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Rico's Progress Report: 16 Weeks

Rico seems to be doing much better now that he has more freedom. Unfortunately this is countering his crate training and he cries up a storm when I try to put him in for four hours before lunch, and four hours after lunch. No potty accidents in his crate so far and he's really good overnight. Trying to figure out that balance between keeping him under control but giving him the freedom that makes him happy.

I've decided to take him off the puppy pads and start moving him outside. Right now he knows where the potty is and he'll usually use it if I give him the "don't you dare" stare, but he almost rebelliously goes where he shouldn't when I'm not looking. He'll even eat his waste to hide his misdeed (I realized this only after catching him in the act). Can anyone recommend step-by-step how I can accomplish this?

Out of the blue, he started chewing on anything he can get his mouth on. My slippers, my work computer cables, chair legs... I assume some of it is puppy, some of it is teething, some might be frustration with me. He has frozen Kongs and teething toys. No-Chew and Bitter Apple Spay don't faze him. I've been told to use hot sauce, but I don't want to hurt him or make him sick, and I'm not keen on smelling it everywhere. Any other suggestions?

On his first day of puppy school a couple of weeks ago, he was timid and fearful, hiding behind me, refusing to explore the learning props or play with the other puppies. Last time, he was bolder and actually venturing away from me. He still isn't keen on playing with other puppies. This is his only dog socialization each week. Should I be worried that he doesn't want to play with them or will this pass as the weeks go by?

He also isn't keen on my mother. When she visits, she talks nicely to him and tries encouraging him to feel comfortable with her. He either won't go near her or even if she's a few feet away, he'll growl at her. He won't come near his teachers at school but he hasn't ever growled at them. I tried having my mom lure him with treats but he won't take treats from anyone but me. Is it just a matter of repeat exposure or is there something she can try? I want him to feel comfortable with people other than me.

Speaking of food/treats, Rico came to me from his breeder on Fromm's Puppy Gold and I've kept him on it. He gets 1/4 cup 3 times a day. But a few days ago he weighed in at 7.04 lbs at the vet. Reading some old posts in this forum, it seems everyone's Havas are running on the lighter side, around 4-5 pounds. I lightly ran my fingers over his ribs and I can just barely feel them. Slight pressure and they're distinct. He looks like a loaf from above -- where is his waist that I'm supposed to check to see if it's defined? He's too fluffy...Is there a statistical weight chart for this breed so that I can keep him on track? Is he too heavy right now? Am I overfeeding? His treats are 1.6 calories each and he doesn't get more than 30 a day, no other caloric sources aside from my carpet fibers. I looked at the panel on the back of the bag but what does mature weight refer to -- his current weight at his age or the breed average when he's full grown?

Many thanks in advance for any insight you can give me.
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I wish I had some answers for Rico! Some of his behavior is just puppy. But it sounds like you have made some great progress. He will probably come out of his shyness with more socialization. My puppies have always been very bold and outgoing with humans and other dogs.
You probably are going to have to puppyproof everything, pick up and keep everything chewable away until he learns "leave it".
30 treats a day? And under 2 calories per treat? Are you sure? You can call the 800 of his food company and double check the amount you should be feeding him. They will calculate the proper amount of food for his weight.
It does sound like Rico is going to be a bigger boy. My Shadow was a bit under 9 lbs. when I got him at 10 months and was eating 1 cup of food a day. The 1 cup was more than what was suggested for his weight but he was on the skinny side. Now at 1yr. 9 months, he is up to 10.4 lbs, eats 1 cup a day. His weight is good for his frame now. He is high energy, gets lots of walks. It's really hard to say without seeing him but he may be a larger Hav.
Sorry not much help, but Rico just sounds like a sweet little guy finding his personality.
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Hi Tere,

Thanks for responding, sorry for the delay, got caught up in holidays.

Regarding his potty training, he's now accustomed to going outside and he's patient while I get him in his harness first thing in the morning. He's had an alarming number of accidents still, so I'm decreasing the amount of time between potty breaks and hoping that will work.

He's still chewing on everything, even a bit defiantly. I have to repeatedly tell him no not to chew on things but he just keeps on chewing it and I have to fight to get it away from him. Most recently it's a throw blanket I sometimes curl up with on the sofa. I wonder if he thinks I'm playing with him when fighting to get stuff away? I read somewhere recently that "no" is too soft a word to be corrective, so I'm trying that sharp-nasal "unh unh" sound to see if he'll respond better.

He's still struggling to socialize. With the extra walks he's meeting more dogs in the neighborhood and though I try to encourage him he still won't go near them. He hid from family when they were over for the holidays. His class resumes this coming weekend so I hope he'll feel more playful with the puppies he's already met.

The treats I have are the Pet Botanics Mini Training Treats and the package states they're 1.6 calories each. Rico loves them. I get all three grain-free flavors, pour them into a big ziploc, and shake them up. He never knows what flavor he'll get and he's always excited. I try to do three training sessions a day with ten treats each. I guess... at nearly 18 weeks, according to this caloric needs formula he needs about 330 calories per day. Does that sound right? If I average over a week his 3/4 cups Fromm's Puppy Gold (≈315 calories), treats (≈48 calories), and bully stick (≈145 calories), he's coming to ≈384 calories a day. Is this too dangerous an overage? Should I cut back somewhere?

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I canít help with the calculations, but I will say that our puppy grew very fast in the beginning and ended up at a little over 14 pounds. I donít think 4-5 pounds is average, but I could be remembering wrong. I was very careful about food and he stayed quite lean up past a year. Youíre smart to be careful because I noticed after his last bath over the holiday he doesnít look quite as lean. Heís a little over 15 now. My kids were home from school and everyone was much more generous with treats and snacks. It happened very quickly, and Iíve heard others say the same thing.

Regardless of calorie count, I always cut treats into smaller pieces. My Hav will do anything for even half of a little ďtraining treatĒ or a pinch of chicken. I think what youíre doing sounds reasonable. What I did wasnít as precise. I just subtracted a little from each meal and replaced it with an approximately equal volume. Itís easier for me to keep track that way because I can remember how much I give him throughout the day better than I can remember how many calories are in each treat. We vary treats and include fruits and vegetables so the calories from treats even out. About 1/3 of my treats are prepackaged, 1/3 fruits and vegetables (blueberries, snap peas, and carrots are favorites), and 1/3 are pinches of fresh meat or egg or whatever appropriate table food I have on hand. I just started added the table food over the last couple of months in an effort to help him develop a more resilient stomach. The tricky part is monitoring what others give, so in that sense your quota system is really smart.
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Rico is a growing boy! Probably best to ask your vet next time you're there about his weight. I did check out his treats and you are right about the calories. I just got my order today! I hope my Shadow likes them. He is a very wiry Hav.
I think some of his behavior is mainly puppy weirdness that he will grow out of. Like the shyness. He is probably teething and they do love to chew on anything then.
He sounds like a very cute bundle of puppy energy!
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