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Suzy and Cazzie
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A scare by a strange dog!

We were visiting friends yesterday, and my friend with her pomeranian mix and I, with Cazzie and Chelsie, went for a walk in her neighborhood. Just casually walking along, chatting, having a good time; I noticed some men working on a boat in their yard. Then began a series of events one two three, in a blink of an eye. Little girls in the house started shouting "puppies!" and all of a sudden we were surrounded by four little girls reaching out for our doggies. Now I love little girls, and had one myself, but these girls were undisciplined, grabbing for the dogs...Cazzie was excited, jumping and squirming, and Chels was terrified, trying to get away. My friend had scooped up her Pom. I was trying to control the pups and at the same time going to tell the girls not to touch dogs unless they asked first, for their safety and the dogs' safety, and had turned away slightly, with Chelsie bucking against her harness...when I sensed a large dog head at my thigh and looked down and all I could see was a pit bull-like head with yellow eyes. This head was at my right side, to my back. With my left hand I was pulling the leashes of my guys out so that they were at arm's length and I was screaming for the men in the boat...come get your dog! Come get your dog! For Pete's sake come get your dog! I actually said "for Pete's sake!" Where did that come from??? I am amazed something else didn't pop out!
Anyway, by this time I had made a great lunging scoop and came up with Caz and Chels (Chels had started growling, oh very helpful, Chels.) One of the men came then and grabbed the dog. "It's not my dog," he said to me, and then to the girls, "Who let the dog out." And they all went off and my friend and I went away without another word, I was trembling and shaking. She walked that street many times and never saw the dog before.

Now, I had always thought I had a plan for a stray dog's menacing approach. I would kick it in the chest or midsection or hit it in the head with my heavy flashlight (I didn't have my flashlight with me yesterday.) But this dog approached silently, from my back! I am sure thankful it didn't menace the pups, but just stood there looking at them. I wonder, what could I have done in this situation? It happened within seconds, it seemed.

Now I am going to get on a rant. I have heard, "Oh my pitbull is a darling and wouldn't hurt a flea," I would like to ask these people, "where do you suppose their heritage, genes and the name Pitbull comes from?" These dogs have been used since the Middle Ages for one thing...for tormenting and trying to kill bulls and bears in a pit for the entertainment of the people, both upper classes and low. Bets were wagered and the blood would flow. There is a potential deadly gene pool in every pit bull. Just like the collective genes of collies trained to herd and daschunds dig for gophers over the centuries.... OK, rant over. I am relieved and thankful all ended well.


Sweet Chelsie Coton
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I'm glad everything turned out okay Sue. I've been caught in situations like that also and was left very shook because like you, I thought I had a plan but it all happens so fast, the plan goes right out the window. The best I've done, is like you scooped up the dogs - can't say I came up with "For pete's sake" though!

Jill - Tess & Cody's mom
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It is a completely unnerving experience. I walk Bess several times per week to the park on the corner. The other day as I was chatting with a woman another dog came from nowhere to attack Bess. This was a Golden Retriever named Cinnamon. The owners did nothing to stop the attack. I reached down to grab the Golden's collar and pull him off Bess. Bess was completely unharmed physically. After I returned the Golden to his owners they unbelievably released him again a minute later and I had to intervene twice.
Obviously this is a case of clueless owners. They have not socialized their dog, they take no responsibility and have no control. SIGH!

It was as you say a silent attack. No time to think. I am amazed you said "for Pete's sake". I just kept yelling "no" at the Golden.

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I'm so sorry this happened to you. It is terrifying.

A year or so ago a friend was walking with me while I was taking Riki and Daisy for a walk. We took the same route week after week while our daughter's were in a dance class. All of a sudden two Pit Bulls came running towards us. I picked up Riki and Daisy and covered Riki's head with my arm so he wouldn't growl. I told my friend, do something. I went into a corner of someone's fence and we turned around and the dog's jumped up on our backs but for some strange reason they didn't attack. My friend said, what do you want me to say Linda? I'm scared too. Some miracle happened and the dogs ran off...

