could probably swap war stories and what it does to you. One thing that I find very interesting is a lot of nurses have been diagnosed with fibro. I was an ER and ICU nurse and they believe that one of the major components to developing fibro is stress which every RN lives daily with. Just one more reason to own a Havanese/dog they are so therapeutic for us.

Cuba and Isabel’s mom, Oh my gosh when you saw Cuba you literally picked him up and walked out the door! What a lucky dog! How is it going with Isabel? How is Cuba handling a new puppy? I hope your allergies don’t kick up even more with two dogs. Have you tried running an air cleaner in home for it would help with the air particles? Good luck to all three of you!

Patty, Reading your story gave me goose bumps it is so amazing!! Whoever created Pet Finder is surely working through the Lord, that site has brought so many animals and their current owners together! Yes, MHS is quite catching and Buttons wants a playmate!! I am finding the most beautiful, open people on this forum!

Sharlene, Talking about roller coasters you have been on one emotional ride yourself. So many love ones gone in such a short time had to be unbearable. So glad you have brighter days ahead of you with Evye. I also can’t wait to watch Evye grow up…his coloring reminds me so much of my Bailey.

Our furry little Havanese are just what the doctor ordered!!!

Rainbow Bridge
Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.
The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...

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