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Exclamation Update On Roxy aka Yorkie Havanese lover

Hey everyone! It has been awhile. Most of you know me as Kathy Patrick's daughter, aka Welper Helper. Some of you have heard about what is going on with my Yorkie. For those of you who dont know me, I have a Yorkie, and a Havanese. It has been a hard month ((almost)) and I know I couldnt have gone through it alone without the support of my family, and the prayers of dog lovers everywhere. Please read below the trials and tribulations Roxy and I have gone through.

July 16 Roxy received two little pieces of watermelon (will NEVER do that again). Which caused her Pancreatitis (unknown at that time... who knew she had it...) to flair up, and for her to suddenly start throwing up foam. I then rushed her to the ER at two am. We took xrays, and an ultrasound which showed an unknown mass in her stomach. Didnt know if it was a toy, or food, or what... but we were concerned. After weighing my options, I decided it was best to do exploratory surgery to see what the cause was. I knew it was the watermelon, and my fear was leaving the melon in her, and it killing her. They then did the surgery.

They stapled her stomach and did not use the same PSD or PDS or whatever sutures on the outside, like they did inside.

July 22 it was decided to pull out one stable (without drugs) and see if it was infected. The Dr came running out and said that she was going to do emergency surgery again, due to the infection which did not show on any ultrasound, xray, extraction of fluid, blood work, etc. She had a slight fever. Thats it. 9 inches of intestine were removed.

July 25 Roxy returned home.

Aug 1st Roxy eat, threw up foam. Took her to vet, and we brought her home. She was eating a blended liquid diet. Mom made. NOT a nasty over the counter poopy tasting food. Up until this date, Roxilla was eating and acting perfect. In fact, she was running around and giving kisses, playing with Bugsy, and laying with me.

Aug 2nd Roxy was feed after not eating for a full 38 hrs. She foamed for 2 hours.

Aug 3rd Roxy was taken to her traditional Repro vet to receive IV fluids.

Aug 4th I took food to give to Roxy in front of her vet, so her vet could see what was happening. (the last time Roxy had food, and kept it down was July 31) after lapping up the small table spoon of watered down, blended food, Roxy foamed and threw up for another two hours. She also lost control, and pooped all over my mom on accident (God bless my mother for being there for me and Roxy). I have such post traumatic stress syndrome, I start shaking and freaking out. Something I am working on.

We then left the vets office and decided to give Roxy a bath at home since her sutures were removed that day (Aug 5). Seconds after giving Roxy a bath, she started shacking and groaning. Something I had never seen before. I was used to her shacking after receiving an unwanted bath (unwanted by Roxy , but never a moaning. And typically, I would turn on the blow dryer and she stops shacking. That did not happen.

I then called my mom at 11:00p and we took Roxy back into Bradshaw Clinic (24 hr vet who did the surgeries). They saw Roxy foam at the mouth again, for no know reason. It was suspected that she licked some soap. Even with me being as careful as I was. They gave her pain killers and anti vomit drugs. I took her home, and at 4am she started shacking and moaning again. I called my mom at 5am and we took her back to Bradshaw.

Aug 5 at 12pm Roxy was transported to UCD. She had fluid in her lungs from aspirating foam. It was suspected that she had an Esophageal Stricture. They did a Barium test and found that she had a 3cm long Stricture in her Esophagus, due to surgery, and the tubes/acid causing scar tissue to form due to the damage. Roxy was put on IV via her neck, given two different types of antibiotics, etc.

Aug 7 I received a phone call at 11:30am from her Vet informing me that Roxy's blood work came back, and that she could handle surgery. Even with the pneumonia she was receiving enough oxygen to handle going under. Though she could die while being on the table, I decided it was best to try and do the balloon surgery in hopes to open up her esophagus.

12pm they took Roxy in for surgery

2pm I received a phone call from Dr. Wu who said the surgery took two hours, she was able to stretch the 1mm WIDE 3cm LONG Esophageal Stricture to 5mm wide. There was slight bleeding which apparently is normal. During the ballooning process, they were able to feed a feeding tube in her stomach. They didnt think that any of this would be possible. I assumed, as did everyone else, that Aug 7 was going to be Roxy's last day with us.

I prepared myself to say good bye. I am still on the fence, and scared out of my mind. Roxy can still turn at any moment, but I am hoping, praying, and begging that Roxilla makes it through this. Things are looking good, but I have learned through all of this that I cant afford to get my hopes up. EVERY TIME I have, something major happens and I almost loose my baby.

This lil Yorkie is a fighter. I am so thankful for that. She has a great team help and supporting her, as well as a lot of Hav's, and York lovers praying for her.


Bugsy is hanging in there. He has seen his mother in rare form. Bless his lil Hav heart, he has been there for me in more ways then he will ever know. My lil protector. He even licks my tears in hopes I will laugh/smile. Which just so happens to work! Gotta love'em.

Again, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN PRAYING. Keep'em comen. And if you are just hearing about this, please start praying for us.

Please note we are not out of the woods yet. Roxy has several other surgeries ahead of her. If all goes well, she may be home as early as Friday. But, NOT getting my hopes up. I am taking it day by day, and praying I NEVER have to go throught his again.



PS FYI I dont come on here much anymore. If you would like to contact me (Cant promise I will respond due to my mind being in another place) please email me. [email protected]
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PS bare with me with spelling, wording, etc. I am running low on memory, and sleep. So, things are a lil off im sure...
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I can't even imagine what you have gone through. Please know that you and Roxie are in my prayers. I do believe in miracles, and I think you have been through some in the past few weeks. May our God be with you and bring Roxie through this and home to you.

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Sarah- thanks for posting Roxy's story. I can't imagine what you have been thru. I will continue to pray for Roxy and a full recovery. If there is ANYTHING you need, I am only a phone call or short drive from you-
Hang in there!


Paws.....and reflect on what life has given you~
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Oh Sarah,
I am sorry I didn't read the other post, but I will pray for you and Roxy. Stay strong for Roxy and take care of yourself so you can be there for her.
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Sarah our prayers continue for Roxy and lots of big hugs to you and your mom.

Leeann, Riley, Monte & Rumor

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You and Roxy are in our thoughts and prayers and Princess KoKo (Yorkie) and Murphy (Hav) send Roxy puppy kisses and tail wags!

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My thoughts and lots of prayers are with you and Roxy.

Jill - Tess & Cody's mom
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It's been a nightmare I know, but you have a highway of prayers going out for your Roxy and for you and your mom. I'm wrapping Roxy and you in a blanket of healing. I hope you feel it. God bless your little girl in her struggle.

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I can't even imagine how are you are coping right now but giant bear hugs to you. I can't believe it has been since July 16. My prayers have never stopped and I am always thinking about little Roxy.


Dora, Dasher, & Belle's Mommy

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