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Very Uncomfortable at the Vet About the Bordatella Vaccine

I went to the vet a few days ago for Mochi's 2nd set of shots. Even without asking me what shots I wanted to get for Mochi, the vet automatically started taking out different vials and a needle. He was almost about to puncture one of the vials when I said WAIT, what shots are you administering for her today. He told me, parvo, distemper, and bordatella. I responded that I didn't want Mochi to get the bordatella shot. He then proceeded to pressure me and make me feel very uncomfortable. There was another technician in the room holding my puppy up ready for the shot, both of them are looking at me like I am the most ignorant, evil pet owner they have ever seen.

I explained that I only wanted her to get the core vaccines and he proceeded to lecture me about how the bordatella is a core vaccine and that it was very dangerous for me not to vaccinate her. He asked me about my sources and I told him the internet. I never felt so small before!

After 10 min. of grilling me I finally said, no matter what, I'm not giving her that shot today. However, I will consider what you told me. And then he wrote out a waiver statement on my data sheet and asked me to sign it basically saying that if she catches kennel cough, I won't hold him liable.

Now I know that no one is a vet on this forum, but please tell me, did I do the right thing??? Obviously if Mochi needs the bordatella shot, I would get it for her in a second. But I wanted to do minimal vaccinations and I'm pretty sure bordatella isn't a core vaccine?

But lastly, I am really upset with my experience with the vet. Either way, I didn't appreciate the way I was treated and how I just felt incredible pressure to do something I wasn't comfortable with.
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I think you did the right thing- you need to go with your gut and I am proud of you for standing up for Mochi!
When I get the Bordatella done on my puppies, it's done nasally (a liquid in the nose) instead of a shot. If you decide you want to get it done, you can always go back in a week or two and get it. That way if she has a reaction to any of the shots, you will better know which shot it was!

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I just spent a whole day with Jean Dodds, DVM yesterday and I don't understand why he said Bortadella was a "core" vaccine, because even though she doesn't say anything against it, the veterinary community doesn't list it as one of their core vaccines.

Bortadella is required almost everywhere if you are ever going to board Mochi, and many classes require it as well. I don't think you need to be especially concerned about this specific vaccine although there are many that should concern you. Bortadella is available by injection or nasal administering. Both are acceptable and work out just fine, although you will hear various schools of thought against one or the other.

Lastly, I prefer to get vaccines administered separately. Just in case the dog has a reaction, you can tell which vaccine was the cause. Small breeds are documented to to have an increased risk for adverse reactions, so you might as well space them out to document which one causes trouble, if it does at all.

As for your vet, I wouldn't support any business person who can't be professional and respectful.

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You go girl! I too believe in not over vaccinating our animals. I agree if the dog is not going to be in an environment that kennel cough may be an issue I would not give the dog a shot. I love Gizmo more than anything! I certainly would never make a decision that would in any way jeopardize his health. When I wasn't happy with the Dr's care of my children I had no problem finding another that was better. I would do the same for my dog!
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Good to be tough and sounds like you remembered you are Mochi's only voice. You just have to do your own research and find out what is right for you but definitely take in consideration your area and lifestyle. After my move, I recently had to take my maltese in for a dental procedure and I knew I would have trouble in my small town about finding a vet but I actually found one that listened to me and let me tell you how different that felt! He actually was quiet enough to listen (a lot just talk talk talk) when I brought up the issue of anesthesia and what I wanted, he originally told me there was going to be a surcharge but he would do it, when I picked her up he said it was nice to find someone that cares so much about animals as he has been having a lot of drop offs and he didn't charge me. He didn't beat me up over not vaccinating and he stopped the selling about pet foods when I told him I fed raw. While ideally I would prefer a good holistic vet, I do need one close to me so I was excited that this vet would even listen to me and he just reminded me if I change my mind and decide to add the shots later, they won't even charge me for an office visit

Before that the last vet visit with Dora's foxtails in her ear, I gave her rescue remedy when I just thought she was being itchy and upset, and I told the vet I gave her rescue remedy when she wouldn't calm down when we got to the office. And she said to me "so when your dog is hyper, you recreationally drug her?" Let me tell you how big I felt!!! Unfortunately it was an emergency but I would never go back there. She didn't know what rescue remedy was and she wouldn't even listen to me!

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You did good. I'd find another vet. Bordatella is Kennel Cough. It's sort fo like the common cold for us. If they get it, it lasts a couple of days and it's over with. Pam brought it home from a show weekend once years ago and it went through all our dogs.

If it is required for anything you do it's no big deal to get it.
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I would get another vet. He sounds like a jerk.Vets make huge money on vaccinations. I once heard like 40% of some practices are made on shots!
I do not do vaccines now that my youngest is over 2 years old. I test their blood and if their antibodies are low to something, I'll consider a booster. I also do single shots. My vet is very accommodating. He still thinks I'm nuts though Glad you didn't let him bully you!

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I think you did the right thing and if it were me, I would definitely find a different vet. I haven't done Bordatella, but if I needed to board my dogs I would have them vaccinated for it. The vet should be willing to listen to you and help you make an informed decision, not just tell you what they think you should do!

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I think you need to find another Vet who is willing to discuss. You may need to get Mochi bordatella if you plan on taking Mochi to classes, or board him or sometimes even groomers will require it. But the point is, I do expect my vet to have more info than me and encourage me to do what she/he believes is right... but it has to be a discussion. I found a different Vet right in the same practice who is much more receptive to a conversation.

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You did a great job of standing up for yourself and your puppy. You are not ignorant, but your vet is a bully and I would look for another one quick. Bordatella is not a core vaccine and having it doesn't necessarily prevent your dog from catching a kennel cough. I never give my guys bordatella, it's like a common cold you either get it or not. I think our dogs are really over vaccinated and have stopped giving my poodles their annual shots. Bugsy received his boosters a year ago and I am not going to give him his boosters either. We stop vaccinating our kids after a certain age and I believe the same applies to dogs. I only give the required rabies shots at this point. Has anyone else stopped giving annual vaccines?

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