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Colleen and the boys
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Question If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck....

Ok, never thinking I could love another dog, I found myself researching all the different breeds for I could not stand being without one. What I wanted was a small, sturdy, intelligent, loves kids, easily trains and it had to be a non- shedding dog for my grandchildren have allergies out of the wazoo. Simple me, did not want one dog, but two puppies raise together. After months of web searching, I decided on the Havanese. They were the perfect dog!!! Let me quote “The breed’s non-shedding coat makes it suitable for allergy sufferers, but regular grooming is necessary to keep the coat in top condition.” OH boy, just what I want! However, none of the sites tells you, continuous, not stopping grooming, brushing, combing or you end up in Knot City! That their coats collect everything that it touches, including cut grass, mud, leaves, etc. and trust me, mine are so low to the ground they don’t get a little bit dirty, they bring in half of the back yard and that is only a five minute, hurry it up outing! Lord, you should see when we go to the park. I am waiting for a certified letter, from our town, requesting I refill all the dirt, the boys took home, in their nice shinny, perfect coats!!

After the boys turned four months, I start seeing hair everywhere they walked. Simple I, thinks they are only losing their puppy hair. Then low, behold I find this wonderful, Havanese forum web site, which I thank God I did and everyone states the Havanese do not shed, instead they blow their coats. They not only do it as puppies but twice a year, every year!!! In addition, they still lose their hair in between “blowing of the coats!”

Hmmm, interesting

This is what I have to say!! If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, smells like duck, and quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck. When balls of hair are blowing around on the floor like dust bunnies, hair all over my clothes (Simba coloring is white), in my food, on the furniture, in the car and this still happens after being brushed every, single day, I call this shedding!!!!
I wrote this with humor and a smile on my face! I love the boys and will brush them every day, for the next umpteen years! Their coats are beautiful. But, non-shedding??? Easy coats to manage!!! Come-on!!!
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While I agree that my cottony white havanese tends to attract more dirt than the others, all 3 of mine do not shed. Even when they blow their coats. I still have to brush the hair out of them. The only time if find stray hairs are when I find a clump that a fellow havanese has pulled out during an overly enthusiastic play session. Seriously. No shedding here. A bit of hair when I brush weekly.


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Zorro's Lady
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Not a duck?

This is an interesting thread to develop. It will be helpful learn about the various degrees of shedding and coat blowing that others have experienced. Zorro is my first Havanese and I've only had him 6 months, but he sheds very little and hasn't blown a coat yet. I can brush him pretty hard and get less hair off the brush than if I used it on my head. I don't see any of his hair on furniture and very little on his bedding (or mine). I wonder if climate and temperature changes play a role in degrees of shedding? We live in Texas and don't have very cold winters. I would certainly agree that the Havanese coat (at least when worn long) takes daily maintenance and avoidance of anything on the ground that will stick in their fur (like our dead winter grass, for example, lol). Zorro is definitely a velcro dog. Everything sticks to him (and he sticks to me). Here's Zorro (still shaved from a trip to the vet that he'd like to forget about) after a play date with my neighbor's dog.
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Lynne & Zorro (el Magnifico)
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Lincoln and Scout's Mom
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What I found is that once I got my 2nd Hav, then I saw way more hair on the floor. When they play, they rip each others' hair out - biting each other, rolling, chasing, etc.

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Colleen and the boys
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Oh my gosh, I am amazed! Simba and Bailey leave hair everywhere they go and it's not from pulling each others out. Does it have anything to do with their age? Now I am confused, for I know I read threads, where other Hav's hair is constantly shedding. They were even comparing pictures of what each one got out on a daily bases! Maybe I am in luck and this is just because their only a year old! That would make me very happy!!! Lynne, I could duplicate that picture with the boys! Zorro is a cutie and glad you did the sword fighting in the signature!!!
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Ever notice how the hair looks like miniature tumble weeds on the floor?
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Baloo's Mom
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Hi Colleen, glad you started this thread it is interesting indeed...I suspect that every Hav is different, but the only hair I have found around my house is on Baloo's brush, some days hardly any and other more.

I did not realize they blew their coat twice a year, from some of the information I have found I thought the "blowing coat" stage (changing his puppy coat into an adult coat) happened when they are around a year old.

I would be interested in seeing who's hav's have blown coat twice a year or not.

~ Angie ~
Mom to Baloo

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Sooo Smart
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Strange to me because we don't have any shedding and Cicero is just ending his first blowing coat that I have know of and he is 16 months old. We don't have hair on the floors, furniture, or clothes. He has a satin pillowcase over his crate liner and you never see hair on it. I have to brush the loose hair out and there was very very little of that till he started blowing coat. I truly feel he is non-shedding. I've also heard and thought they only blow coat twice in their life. We do call him Hoover a lot because he does bring in dead grass, leaves and twigs...but they usually brush out fairly easy.

Cicero trained Dale & Ronnie
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Colleen and the boys
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Renee, Yes, they do look like tumble weeds. Does yours shed all the time, I keep lint rollers in business!
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Tucker doesn't seem to shed, either. I brush him every day and get hair out of the bruch, but his hair doesn't show up on the couch, bed, or my clothing. Now, the cat!! Wow, she gets hair all over the place, and sometimes I think Tucker's coat even pick it up a bit.

Tucker also attracts thread, leaves, sticks, flower petals, stickers, bark....hence, the nifty little outdoor garment that I had made to fit him for when we head to the mountains this summer!

He may not be thrilled to wear it, but he's going to love being able to snuffle around the prairie dog town to his heart's content for the first time ever!

Sheri, Tucker's Mom

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