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To have two Havs or not to have two Havs... that is the question!

Hello all! This is my first post. I am Maggie's mom, Patti. Maggie is a year and a half old girl.

My boyfriend and I have been contemplating getting a second Havanese. Maggie is not your typical outgoing Havanese, though. She is very timid and is afraid of strangers. She does, however, get along swimmingly with most dogs and is fast friends with any dog her size who is willing to play a good game of chase!

My concern is this: What if I get another dog and he learns Maggie's nervous behavior? Do you think I would be better off adopting and adult dog? I've actually never had more than one dog before, because before Maggie, every dog I've owned has been pretty large. My hope would be that the next puppy we get will be more even-tempered and more of the typical Havanese and perhaps Maggie would learn a thing or two from him!

What do you guys think? I would absolutely love to have another pup around the house, and it would be great for Maggie to have a friend around who isn't the cat for once!
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A young pup may learn from her behaviors- it all depends on the dog. Adopting an older dog who is more settled in his/her ways might not be a bad idea.

My maltese is the most outgoing girl in the world. We added Dora to our family when Dora was 5 months, Isabelle almost 3 years and Dora is more shy and timid. While Isabelle is running and jumping on strangers, she tends to stay by mom. So they do have seperate and distinct personalities. On the other hand just the other day in agility, a friend asked if she could run Dora, I told her Dora is a mommy's girl so Belle would be better. She went to run Belle. I told Dora to lie down, before I could blink, Dora charged out there to play, obviously jealous of the time Belle was getting.

At the same token, Dora can be a guard barker, when she follows what Belle does, she gets crazy!

Dora, Dasher, & Belle's Mommy

Thinking of adding a Neezer, check out this thread!
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I have 3 havanese. I love having 3, but it was easier with 2. When I got my second pup, my girl excepted him right away. They became girlfriend and boyfriend. She is friendly and sweet to everyone, but he is shy and scared. She has not pick that fear up from him. When I got my 3rd I was very specific in requesting a submissive pup that was mild mannered, so he would fit into the pack of alphas. He was very well socilized and is fearless. My boy excepted him and they are buds, but my girl is still a bit cold to him. My new guy is so super fearless and friendly that it's helped the shy fearful one, come out of his shell and get more confidence. I've had no negative experiences from adding to my clan, just positive. I would stress to you, make sure the new pup is SOCIALIZED from week 1 from the breeder, healthy and submissive. If he is socialized properly he will be brave and the other one will learn from him. Good luck!
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Mom to Ricky and Sammy
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Welcome to the forum!!!!!

"lfung5" said it very well.

When we got our #2, Sammy, we didn't have the time to pick and choose. It was an opportunity that came along and we grabbed it. As it happened, his personality is very good with Ricky's, our very active first boy. Sammy is calmer, shy and more afraid, yet he's also the alpha of the two and has no fears when it comes to Ricky who is almost twice his size. Go figure! lol

It's soooooooo much fun having more than one Hav! Omg, it was the best thing we could do. Ricky was very active but alone and I had to fill his day with loads of activities and attention. I had no problem in the beginning, but I realized that he was getting more bored and more 'bratty' so we chose to add to the fur family. I actually find it a bit easier having two than just the one!

You won't be getting anyone here telling you NOT to get Hav #2, that's for sure!!!!! LOL

Hello. My name is marj and I have MHS.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Mahatma Gandhi

“Come to the edge, he said. They said: We are afraid. Come to the edge, he said. They came. He pushed them and they flew.” -Guillaume Apollinaire"
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maggiepups! It is a great forum!

Marj is right - I found it much easier having 2 Havs instead of just 1 (actually we have 3 and it is just as easy as having 2). GO FOR IT!!
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Hi Maggiepups. Welcome to the forum. Our first Hav Jasper sounds very much like your Maggie. Except he is the reverse, loves people,shy of other dogs until he knows them. But he was a bit reclusive and independant---not sullen but needed his alone time. We thought another dog would bring him out. In talking with breeders all agreed that we would need a middle of the road dog not alpha, not omega to bring out Jassy's best- submissive is good- but most likely if you are looking for a dog with typical Hav characteristics - he /she will most likely be the alpha of the two-- and that is OK. I was horrified when we first brought Cash home and he really at 5lbs compared to Jaspers 15 seemed to terrorize Jasper. But within a week they were fast friends and Cash has brought Jasper out a bit- but he is still Jasper a little reclusive, very cautious, and he is definetly the Omega dog. We tried to raise his status by feeding him first when Cash was little - But Jasper would have none of it--- he is more comfortable being lower in the pack. They have personalities just like us- and I think we can make them more confortable in their own skin but they will still be themselves. good luck. please keep us posted. And Maggie is just the cutest little girl.

Missy, Jasper & Cash
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Welcome tp the forum Maggiepups!
I too have a shy hav- He is alost one year- and from the very beginning he was a shy boy. He will not go to people who come into the house- after he is done barking, anyone who tries to play with him or even just go near him, he runs away- usually with his tail down. I am very upset with the behavior because all of our friends want to pet him and he will have no such thing. He does better with dogs, but there too he is shy- we have not come upon another hav yet to see if he would play with someone his own size.
I have just spoken to an animal behaviorist who gave me some ideas to try to get him more comfortable with people- I have thought about another hav, but from the responses I am reading, it too is a toss up as to whether the other hav will help in terms of shyness. Of course, having 2 havs sounds like a lot of fun- just not sure i can do the responsibility at this time.
But if I could, I would definitely do another one. I just love this breed!

Lynn U
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Quincy's Mom-Vinnie too!
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Welcome to the forum Patti and Maggie!

Vincent-Quincy's playmate

"Behind every unstable dog is a lesson for the owner"-Cesar Millan

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I got my first Hav, when she was 2 1/2 yrs old. She came from a breeder who kept her in a cage. She was returned and so she was not high on the priorty list. But never the less I wanted her. She was calm, did not know how to play, shy, she really did not have much of a personality. At the time I had a Am Pit and he would try to play with her but she did not do much with him. Then I had the op. to get a 1 yr old hav from the same person and I jumped on it. This one was her parents dog and they both got to the point they could not care for her anymore so I was going to keep her on a temporary basis, well that turned perminant because Priss brought Pirelli's personality out, she tought her how to play and enjoy life. In fact now if one of them leaves the other pounts. How can you take that away from eachother? SO if you want another one then get one, but I would get a male if you have a female, with my expirence that always works the best if you are only going to have two. Good Luck...
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Thanks for your advice, everyone! I think we will probably end up getting a second. I'm not sure when, but probably sometime in the near future!
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