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Needed to vent

It's been a week since this incident and I'm still really annoyed (fuming really) over what happened. Kubrick had the runs last week and was just not getting better no matter what I tried. When he started having blood in his stool (every time he went, which was like 8 times a day), I decided to take him to the vet. My regular vet was on vacation so I had to see another vet in the same practice. There are three vets in this practice and I have seen two of them (my regular vet and one other one when I needed to make an appointment later in the day). This third vet I had never seen before this visit. They asked me to take Hitchcock in as well as he had loose stools (no diarrhea though) just in case. So off I went by myself with two dogs - no easy feat when Hitchcock is just learning how to walk on a leash. First, they kept me waiting in the waiting room for 45 minutes. Okay, fine, no problem, they were busy. Finally, they're ready to see me.

The vet tech who was there is a complete sweetheart - I really like him - and he took Hitchcock first to put him on the table. I explain to the vet (when she walks in) that Kubrick is the one who's sick but I brought Hitchcock just in case. In either case, she decides to look at Hitchcock first. Now keep in mind that at this point I'd been there an hour, it was 5:30pm and I had skipped lunch so I wasn't really thinking straight. She asked me what food I was feeding the boys (even though it's on their chart) and I said Fromm's. First, she doesn't know what it is. Yeah. Great. The vet tech says the he knows and my regular vet knows what it is. She asks me to spell it.... yeah. So then she says "he's on puppy food then" and as I'm not thinking right, I say no, he's never been on puppy food. Oh my, BIG mistake! She looks at me like I'm KILLING Hitchcock and says that he just needs puppy food and what am I thinking, blah blah blah. So I tell her that I've done my research, I've read papers and articles and I believe that puppy food isn't necessary, and neither does my breeder. I add that she's not going to change my mind so I rather not discuss it. She huffs off and decides that it's time to evaluate Hitch. She seriously spends like 2 minutes checking his heartbeat and lungs - just LOOKING for something wrong. She takes her stethoscope off, looks at me and says that Hitchcock is "severely underweight." If I wasn't so shocked, I swear I would have laughed. I was so upset about her straight out LYING because she doesn't agree with what I feed my dog, I couldn't believe it. So I tell her that I find it really interesting that she only said he was underweight after I tell her that I'm not feeding puppy food. She tells me that he's obviously underweight by feeling his ribs. Now, I'm OBSESSIVE about checking the boys' ribs and I know for a fact that Hitch's ribs have been exactly the same (maybe even a little fuller) since I got him. So I point out to her that it's very odd that the other two vets in her practice that saw Hitchcock never said a word to me about him being underweight even though he'd just been examined less than 3 weeks before that date. So all of a sudden he's underweight??? Oh yeah, and just to make sure she plops him on the scale. He's 7.5lbs! Yes, that's right. My 4.5 month puppy is 7.5lbs, was 5.25lbs at 3 months and gained 0.75lbs in the last 3 weeks. Obviously, he's severely underweight.

I was so upset about her sitting there lying to me over a nutrition argument, I couldn't believe it. Oh and in case you guys don't believe me, I've had other dog owners look at Hitchcock (including Michelle, Guapo's mom) and they can't believe that vet would ever say that Hitch is underweight at all, even more so SEVERELY underweight. I've also complained to some people on here, but really wanted to put this out as I really believe that some vets will flat out lie to you to make you do what they believe is right, as wrong as that is. I really feel like complaining to my regular vet about her as she's new and he's the owner of the practice. I did complain to the vet tech - poor guy took the brunt of my venting - and pointed out to him that Kubrick has been on adult food since he was 4 months old with no negative side effects - he's 15lbs for cripe's sake!

Just wanted to add too that she asks me if I give him human food (because obviously I feed my dogs from the table as I don't feed puppy food) and I tell her that the only treats they get is beef jerky at which point she looks at me and says in a demeaning tone "JERKY?" and I reply, yes, jerky that I make at home. I dehydrate london broil beef myself so I know exactly what goes into it. I also give them boiled chicken and sometimes cheese. She didn't say anything after that but the vet tech says "Yum, I wish I were your dogs," LOL!

Oh and Kubrick is 100% fine now - she gave him flagyl, so I think it was some sort of bacteria that didn't show up in his fecal test.

I think I'm done now... thanks for letting me vent!

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Ohhh, she needs a on the head!
I personally would mention to your regular vet this incident.


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and Murphy & Gracie too!
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Wow! That's distressing, can't believe she'd behave like that just because you don't feed them what she wants you to! If our vets only knew how much everyone on here cares for their dogs, I worry more about what the dogs eat than I worry about the kids anymore!

Sorry you had to go through that and I would definitely tell your vet what happened. That's unprofessional and I don't think he'd be happy to hear that she treated you that way.

For what it's worth...I think you're a WONDERFUL doggie Mommy!

Ann-Scooter, Murphy, & Gracie's Mom
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I would talk to your regular vet about that. She sounds very out of line. I know my vet doesn't agree with everything I do with my dogs, but they recognize they are my dogs and it is my decision how to raise them.

**Karen, Mom to Brady, Dugan, and Devon
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Lina, Did she suggest you feed Science Diet Puppy?? lol


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Lina- I would be pretty annoyed too especially when you think of how much you paid that day for that opinion! I have a new vet here who might not see eye to eye with me on everything, he at least doesn't try to make me feel like a bad doggy mom. He always just says well if you change your mind we sell science diet out front. He was also nice enough when I wanted specific anesthesia for Belle, he liked that I took the effort and didn't charge me extra and let me pick her up asap if I would watch her like a hawk. He is also nice enough to only charge one office visit each year, if you want to bring your dog back for a follow up check up, it is free of charge I love that!!!

Maybe your vet needs to see Dash then Hitch would be obese- hehe! My little guy burns everything off loving life a little too much. At his last vet visit, he dropped in weight and I told the vet we started formal agility lessons and the only he said was to let's make sure to do a stool sample. He said healthy dogs eat. Dash eats with vigor but then again he does everything with enthusiasm.

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Carolina, that's absolutely ridiculous! I'd definitely be complaining to my regular vet. By the way, Cricket has been on Fromm (Chicken ala Veg) since she came home at 9 weeks, and she's a very healthy 14 pounds.

Kim, Santos & Brew
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Zeus and Riley's Mom
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She acted unprofessional and you definately need to relay this incident to your regular vet!

Jean, Riley and Zeus!
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oh Lina, I am sorry. I hate it when I have to see another vet in the practice. they all have different opinions. But this woman seems absolutely rude. I would mention it to the owner of the practice. I would be fuming too. I am glad that Kubrick is fine. Did Hitch have to go on Flagyl too?

Missy, Jasper & Cash
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Wow, I'm pissed off now too! Definitely talk to your regular vet.

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