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My new little guy Eli

Hi All - I wanted to jump in to say hi, and introduce my lovely Eli. He's 14 weeks old today and has been with us 12 days. He is such a sweet boy. Although I'm a bit tired from our very early morning walks, I love him more every day. I'm so happy to find this forum as I do have a couple of questions.

Eli sleeps in a crate attached to an exercise pen on our first floor. He has spent very little time there so far (except at night) as the kids or I have been home these past two weeks. He was raised by his breeder to go potty outside using a doggy door which is not possible in my home. We've been very fortunate that he does about 60% - 70% of #1 and 90% of #2 outside. However, he will not use the wee wee pad in his exercise pen. If he pees in his exercise pen overnight, he does so around the wee wee pad but not on it. It's as far away from his crate as I can place it. Although I walk him about 6-7x per day, he still sometimes has accidents. If I catch him mid-act I literally pick him up and fly across the house to the wee wee pad in his expen and encourage him to go there by saying "potty". He doesn't seem to get it yet. Am I confusing him by using a wee wee pad while also encouraging him to go outside? Should I just get rid of it altogether?

Also, he begins to bark around 5 AM daily because he needs to go out. Any ideas for how to slowly stretch the time to 6AM and eventually later? I don't want him to have an accident in his expen, especially since he doesn't use the wee wee pad, and set us back but I would like to sleep a little longer. His last walk is around 10PM although he doesn't always "go" I do try to tire him out a bit with a nice long walk. I hate to think of him as being uncomfortable and I'm trying to avoid making him a barker by pre-empting too much barking before he goes out. Just wondering if I'm setting a life-long precedence by walking up at 5AM or if I should have him "bark it out" a little longer everyday. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
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He is such a cutie, so first, welcome to the forum and to the wonderful world of havanese. I'm not sure what to tell you about getting him to go a little longer in the morning, but I had no such problem with my guys. Each one of them slept in a crate in my room, next to the bed where they could see me. I know there are people here who have kept their babies in another part of the house so I suspect they'll weigh in.

Expect him to have accidents. He's only a baby. It takes time for them to get the potty training and be consistent with it. Of my three, the only one easy to train was Bailey, but he seemed to really hate to be dirty.

You'll get a lot of good advice here. Happy to have you join us.

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Hi! I love the Charlie Chaplin smudge Eli has under his nose. Too cute! He is gorgeous. I have no advice because we are still waiting for Jack. 11 more days!


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HI and to the forum

I am one of the brave souls that trained both for pads and outdoors, and it can be done, it takes a bit more work and Gucci still thinks bathroom rugs or door mats are fair game when it comes to potty'ing, although..I may have outsmarted her by putting her pad over the bath rug, lol Seriously, though..she would often 'miss' the pad in the early days. I suggest getting some old vinyl remnant / tablecloth, a cheap one at the dollar store or Walmart and cutting it in half and putting it under the pad, until he gets the hang of it a bit better.

As far as barking at 5am, I'm not sure on that one. Gucci sleeps in bed with us and she's content to know I am right there with her.. and just gets up whenever I I'm pretty fortunate in that regard, I am NOT a 5am sort of person. Either he wants to go potty and his bladder will eventually grow and get stronger and he'll be able to make it til' 6 am, or he wakes up and he wants to see you

One thing I found challenging as for as pad training is that she didn't like to poo where she went pee. If I had figured this out early on, it would've saved me a few months of scratching my head, lol.. Of course it would be easier if they could tell us these things, but puppies aren't all easy, I guess that's why they make them so darn cute.

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Welcome, Ellie and Eli! I know exactly how you feel about the 5 am "business time"!! I can tell you that it will get better. I am not exactly a morning person, either! We haven't used pee pads but did start out with a litter pan and I know she missed the pan a lot. We just go outside now. I think you're doing all the right things and since you've had him less than two weeks I wouldn't get too discouraged since these things just take time. Abby is three now and I still praise her when I see her doing her business! When they're first learning you need to really ramp up the praise!

Eli is such a cute guy - I know you are enjoying him! Please feel free to post more pictures!

Kathie, Abby & McGee's Mom
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No advice, since we don't use pee pads and our two like to sleep late. But just wanted to say how cute little Eli is!

Dorothy (Rascal and Pixie)
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Welcome to the forum Ellie and Eli.

If Eli misses the wee wee pad in his x-pen, try to add a few more pads around his x-pen area, or even cover the entire space inside the crate with pads. Then slowly remove additional pads, until there is only one. My Bugsy is just like Kara's Gucci, he will never, do #1 and #2 in the same spot and he is strictly trained to outdoors. It must be a Havanese thing.

I am a morning person, but I could never wake up at 5 for a first walk. All my three dogs sleep in my bedroom and since they all can see we are sleeping, so do they. Havanese are companion dogs and love to be with their owners, I think it would really help to have him sleep in your room. What time do you take him out for his last walk?

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Welcome! Eli is adorable - congratulations! Not going to offer advice on the potty training (I will just relate some of our experiences) as there are others on the forum with far more knowledge than I. I will say that when we brought Augie home at 8.5 weeks, his breeder told us to crate train him immediately, but that we should NOT lock it on him during the night as he was physically unable to hold his urine all night long. His crate was placed in our small kitchen (which we blocked off with baby gates), on vinyl, with a small patch of newspapers, as he was well on his way to being paper trained. So - during the night, if he had to go potty, he just went over to his newspaper spot and went. IMO, if Eli last goes at 10 p.m. and is holding it until 5 a.m., I think that is pretty good for his age. I sure wish I could go that long!!! I recall, Augie did miss the paper occasionally, and when we transitioned him to a UgoDog tray, he would miss that occasionally as well. We did not work with trying to train him inside and out - just inside for several months. Now he goes only outside. These guys are almost like bringing home a small baby. I wasn't quite prepared for that, I must say, and about two to three weeks after bringing him home, I had about a three-hour period of time where I just wondered 'what on earth have I done???' That is how long it lasted and it has been all uphill since then (Augie is nearly 2 now). It seems a bit overwhelming at first, but it does improve and just gets better and better and better!

Linda, Augie & Finn's Mom
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We were very fotunate with Guapo in the pad/outside training department, but it is true that they don't seem to like to do #1 and #2 in the same place. Guapo will only use the pad to pee. I agree with Julia, sometimes puppies just require more space to do their business so either use extra large pads or put a few over lapping. Once he starts to get the hang of it, you can start removing them. Also LOTS of praise for doing business in the correct spot, especially for one so young.

Michelle (pic of Alan and Guapo)
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I take him for his last walk around 10 PM at night. The walk before is around 7:30 after dinner. The 10 PM walk is a "last chance" attempt on my part but he won't always go again. I put him into his pen around 10:30 PM, he barks for 10 or so minutes, then he's quiet until 5(ish) AM when he needs to go potty. His Xpen is completely clean/dry so I know he can hold it for 7 hours. I'm very proud of him. Taking him out later doesn't seem like an option since I'm exhausted by 10 (kids, job, etc...)
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