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Gryff and Jinx Mommy
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pooping procedures

I was wondering what your dogs do to get ready to well...poop!

Gryff will start pacing around, then go more in circles. Then he gets into position. The position is sort of like a triangle. His back legs move up around his front legs so he looks like he is going to topple over. He usually does this several times until he is comfortable that he isn't going to lose his balance. I've never seen a dog go through so much trouble to get ready to poop.

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Oh my gosh, Ivy, you always crack me up Yep, Marble does that whole 2 minute getting into position ritual, too (unless he has to go really bad, and he'll squat and drop immediately)

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Sooo Smart
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LOL..more poop talk. Cicero will ring the bell and if he has to poop, he runs out the door. Walks if it's only to pee...so it's easy to know what his plans are. Once outside it takes him forever...it seems...to find the right spot. He doesn't like to pee and poop in the same area...and he likes to be behind a bush or at least taller grass (and thinks we can't see him). Once he finds his place...he still has to turn and turn and turn till he has the perfect leaf or twig to poop on. The word "hurry" must be a foreign language to him.

Cicero trained Dale & Ronnie
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Rey & Rigby
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What a great thread. As a Mom to a new pup I always wonder if my pup is normal or just as weird as I am. Glad to see he is normal by comparison. Rey does not pace in a circle or practice the stance over and over as much as spins. The first few times I thought he was chasing his tail and the stance was him dizzy, then whooops.....No.....outside with trail droppings to find our way back in (those were not breadcrumbs that I would want). Now I know the spin is not chasing the tail. I wonder if it's all breeds with the rame ritual?

Trisha M - Rey & Rigby's Mommie
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Ivy - too funny!!! Both of mine wait for our walks to poop (not smart on my part since that means I must walk them every morning & evening). Both have very distinct rituals. Tess starts walking very slowly, then, as she start to get in the position, wants to either walk out into the street or as high up on the lawn (usually in front of the people's picture window of course) to do her business. If I won't let her walk far enough off for her liking, she'll wait for the next house to try again.

Cody is a spinnin' pooper. He usually ends up leaving a circle of poop. He'll spin 5 times in one direction, then in the other. Once it start coming out he spins around to check it out, while he's still going. It's as if he's surprised it's coming out of him. And I swear Cody is ADHD. If something catches his eye while he's spinning he completely forgets what he was doing and we have to start the process all over again a few houses down.

When they're done they both try to dash off - as far as possible from the poop and me as if they want anything to do with it.

Jill - Tess & Cody's mom
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Milo has decided he only likes to pee or poo on the snow. Now that the snow's melting, we're having a problem. DH was shoveling remnants of snow last night to put in Milo's fenced in area. What we won't do for our babies!

Joyce and Milo with Brookie forever in our heartsMilo signature 001.JPG
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You described Dilly's routine too. And God forbid there is snow or ice on the ground, we are in for a long hunt for that perfect spot.
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Buttons is kind of OCD I think! If she has to go out - she'll come over to me or my husband and put her front legs on us and just give us "the look." Of course we kind of turn it into a little game and look at her and say, "What?" Then she may give a little yip (real quiet) and then sticks her tongue out at us, then we take her outside to "go." Sometimes if she seems really playful, a few seconds later she digs on my leg with her front paws REALLY fast. (Her digging is so gentle it's just too cute!) Then we run to the back door.

Once she gets into the yard she has a certain pattern she has to run. If the pattern gets disrupted (a bird or squirrel catches her attention), she has to go back to where she left off and continue the run. When there was snow out there and she couldn't run her pattern - she almost didn't know how to "go." I shoveled the snow in the yard to the pattern she runs and she was sooooo happy!

Then she'll go into the middle of the yard and get in position and do a little walk while she poops always careful not to get it on her! (Good Dog!)
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The 3 Amigos
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My guys will usually grab a newspaper and read the sports section....

Chances are if your parents never had kids...you won't either...
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I think Momo is shy. He does the circling thing...sniffs around...and if I look at him he just stops and pretend nothing is happening. He also likes to sniffs at it after he's done. That's an improvement from eating it.
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