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Archer was attacked!

Hi guys I am just writing because I know you will all understand. Archer was attacked this morning by a white german shepherd type dog. It was at this new groomer's place we were going to try out because our regular place was so booked up. I thought well lets just try it out, I had met the owner during my dog first aid course and she was so friendly to Archer and seemed very concerned about details with her other clients. Also my training mentor is starting to teach classes there. So I thought we will give it a try just for a small grooming.

On my way in I noticed the front door was propped open, which I thought was odd because it seemed unsafe as it faces a main st, but I assumed they had gates and so on up for their daycare part.

Well we got in, did the quick consult where we discussed what haircut he was to get, when a white dog zoomed past us in the front part of the shop. The owner/groomer yelled and tried to call the dog back but he wouldn't come. So then I grabbed a bag of treats to start throwing on the ground so the dog wouldn't run into the road. But by then she had gotten out, and the dog had stopped to sniff someone and she caught the dog and had him on leash. I tried to move out of the way with Archer but he wasn't coming with me and I try not to drag him if I can help it. All of a sudden the dog was in Archer's face (the groomer stopped to let the dog say hello to us) and I let them have a loose leash as I do when my dog greets any dogs. Well with NO WARNING, and I mean that- the dog grabbed Archer and started shaking him!!!! Archer peed everywhere and screamed like I have never heard an animal scream. It makes me sick to think of it. Then the groomer finally got the dog off Archer and I tried to see if he was ok but he was trembling and a total mess. He was walking ok but only wanted to be in my lap. His hair is so long I couldn't see if there was any blood. Then I started feeling his body and felt a strange bubbling/crackling sensation like air near his ribs. He started coughing and I was like "We are going to the vet, NOW." We got there and they checked him out, they shaved most of his side so they could see the bite marks. It doesn't look like it was any puncture from the outside so hopefully no bacteria introduced. Then they did some x-rays and it shows he has air under his skin, it is either from the skin separating from the muscle or from a punctured lung, they don't know yet but he is being kept in emergency for observation so they can xray and monitor the air and drain it if they have to so it doesn't cause his lung to collapse.

I am SO upset, worried sick, shocked and dismayed. Worst part is the owner of the white dog who came in after to get his dog (dog was a grooming client) didn't seem surprised and was like Oh he's not that good with other dogs". !!!! way to warn us buddy. But it is the groomer's fault for having unsafe holding areas and for letting an unknown large dog greet my dog. I could have been any small dog in the shop just looking for food or treats. I know she would never wish for this to happen but it is a warning guys, for how quickly this can happen. The groomer is paying the vet bills so far.

When we were waiting together I said to her "I would bet money that that dog has been punished physically for showing growling or any signs of aggression to other dogs before." She said Well he did come in on a prong collar and they asked the owner not to bring the dog there on it, because it was rubbing the dogs neck raw and they were uncomfortable using it. So there you have it folks, this is what prong collars and the associated punishment/"training" techniques that go along with that package do to dogs. Creates ticking time bombs on leashes who associate other dogs with pain, ans who have no other options except quick aggression with no warning.

I will post updates about Archer here. He was dopey and looked like the shaved Lion on Narnia when I saw him, my poor boy. He is SUCH a sweet soul and he loves all people and dogs... and he actually has really excellent social skills from what I have seen. I really hope this incident doesn't traumatize him in some major way and make him nervous around large dogs. It is SO hard having these small guys, even constant hyper vigilance (and that's what has got us through the first year and a half) isn't enough to keep him safe!

But at the same time I know never letting him around large dogs is not going to make for a good situation either. To love a dog is such a unique thing. It is like having a little piece of your own heart in a separate body that is vulnerable.

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I am heartbroken to hear about this. What a horrible ordeal for poor Archer and for you to witness this. This is my worst fear when I walk Molly as we have had unleashed large dogs charge her and try to get at her. We will keep Archer in our prayers for a quick recovery, both physically amd emotionally.

Diane and Molly
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How terrible for you and Archer! I wonder why the groomer thought the dog was reliable enough to introduce him to a toy dog? I certainly hope Archer isn't left with any serious injury.
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Thinking about Archer and you. Glad he is getting good vet care and hope he is ok.
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I am so sorry little Archer is going through this. How absolutely terrifying for both of you. I would have been a basket case you handled it so well. I hope he is OK and you too. I can't believe how often we are hearing about these types of instances happening. There are far too many people raising dogs badly. Please let us know how Archer is doing.

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Originally Posted by Naturelover View Post

... my poor boy. He is SUCH a sweet soul and he loves all people and dogs... To love a dog is such a unique thing. It is like having a little piece of your own heart in a separate body that is vulnerable.
Very well said. I must say it made me feel sick to my stomach to read about Archer's attack, and I was all too vividly imagining how I would feel if something like that happened to my dog. Then I started feeling really angry. I am so disgusted by people who have no clue how to raise a dog, and I hate feeling so powerless about it! WTF. Once you and Archer are over the worst of the trauma, I do hope that you won't resort to keeping him in bubble wrap (so to speak). I know that after something like that I would be tempted to, but it's probably important to get him to have as many positive experiences with other dogs as possible, as soon as he seems up to it, so that he continues to feel as confident and sociable as ever. In the meantime, I send my heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery for you both.

Eileen and Benjamin
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I was just sick reading about what happened to your precious little Archer! What a horrible thing to watch your dog go through such a traumatic ordeal! I'm keeping positive thoughts for a speedy recovery..please keep us posted...I will be thinking of this all day.

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I am in tears reading about this. What a terrible experience. I just hope your little guy is ok. I am so mad at that groomer and dog owner! What a horrible thing to happen. Please keep us posted as to how your little one is doing. Now I am afraid of finding a new groomer. Your nerves must be a wreck!
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Please let us know how sweet Archer is doing today .
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Originally Posted by Naturelover View Post
Archer was attacked this morning
This is jus terrible! Amigo Archer and I are almost exactly the same age so I know what it is like since I was attacked by a large doggie last month when I was on mi walkies with Popi.

Last Saturday, mi Auntie who lives in Los Angeles, was walking mi cousin amigo doggie, Bowowzer a 70 pound Lab, on a leash, when they were both attacked by a large Rottweiler who was loose. They had to call 911 during the attack. The Policia came right away and they called Pair-of-medics and Animal Control. Bowowzer had several puncture wounds and he had to go to emergency where the vet shaved him and sewed him up. He gonna be OK but he have to wear a cone now. Auntie had puncture wounds on arms and back and she was knocked down and had big wound on knee. She had to go to emergency room two. She is okay two, but very traumatized.

Doggie belong to neighbor. Something should be done about dis.

Why are some doggies so mean? It's a jungle out there, you have to be very careful!!!!!!

besos, Ricky Ricardo

Tigerlily's Welcome to the Jungle (Ricky Ricardo) (AKC titles) CGC, BN

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aggression , attack , socialization

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