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Halo's Mom
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Question Havanese Traits

Hi all. I am looking to see what ya’ll think about my 6 month year old little girl and what your puppies are like in the different categories? Is she like this because it is a havanese trait, or because she is still a puppy and will grow out of it, or is she just different than most havanese?

She only likes my husband, our 10-year-old basset hound and myself. She is always running away from and barking at other people and other dogs. Will not even get close to them. For example: There is one 8 year old boy that comes down to our house a lot since we have gotten our little girl so she knows him but will not have anything to do with him. She does this with everyone no matter if she knows them or not. Won’t even go up to any other dog, just runs and barks. Have talked to lots of trainers and have done all the things they say to do to socialize her with no luck. She has done this from day one.

At first we crated her at night. She got to the point where she wanted to be with us, as she would bark and bark. Tried to ignore her until we were ready to get up but she kept the whole family up. We decided to let her sleep with us. This kept her from barking but she will not lie down and go to sleep. She must have A.D.D. because she can’t lie in one spot for more than 30 seconds and this goes on all night long. She then climbs over us and then wants to play with our other dog that then gets mad as he is trying to sleep. End result no one sleeps.

Our little girl is so smart and knows a lot of commands however when it comes to the command “come” she gets selective hearing. She only comes when she wants to.

I am sorry for rambling on but I just need to know what you think and how your puppies do on the above categories.

THANKS so VERY much !

Halo & Flash's Mom . . . Debbie
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Mom of Brutus and Roxie
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Halo does not sound at all like Brutus. Brutus is very social. Have the neighbor boy give her treats so she learns to trust him. Some Havs are more shy and nervous than other Havs, but think about all the attention she gets from you when she barks like that. She is being rewarded for that behavior.

If sleeping with you is not working, back in the crate. If barking gets her out of the crate, again she is rewarded. Keep the crate by your bed so she can see you while you are sleeping.

Many owners overuse the command come and dogs learn that they have the option of coming. Do not say "come" when you know that she will not do it. Start on a long leash, say "come", pull the leash toward you, and reward lavishly.

It sounds like you and Halo could benefit from puppy school. She would learn to be around others, both human and furry, and you would learn some tricks.

Right now she is the boss and she knows it. Reece offered some good advice.
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Riley & Monte's mom
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I agree, sounds like someone is trying to be alfa.. Don't worry you can fix it, I agree with Paige and go back to basics, exercise is also very important.
My Monte is almost 5 months now and just in the last week he has been testing me more and more. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards to continue going forward. Best of Luck to you.

Leeann, Riley, Monte & Rumor

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Oreo's Mom
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I agree, seems like he "thinks" he runs things around there. Don't worry though, it can be corrected, he is just a pup and can be helped to see that you and your family run the show and not him. When you set rules, you may feel like you are being cruel and they may sulk, whine and bark in objection, but be firm no matter what. If you and your family stick to the rules, you will see your smart little pup will get back in line. Pups are cute, but they are oh so smart Paige is my personal hero and here she has offered you some very good advice. Make sure to give her lots of exercise (walking with you) and then set your rules, as for affection that is easy to do You will find as you assert your status, everything will fall back into place.

"Life is too short to not follow your heart. Live, love and laugh everyday"
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I would definitely agree that the "social" section you wrote is not a typical Havanese trait. It sounds like she needs some teaching and socializing (even though I know you said you've tried to socialize her). She just needs more at this age.

The sleeping portion sounds like she's trained you! I have one that is very antsy at night and it took her a long time to settle down and sleep through most of the night with us. She still gets up and moves around a few times throughout the night, but it isn't nearly as bad. It would NEVER have worked with her when she was a puppy though. Halo may just be an antsy night puppy too. I'd agree with Cheryl's advice and go back to the crate. It will be miserable for the first night, or two, or three, so be prepared.

For your last part, it just sounds like Halo needs some solid teaching on "come". That's all. That's a harder command for a lot of people to learn. (notice, I wrote "people" and not "Havanese" )

In general, Havanese are very smart. Halo will keep training you, if you let her.
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Gucci's mom
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That's great you have a responsible little one to help you break the puppies I TRIED to teach my stepdaughters the proper way to handle her, etc....but in one ear and out the other!

My twins, dropped Gucci TWICE..each of them, so she will NOT let them pick her up, but she's fine with the other little girl that lives next door...so I don't think she so much has a problem with "kids", as she does my stepdaughters.

I'm not going to push it with my stepdaughters picking her up, they are a bit careless with her anyways, so I just encourage them to play with her and not try to carry her around.
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Bugsy's Mom
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Halo doesn't sound like a typical Hav socially. Bugsy is super, way over the top social. He just loves, loves, loves everyone. He is good with dogs of any size, cats, little kids, big kids, strangers.....well everyone. We call him our good will embassador.

As far as bed time, can you try crating again? My Poodles sleep on their doggie beds and/or with us, but Bugsy gets crated every night, no exception. I crated him at night, the day I got him. He was 12 week, 3.6 lbs and I worried for his safety and now it's just a good habit.

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Neither one of my dogs are very social. They wont go to anyone. If someone is at our house long enough they may eventually approch them, but i wouldnt hold my breath. And I have only had them almost 4 months.
We are working on this with our trainer.

Tripp, Jax, & Dreamer
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Brady is the social butterfly of the neighborhood. He loves everyone and everything. The neighbors kids are here daily playing with him and have been since he was 3 months old. He loves them. Loves dogs, cats, squirells, birds, it doesn't matter.

He sleeps with us in bed, but he knows that routine. He jumps into bed, gets a treat, and snuggles in with my husband. It is so unfair because I want him to snuggle with me, but he is a daddy's boy.

Brady is very selective with his hearing when it comes to "come". In an emergency situation when he does not listen, I yell "chicken bone" and he comes running. He gets dried chicken strip bones every morning and they are his favorite. He stop and run right back to me for this. Only problem is I have to come through with his chicken bone if I say it.

**Karen, Mom to Brady, Dugan, and Devon
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Quincy's Mom-Vinnie too!
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Welcome back Debbie and Halo!
It has been awhile.........we have been wondering about you!Like Paige says,you need to be the boss.Kudos to Paige!

Vincent-Quincy's playmate

"Behind every unstable dog is a lesson for the owner"-Cesar Millan
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