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Exclamation RE:Bridget Gately Post-"Breeder gone wrong"

This topic is in response to Bridget Gately’s posting regarding our Havanese puppy Alexander.

Ms. Gately contacted me about purchasing our Havanese puppy, Alexander. She seemed very nice and I felt secure in the knowledge that she would give him a good home. Alexander was listed on our website for $500. plus shipping and it stated that he was 4 months old. A weight was not stated because there is not a weight standard for Havanese; there is a height standard (please refer to AKC’s breed standard and Havanese Club of American standard).

When I attempted to return Ms. Gately’s phone call the same day she was irate, vulgar, and would not listen to reason. It was impossible to have a rational conversation with her shouting and rudeness. No, we do not attach important puppy paperwork to our puppies’ crates when they fly because it is possible for them to become lost! All AKC paperwork and shot records are sent via some trackable means so that I can be sure they arrive. Alexander’s AKC paperwork was sent on 11/17/2007, the day after he was shipped via FEDEX. The tracking number for this package is 790876598030. This tracking number was provided to Ms. Gately the same day that they were sent to her. You can track this package at www.fedex.com! It included his AKC paperwork, vaccination record, and his puppy care kit.

Alexander was NEVER advertised as being 6 lbs. He is 4 months old and is a chubby, healthy GROWING puppy! From his photos, it is easy to see that he is not small by any means. Before he was shipped to Ms. Gately, he was given a bath, was brushed, and had a bow placed in his hair. He was NOT dirty or sickly. He was shipped with a blanket for his comfort also!

As it states on our website, just because someone is interested in one of our puppies, does not mean that they are able to purchase him/her. We screen our puppy buyers carefully. Each puppy must have a completed deposit form received also. On Ms. Gately’s deposit form, she circled breeding so Alexander was purchased with the intention of breeding. It is now apparent from her postings that Ms. Gately honed in on Alexander because he was listed for a lower price on our website with the intention of purchasing the least expensive puppy to breed rather than feeling a connection with his photos. There are plenty of Havanese breeders located in NY if Ms. Gately would have felt more comfortable. If Alexander did not look like how SHE thought he would, she should have been responsible and forthright enough in her own misjudgment to say such and ask “what can we do about this”? We offered to accept Alexander back however Ms. Gately refused to “be out the money to ship him back.”

Had I saw Ms. Gately’s true colors before Alexander was shipped she would have received her money back and been asked to look elsewhere for a puppy. We screen our potential buyers and frequently turn away customers. It is apparent from reading the postings she has made on this forum that even after we provided her with a tracking number for Alexander’s paperwork Ms. Gately failed to mention that and has continued to lead all of the members of this board to believe that she still has received no contact from us, her AKC paperwork, and is being wronged. That shows her deceptiveness. We have gone above and beyond to work with Ms. Gately with no success.

We are able and willing to fax proof of the FEDEX tracking number and Ms. Gately’s deposit form as well as emails that state her AKC paperwork was sent to her to anyone who would like to verify these TRUTHS!

We are very concerned about our puppy’s welfare in Ms. Gately’s care. We want Alexander sent back to us now. We will issue a refund to Ms. Gately of $500.; which is the purchase price she paid for him. AKC has been notified and documentation has been notified. I have faxed over copies of her postings on this forum, the Fed-Ex tracking number, airway bill copy, AKC paperwork copy, and all other applicable information. Ms.Gately has shown that she has an anger management problem mentality and I wonder what she is doing to our puppy? Is he even receiving proper care? Our puppies are hand raised under our feet; we love them very much. It is heartbreaking to know that our puppy is in this situation. Is Ms. Gately taking her disappointment and anger out on our puppy? Instead of thinking what a healthy well fed puppy I have; Ms. Gately is obviously of the mentality “Oh, he is chubby and healthy and I am unhappy about it!”

I also want to thank Cameron, whoever you may be, for giving us the heads up about this smear campaign that this person probably thought we would never see. We think it’s very appalling that people can get on the web somewhere and post vindictive untruths and other people jump on the bandwagon not even knowing if the information is fact or fiction. As previously stated, we have documentation to prove that the things she is stating is false. For those of you who did not jump on the bandwagon and smear us, we sincerely thank you. We have spent over 17 years raising and showing dogs and have never had anything even remotely close to this happen to us before. This would also be a good place to interject for all of those who believed that Alexander may be a mixed breed; his sire’s brother (whom my grandmother owns) and great-uncle are both Champions!

Kind regards,
Beckie and Jennifer Doyle
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