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Feeding Schedule/Eliminating Question

Hi All. Wondering if anyone out there has any set feeding schedules for their little Hav's. Radar will get fed at about 8:30 a.m. and then about maybe 1:30 in the afternoon and then at night at about maybe 7p.m. in the evening. Just wondering if there's anyone who has a schedule for feeding times that works for them. We haven't even had the little guy for a week yet but I want to find a proper schedule that allows him to eliminate properly at night. Also my Wife and I seem to have a secret pooper. Radar seems to like to poop in secret without us seeing him. He'll do it behind the end table when we aren't looking. I caught him one day in mid poop and clapped and then he seemed to get startled and stop and then the race to the litter was on. I got there so he could drop it in the litter box and then My Wife and I praised him and even left it in the litter box for a bit so the scent would be in there for him in there so he might go again but he went in private again. He won't go in the litter but will go pee in there on command which is great I just wish he would learn to go #2 in the litter as well then we can brag that we have a trained Hav in only a week.... I know that it'll take some time and am fully prepared to take the time to get him trained..... Just wanted to put the post out there to get some advice Y'know.

Thanks All.

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Well, I don't really believe in schedules too much. lol Never did it with my 3 kids when they were babies and didn't really stick to one with the pups. When we got Ricky at 9 weeks, I fed him around 7, 8 in the morning and again around 12 or 1 and dinner was usually between 5 and 6:30 ... but it depended on a lot of things. I don't want them too stuck on a time since in our busy household a lot happens in a typical day and we never know when we can be home, when our own supper might be or what else is going on. It just works best for us. I know for some, a schedule works best and if you both work outside the home then it's more likely you'll stick to one.

If you want to be sure Radar poops before bedtime, then I suppose giving him supper no later than 7 should do the trick.

What often happens with 'secret poopers/pee-ers' is that they become a little frightened to eliminate in front of you, even if it's on their pad or in their litter because the last time they did (when it was on the living room floor), they were startled, picked up and scolded. They can then fear eliminating in front of you. It doesn't mean you shouldn't scold the pup, because I did it to Ricky and to Sammy when I caught them peeing in an inappropriate place, but if it's a chronic problem, it might explain it to a degree.

I dunno..... I read that somewhere and it made sense to me! lol

Hello. My name is marj and I have MHS.

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Thanks for the tip. Yeah I want Radar to be able to eliminate before bedtime so I think the feeding thing will be at about that time. Cheryl, the breeder used a 6 p.m. Schedule. And as for the pooper business, We've never openly scolded him for pooping in private because we never catch him until after he's done it and is walking away. We basically spy on hm to see where he's gonna go and then try and catch him in the middle to try and get him to the litter box so it'll appear as though he's gone in the litter box....at least to him it might. I caught him once in the act and brought him quickly to the litter box and then praised him when he saw it was in there. He went near the litter box a couple of times just not in it. We had tried using paper in the litter box becasue he was paper trained before we took him home but when we placed only paper in the box he even went pee outside of the box which he never does. As soon as the litter was placed in the box he went pee immediately in it. I guess it'll have to be a trial and error thing.

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I don't remember, but are you litter box training because you live in an apartment? I have not ever done litter box training, but I would imagine it would be the same as house training any puppy. I recommend you buy this book: HOW TO RAISE A PUPPY YOU CAN LIVE WITH. You can get at www.amazon.com I give a copy to my puppy buyers, it is wonderful.
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Hi Derek:
Something you might want to consider is what Dr. Ian Dunbar...the dog training guru does and that is not free feeding you puppy until after it is toilet trained. He strongly recommends giving the entire days allotement of food stuffed inside chew toys. He says "A vital facet of your puppy's early education is to teach him to peacfully pass the time of day. Feeding your puppy only through chew toys keeps your puppy happily occupied and content for hours ".( Before and After you get you Puppy by Dr. Ian Dunbar)...a side benefit is that it hooks your puppy on chew toys and not the furniture. If you follow his toilet training technique, feeding in this way is not an issue.

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Thanks All for the great replies. Well I think what we'll do is isolate Radar when he apears to be sniffing around when he's getting ready to eliminate. I think if he's got nowhere to go he might go or he might hold it rather than go infront of us. For some reason he doesn't like to do it infront of us and we've never scolded him to the point where it would scare him to want to go infront of us because we always praise him when he goes pee in the litter box which seems to be on command now. He goes pee all the time in the litter and we've only had him for less than a week but as we all know that can change quickly. He's not been eating all his food lately but I think because we were spoling him with treats for going pee in the litter. we stopped the treats and now just praise him all the time when he goes pee. He doesn't seem to mind the absent treat and will go pee anyway although his eating of regular meals has sufferred slightly due to the extra...extra treats.

Work In Progress.....

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I have Duncan on a schedule.He eats around 7am,then 1ish then dinner around 7pm.He usually will poop between 8-9pm and then right before bed between 10-11 he has his final peepee break.
He usually poops around 2 hours after breakfast and dinner.
Hope this helps.
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Thanks Dot this will help greatly to provide an adequeate feeding schedule for our little guy. We really want to get him on something at least half normal so that he can start off right. Y'know I bet ya it's quite like when a child is young, they have that imprinting stage where the things they learn within a certain time frame in the early stages of life will remain with them forever. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and beileve sometimes that "you gotta do it right" all the time. Anything else will not suffice. Thanks for the Help.

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