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Help for barking in crate and play pen

Hi everyone. We have had our puppy, Chole, for 3 weeks. She is now 15 weeks old and we are doing well with the house training, establishing a routine etc. But the one things that is driving me crazy is her barking in the crate at night after I let her out to go potty, and her barking while in her ex pen during the day.

At night she gets up at least once, sometimes twice to potty. She usually barks once and I quickly take her out and she goes. I let her sniff and walk around a bit and then we go back inside and put her in her kennel. I've been putting in a raw hide stick and a couple of toys, but she barks. I have school aged children and a husband who needs his sleep so going on three weeks now it's disrupting our home.

During the day I make sure she gets plenty of outside exercise in our yard, and she can play for a while on leash in the house if she just pottied outside. But she still barks quite a bit during the day. Especially in the evening while I'm cooking dinner and the kids are doing their homework. I'm trying to remember to reward her with a "good quiet" and a treat during the day when she's quiet. And we are trying to ignore the barking altogether (when we know she doesn't need to go potty). But it is a really high pitched bark that's wearing on my nerves! I'm sure all puppy owners go through this, but do you have any tips to help save my sanity???
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This is tough one because Havanese are companion dogs and even have been referred to as 'velcro' dogs because of their intrinsic need to be with their human, Gucci follows me the the bathroom and if I don't let her in she barks at the door...I'm not saying that you can't train them to get used to being alone, I'm sure you can, but whether that is an easy or difficult task is really contingent on your puppy's personality and how she handles being alone.

My girl had terrible separation anxiety as a puppy and even though it has gotten better (she's 3 now), she still does not like to be alone, she wants to be where the action is and her people are.

Have you tried moving the crate to somewhere she can *see* you at night? That has worked for some, what worked for me was letting her sleep in bed with us, lol..but I know that is not the solution for everyone, and I'm not neccessarily suggesting that, but I'm wondering if she is barking because she wants to play or get out? or if she is barking because she has some separation anxiety? There are always exceptions to the rules, but for the most part, this breed really likes to stick close to their humans.

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I think that is is correct that maybe you could move her crate into your bedroom so she knows that you are there. If you are sure that she doesn' t have to potty (it sounds like she is getting into a bad habit) then I would sush her and tell her to go to sleep. Also I wanted to mention the raw hide stick, my vet told me that small dogs and puppies cannot digest raw hide and I would be very careful leaving anything for a puppy or a small dog to chew without supervison. Good luck!
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Have you tried giving her a piece of your clothing[preferably smelly!]to comfort her.This worked with our Nellie,she would cry and fuss when I left her, but she seemed happier when left with one of my smelly old slippers!She now sleeps loose in our bedroom in her little bed next to my side of the bed,and is as good as gold,we did have her in a pen in our room but she would fidget around so much that it disturbed us,so one night I tried her out of the pen,and that was much better.

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We have 5 children and have made it a rule in our house that the dogs are not allowed upstairs where the bedrooms are so unfortunately that means no crate in our room at night.

I think she wants to play. It could be some separation anxiety too, for several nights one of us would sleep on the couch with the crate next to us while she was adjusting to our house. Right now her crate and play pen are in the family room which is visible from the kitchen so during the day she can always see us.........and she still barks She does seem to be quieter today so I'm hoping it is something she will figure out.
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Yes. I am sure she will. I am convinced that she wants to be with the family. She is still very young and getting used to everything.
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Thanks for the heads up on the rawhide sticks. I'll have to ask my vet about them. I have the small ones and she isn't able to do much damage to them yet so I don't think she is ingesting much. I do keep them away from my PWD though because he can demolish them in no time flat, and I know that the rawhide can cause intestinal blockage.
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That makes me so sad. Please try to manage your expectations for your dog. Put yourself in her shoes. She left her mother and littermates and everything she knew three weeks ago to show up in a strangers home with strange smells, people, and I could imagine feels left out and alone looking out from a crate at a family of 7 moving on with their day and taking her out just to potty or when they feel like playing with her and putting her back in the box like a toy. Then at night everyone retreats upstairs while she is left alone downstairs at not even four months old. I don't mean to be harsh, but you just seem so flabbergasted as to why your dog would protest these circumstances.

Havanese are a very loving social breed. Maybe if you attached an exercise pen to her crate so she had more space to move around and play with toys when she does need to be confined. This is the setup I had with Lily for the first year. She had a soft round donut bed, chew toys some big stuffed animals and small squeakers. It was small enough that she would not pee in her area so we could potty train.

Different dogs require different circumstances, like children. I grew up in a family of five and was not parented the exact same way as my siblings as we had different needs and personalities. I don't know what a PWD is, I assume thats a large breed dog. They can be much more independent and less prone to separation anxiety than a small dog. You might consider allowing Chole up in your room in a crate to sleep to reduce her anxiety and improve your sleep.

Good luck and I hope you both get some relief!

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Upon reading this, I am wondering if there is a correlation between the age our pups leave their breeders and the difficulty they encounter in adjusting to a new environment. Or if it just has more to do with personality?

Augie has never slept in our room. We have a two-story house with the bedrooms upstairs. We brought him home at 8.5 weeks of age. His breeder advised to immediately train him to a crate but not to lock him in during the night as he wouldn't physically be able to hold his urine that long. We placed his crate in our kitchen (very small kitchen), with baby gates at both entrances, and as he was pretty much paper trained, we put newspaper down in a small area. I slept on the couch for the first week, to comfort him when/if he cried during the night, which he did for a couple nights. During the day I would lock him in his crate for just a few minutes at a time, increasing the length of time, until I could leave him in there for a couple hours if I had to go somewhere. I would also disappear upstairs for short periods of time, increasing that time to get him used to being alone. During the night, he would leave his unlocked crate and go potty on his paper. After learning about the UgoDog potty tray on the forum, we transitioned him to that at about 5 months of age. He then learned to go potty outside at about 8 months when we boarded him. Potty training went quite easily.

He still sleeps in the kitchen, in his crate, with the baby gates up. If we let him have free reign of the downstairs, he goes from room to room and seems to be bothered by noises outside. When I have fallen asleep on the couch, he will sleep there with me for a bit, but then moves to find his own place. He just seems to get better rest in the kitchen in his crate - which still isn't locked.

He has no separation anxiety issues and hasn't become a barker, except when someone comes to the door. It is also no doubt much quieter around here than your home probably is, as our children are adults and no longer live at home. It appears Chloe was probably about 12 weeks when you brought her home? That just made me curious about the age thing - whether there might be a relationship there. And, like I said, it could just be the difference in personalities.

Good luck to you!

Linda, Augie & Finn's Mom
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Here's a couple of articles. But don't take him out of his crate when he barks, or you will be encouraging him to bark. You have to get up in the middle of the night, no ifs about it. Here are the articles. and

Dave and Molly
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