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What Am I Getting Myself Into?

Hi everyone!

I have spent hours reading this forum and have found such valuable advice here. I am *thisclose* to purchasing a havanese puppy but I am looking for some advice from experienced owners before I take the plunge.

I have spent hours reading about bringing home a puppy and housetraining and I have a good idea of how I would tackle it. But I was hoping someone would be willing to describe to me what their first few weeks/months of owning their puppy was like. Tiring? Wonderful? Stressful? All of the above? I am a work-at-home mom with two kids. I'm home a lot, but in and out of the house as errands and my kids require. My husband travels a lot for work, so 99.99% of the responsibility of training the puppy will fall to me.

I guess I want to make sure that I'm not biting off more than I can chew here. Any advice before I make the leap?

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Dave T
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Welcome Leigh. It can be totally frustrating if you're not prepared. |If you are prepared it can be very rewarding.; Here's plenty of reading , glad you're making it a learning experience. Here's an article with lots of links. http://www.dogstardaily.com/training...uppy-education You're defininitely in the drivers seat if you're home alot.

Dave and Molly
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Hi and to the forum

Straight up, no BS..puppies are ALOT of work, they will require a decent amount of your attention and time and your schedule will change and revolve around the puppy. The end result, makes it all worthwhile in retrospect, but I'd be lying if I told you there weren't moments I was beside myself stressed out and exhausted from training a puppy.

I work from home, too..most of the time anyways and its pretty easy now but we are both into a routine and she's trained and turning 4 here soon. Its good you are contemplating the pros and cons, and while there are a fair amount of cons, the pros are unconditional love and a whole lot of smiles along the way.

My girl loves car rides, I would start those early and make them to fun places (the park, ice cream, etc) not just the vet...Banks and the library and the pharmacy are her favorite errands because they hand out cheap dog biscuits, which amazingly...this picky palate will eat, just because of where they came from no doubt

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It iis just like having a new baby in the house for the first weeks and you have to get up at night with it and protect it from the other children. My grandchildren were going to drop Rosie over the stairs but we caught them just in time. But in actuality, the main thing is the potty training and that takes a while and diligence on your part. Unlike the new baby, you can leave your puppy alone in the house and you don't have diapers and bottles to warm. They eat their food by themselves and it doesn't have to be warmed. But like crawling babies and those pulling up, they will put anything in their mouths that they can get to. So, you have to make sure that they don't get anything to chew up that you really want. Babies will just put your shoe in their mouths--puppies will chew it completely up. So if you are an experienced mother, you shouldn't have any trouble--it is just a matter of are you ready for another baby.
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LOL, it's totally another baby! I have an 8 yr old son and a 5 yr old daughter and we think of Tillie as the baby of the family!!
My best advice, besides what you are already doing ~ researching and learning ~ is to be very discerning about the PERSONALITY of your Hav... do some research on temperment to see which kind blends with your family best, and try to find a breeder that will find a Hav that matches what your family needs. While there are a lot of similar things within the breed, they still are all very different in thier own ways. I know that I personally couldn't have handled a strong willed, stubborn, high energy hav, but some people can! It just depends on what you are looking for in a 4 legged child!!
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Mojo was a hellion. I had a two year old at home, and it was six months of insanity. The good part is, it is mainly just that six months.

If you spend four to six weeks REALLY focused on the puppy, you will have him/her housetrained by 16 weeks, but if you can't do that you may be dealing with housetraining for a much longer time, which adds to frustration.

It's hard, but then you have a marvelous little dog in an 18th the time it takes to raise a child.

Happy Mom...
of two Happy Havs
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Joe Cool!
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paper towels... lots and lots of paper towels.

I am a stay-home mom, too. The first couple of weeks are awful. every hour to 1.5 hours you have to take the little beast out. And you have to pay extremely close attention for potty signals. Jack never rang the stupid bells. He would start pacing.

Now 3.5 months after we got him, I feel okay to leave him for the length of dinner and a movie. 3-4 hours in his crate-no longer than that. In the early stages, I had to do errands in an hour's time.

It is worth it. furry snuggles!


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Thanks so much for the replies. Pretty much what I was thinking... this is going to be hard. LOL
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Ha - Listen to those who say it is like bringing home a baby! I raised three boys - okay, so I know it was quite awhile ago and my memory may have conveniently blocked out some of the unpleasant stuff , but I was pretty much caught by surprise at how much like bringing home a new human infant it felt like!! Smart you - for thoroughly doing your homework beforehand! I will admit that there was an approximate three-hour period about two to three weeks after bringing Augie home, that I had a meltdown and wondered what the heck I had done to my life. Got it out of my system, and I wouldn't give this little guy back for ANY.THING.! We were invited to a wedding about a month after we brought him home that we absolutely had to go to. We hired a 'babysitter' for him! Took some adjusting, but now it is like he has always been here (he was 2 in October). I still go around 'babyproofing' the house, picking up anything that I think he could possibly get hold of and eat and hurt himself. Potty training seems to be one of the big hurdles people face. Augie was trained to go in the house, first on newspaper and then to the UgoDog for the first 8 months of his life here. We did not attempt to train him outside until after that time. We confined him to a couple rooms of the house (kitchen and family room) with close monitoring. He would go potty outside on our walks (after his shots were complete), but for the day-to-day potty duties, it was in the house. If we get another puppy, I will train him/her the same way as I felt this method worked very well for us. I also feel puppy classes and obedience training is well worth the time, expense and effort.

By the way, WELCOME to the forum!

Linda, Augie & Finn's Mom
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LOL, Linda, I remember (pre-puppy, of course) when my friends would say, "oh we are getting a dog before we have kids, to see if we can handle a baby..." I would think, are you crazy!?? they are NOTHING alike, no way can a puppy compare to a human baby ... BUT now that I have been through it and am almost on the other side, I can TOTALLY say that my friends were RIGHT! LOL heck, I even carried Tillie in a front pack carrier for the first month or 2, just like my kids. And my kids are 8 and 5 ... soooooo, I'm sure I haven't forgotten that much! LOL it truly IS like having another baby ... only a MUCH shorter time span! woot wooooooot!!
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