Right then a squad car came by and I told them that two pit bulls were running loose in the neighborhood. The officer told me to call animal control as she just got a call to pursue a robbery...gee thanks.

I've been told to carry pepper spray. After reading your post, maybe we should all buy some.

I didn't just get havanese, I got a lifestyle!
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Biscuit's mom
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Good grief, Suzy, that is terrible. And Triona and Linda's experiences are , too. Linda, it's like something saved you!

We have a huge pitbull in our neighborhood and also a Doberman. They are almost always under control but one day the Dobie ran off the dog path across the street onto my large front porch and assumed a fighting stance and confronted me!! This was before I had my Havs. I slowly backed into my front door. I then screamed at the owner who was totally unaware, tending to another dog. I truly felt my life was in danger. . .

Last week my husband was walking Biscuit off leash and a standard poodle came up silently from behind B. and went for his back! DH got so mad at the owner. It's that silent attack that is really serious! We and our small dogs are truly vulnerable. . .

and HEATH-Y, TOO !
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and Murphy & Gracie too!
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That's why I haven't taken Scooter to any dog parks. I've searched for them online but the ones around here had some reviews posted that scared me. One said people let large and small dogs mix and owners weren't paying attention, another just had reviews stating it was dirty and muddy. Not worth the risk to me. We just play in the backyard and walk our neighborhood. Some people let their dogs out the door and don't watch them but we haven't had a scare yet.

Having pepper spray is probably a good idea though.

Ann-Scooter, Murphy, & Gracie's Mom
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Gosh Suzie, that's terrifying. Glad it didn't turn out with a bad ending. A friend of ours was walking their Llaso Apso. Their next door neighbor's pitbull slipped out the front door when someone opened it, and immediately attacked the Llaso. Another neighbor came to the rescue and stopped the attack. The Llaso had severe wounds to the neck and almost died. Luckily, she survived. The attack was completely unprovoked.

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Yikes- that is so scary and I think it is more unnerving when you have more than one you can't just scoop up nearly as fast as like your friend was able to. You know it isnt usually the pitbulls that scare me to be honest. I have been lucky in obedience and agility to be around a lot of well behaved good pitbulls. It is usually the high prey and hunting dogs that I am very leary to have my dogs near. Sight hounds usually watch my little ones like a hawk and it is that instinct that can totally kick in on even the best of trained dogs that scares me. Although, a pit bull is the only dog that has ever actually gotten a hold of one of my dogs. We were at Runyon Canyon park (giant canyons where dogs are allowed but offleash- where Ceasar runs dogs) and I think I shared a guy came into the park with his dog on lead acting crazy and Belle was just walking by and the dog reached her (bet the guy wasn't paying attention and he was acting crazy transferring that down the leash) and just got a hold of her and thank goodness the guy was yanking and the dog was crazy and got Belle by the hair. She went flying and was scared afterwards. Probably not as scared and upset I was.

You know if people are approaching your dog and you don't like it, even kids get out of there. My husband taught me something and I have used it once or twice. We were in a rush and kids came up and Jim didn't like how they were interacting. Jim said "no bite Belle" and people left the dogs alone. It probably helped that Belle loves strangers and was jumping and looking out of control. I think in a situation with the kids, it might be something you want to use. While it is great to have a good experience and to help teach the kids a better way to interact with dogs but if it becomes a bad situation for your dogs, might be something to get yourself out of there. Also teaching those kids not all dogs are good to do that too. Dog bites can quickly happen from situations like that where the dog feels cornered and out of control and add that to dog sneaking in from behind... yikes!


Dora, Dasher, & Belle's Mommy

Thinking of adding a Neezer, check out this thread!
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Gryff and Jinx Mommy
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Scary story. I'm glad it all turned out okay. My sister has a pit bull and she says that he is the sweetest dog she's ever had. I have seen very sweet pit bulls too, but I can't help but feel that they can turn on you at any moment. They scare me too.

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Amanda, that's a great idea with the "no bite Belle". I could definitely use that with Cody since he's always so excited to see people. He's even a little bigger than Belle so that would help too!

Jill - Tess & Cody's mom
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