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Brush Anyone??
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Did anyone have spouse reluctant to spend the $$?

If so, how did you convince him/her to spend money from a breeder.

We were planning on doing the rescue and still might.

I'm just getting nervous because it's a shot in the dark. Here I'm reading up on all the health testing and only look at breeder websites if they health test. have AKC not the others, etc....

and then I'm going to probably get a dog that has none of that....

So now I'm starting to lean back towards breeders but still try to get an older puppy if possible.

Thanks so much!

I'm definitely getting Hav-a-fever.

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Gucci's mom
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Initially, when I told first told my husband I wanted a puppy, he was against it, because we have 7 kids! I have 3 from a previous marriage and he has 4! He said "we already have too many mouths to feed!" lol, but I stuck to my guns and kept *nagging* him from one until he agreed.

Well.......then I started researching breeds! I really had no clue what kind of dog to get, but I knew I wanted a small dog that I could take to work with me a few days a week and that didn't shed. I slowly started ruling out breeds and ended up falling in love with the Havanese breed the more I researched the breed!

Yes......his jaw did ***DROP*** when I told him the price range! I really had to reiterate WHY I thought a Havanese would be PERFECT for our family! The fact they are easier on people with allergies was a big PLUS in the argument! Because I have allergies and so does my stepson! ALSO, the fact that they don't SHED was a good point.

He also liked the fact that alot of Havanese love the water! We live in a beach town, with a lake in our backyard and a pool. And I thought it would be great to have a dog that would jump in the pool with us She does!

So just be really CLEAR on WHY you want a Havanese.

And then he was even more flipped out when I decided to go with an out of state breeder, because I didn't want to wait a year on the list for our local breeder (which is a wonderful breeder, but I chose to get on a shorter waiting list out of state)

SO that added more $$ for the dog for having to fly there and pick her up, but he reluctantly agreed.

You just have to get him to realize that you are adding a member to your family and not just getting a "dog", know what I mean? My husband now adores Gucci and I know he has NO regrets about the $$ we spent on her. He is even enjoying the social outlet we now have with other Havanese owners in our area.

It really is a fabulous breed! I hope that you do persuade him into getting one. With persistance, I'm sure you can!

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Quincy's Mom-Vinnie too!
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I Never would of convinced my husband.Not only would he not have spent the money,but he said we didn't NEED another dog.

I bought Quincy myself out of retirement money..that way my husband could say nothing about Quincy costing him a dime!

Vincent-Quincy's playmate

"Behind every unstable dog is a lesson for the owner"-Cesar Millan
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My husband was not easy to convince eather, but he was mostly complaining about the time that a dog would take. Finally he gave in and we payed the breeder with my money that I saved. I mostly pay the dogbills with my money, but in the end we have less money over in the end of the month because we share everything *lol*
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In our house, my husband is the spender and had to convince me to buy one. We almost got our very first one out of state by a person who listed his Hav puppies in the local paper. I'm so glad we didn't go that route. We ended up getting our first one from a show breeder, who revived my itch to get into the show ring (following the footsteps of my parents) and then my husband suggested #2 ... and I became hooked. #1 and #2 were both hooked on my husband, and I had to get one just for me. I guess I got over the shock by that time.

It's all a different story now that I've spent the last several years immersing myself in all I can learn on the breed, involved in showing and breeding, but that was our start in relation to your question.
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When I mentioned getting a dog to my husband, he thought I was crazy. It is just the 2 of us and my 2 cats and he was most concerned about the dog changing our lifestyle. No more spur of the moment overnight trips to NY or spending the whole day running to different places. When I mentioned the cost, he wasn't all too thrilled. We do keep some seperate money so I just kept moving with the process. I used the "let's go look at him" speech (yeah right). We had never even met a havanese before. Our breeder is local and invited us to come and meet her dogs even when Brady was too young for us to really meet him (we did peek at him but he looked like a sausage at 5 days old). We loved all of her dogs and he just went along with it. I found that I just needed to keep going forward like it was already decided and it worked. I do pay for Brady's bills, but he loves him as much as I do. I hate to admit it, but Brady is in love with my husband too. He sleeps with him and just can't get enough of him It looks like I will have to get another one for me soon. I am still convincing myself of that before I work on him

**Karen, Mom to Brady, Dugan, and Devon
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Casper and Missy
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Hi Trish,

Try this one on your husband; If the dog is healthy he or she will live what like lets say 15+ yrs. Take the price of the dog and divide it by 15 and what is it a year? Maybe like just has little as $100.00 a yr.? You just have to pay up front for 15 + yrs. of great enjoyment and really $100.00 a yr. is not much.

So far I actually have saved money, because before I got Casper we went out to eat like 3-5 times a week. And now I like to be home with my dog so I come home and cook dinners. My husband would tell you we have saved money even with the extra expenses of dog treats, toys, food, puppy classes.

My dog is my only hobby, and really there are other things I could be doing costing alot more.

And a plug for the Havanese dog, I don't think you can find a more loving dog than these dogs.

I had a husband that did not even want a dog, so I had to talk him into the dog and then the cost So don't give up

Any now he loves the dog sooo much we are going to get another one!
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In our house, I was the one who initially said that there was no way we would spend that much for a dog!! I adore dogs and cats but most of mine have been strays or rescues. We thought our neighbors were crazy for spending around $400 on a Chihuahua.
I was the one who did the months of research on the Havs so I knew what to expect in terms of price when we went to visit our breeder. I wanted to see adult Havs up close. When we found out there was one adorable little 8 week old cream girl available, we were smitten! I still gulped a bit at the initial price and worried a bit for the next two weeks before we brought her home, but my husband wasn't fazed in the least.
Needless to say we fell totally, completely, head over heals in love and ended up with our second sweetheart a year later. Best $$$ we ever spent. Our girls are worth their weights in gold and we'd pay twice as much for them if we had too! (Oops, guess I shouldn't have said that. Someday we're going to want another one.....

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Look at the breeder's guarantee and the amount of training that has gone into the pup. We give our pups away for nothing but charge for the training and the guarantee says if things don't work out you won't be out any money. Cheap at any price.

Sure you can find plenty on the internet for 5 or 6 hundred dollars but this will be a member of your family for around 15 years. Choose wisely.
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Brush Anyone??
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We share all money, have 3 kids, and a dog already...

he's fine with getting a dog. He's fine with rescuing a hav & spending $550 and maybe a couple hundred ore more for an older puppy from a breeder.....

But they're not just a couple hundred more for an older puppy from a breeder....

Ugh. I will keep telling him about havs. Right now, I'm premature as Quincy is still with us. Maybe I can work on him more when the time comes...

I have him convinced that Havs would be good for us. Now I guess I'll start talking about health testing [although don't want him to 'worry' about havs.]

The ideas are great. But I can't do 'my own money' things. Wouldn't work for our family. Thanks.

Anyone else?

Maybe if it came already potty trained....that might work! ;o)
Thanks so much.....

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